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YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids: what’s the difference?



YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids: what's the difference?

With the recent launch of Youtube music, we now have four different YouTube apps. YouTube has gotten so big — full of cat videos, music, let’s play, vlogs, comedy, and more — it’s hard to find the specific videos you’re looking for.

YouTube decided to release individual apps dedicated to the popular genres of video, music, gaming, and kids, while keeping the core apps as well. All apps are free, but with a $10 monthly YouTube Red subscription, you’ll avoid ads and unlock special extra features, which I’ll describe below. And don’t forget that YouTube Red and Google Play Music plans are interchangeable, so if you pay for one service, you get both.

Each app has its own tricks and tools for the optimal experience. Let’s break down the differences and why you might want to use them all.

The main YouTube app

Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET


You probably know all about YouTube, the online hosting site with millions of videos of all kinds. The YouTube app allows you to watch these videos outside of a computer on your phone, tablet, or TV.

The app focuses almost entirely on subscriptions and suggestions. The more you watch, the more recommendations you’ll get for relevant or related videos that YouTube thinks you’ll like. When you subscribe to a channel, updates and new uploads appear in a dedicated tab, where you can easily keep up to date with your favorite YouTube creators and personalities.

The search function will help you find any of the millions of videos uploaded to the service, and you can narrow down your results by upload date, video quality, length, and more, but not by content type. That means you get many different types of results for every search.

YouTube offers millions of free videos, and you can also buy or rent movies and TV show episodes through the app. Those costs extra and the price differs per title.

With a YouTube Red subscription, you can download videos to watch offline with the iOS and Android apps, and listen to videos in the background while doing something else on your phone or turning off the screen.

The main YouTube app is the most widely available; you can use it on Android, iOS, the Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, Wii and 3DS, plus many smart TVs.

Use this app for: Watch general purpose YouTube videos and keep up to date with new videos from your subscribed channels.

The YouTube Music app

Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Youtube music

Music, launched in November, is YouTube’s latest app. It is completely dedicated to music, with video playlists of songs, suggested tunes and a special music search function. All the videos in the app are music or music related in some way, so you don’t have to dig through irrelevant videos to find what you’re looking for. In fact, when you search for videos, you won’t see any non-musical content, and labels clearly highlight official music videos, fan videos, and audio-only results.

The app is divided into three tabs for recommended videos, “YouTube Music today” and videos you like. “YouTube Music Today” is a really neat space with playlists with themes of popular music, internationally popular songs and albums, eye-catching videos, and more.

YouTube Music also features radio stations with music based on a particular artist or song, similar to Pandora. You can control how much variation you hear for a particular station with a slider that controls the melodies. The app takes your music taste into account to make suggestions and automatically fine-tune your stations.

If you have a YouTube Red subscription, which comes with the app for free for 14 days, you won’t see any ads before videos or anywhere else in the app. With Red, you can also think of YouTube as a music streaming service, where you can listen to videos in the background while doing something else on your phone or turn off the screen and put it in your pocket. You also get a personal offline mixtape, where YouTube picks out songs you’ve played and tracks it thinks you’ll like and downloads them so you can play them anywhere. However, unlike a full music streaming service, you can’t create your own playlists or manually queue different songs than what’s currently playing.

Currently, YouTube Music is only available in the US for iOS and Android.

Use this app for: Listen to music, watch music videos and discover new tunes, online and offline.

youtube gaming

Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

youtube gaming

Watching other people play video games is a recent cultural phenomenon, whether it’s sharing the frustration of a hard level, learning how to beat part of a game, or just being a spectator while someone else plays you and entertained. YouTube capitalizes on the “let’s go playvideo trend (where gamers capture their experience of playing a video game) with an app dedicated to these videos and live streaming gameplay.

In YouTube Gaming, you can watch recorded let’s play videos, plus trailers and reviews from the top gaming channels. But the star of the app is live streaming, where you can tune in to people broadcasting themselves as they play a game in real time, on a console, computer or mobile device.

Live streams dominate the app’s home screen, and you can browse games and YouTube channels that are streaming right now. Within those streams you can chat with fellow viewers or the broadcasters.

Like YouTube Music, the search focuses on game-related videos, so you won’t see cat videos or other unrelated content. You can also subscribe to game channels and get updates when they post new streams or other videos.

YouTube Gaming is available on iOS and Android.

Use this app for: Watch live streams, let’s plays and other game videos.

youtube kids

Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

youtube kids

Cartoons, nature videos and sing-alongs; YouTube is a great place to find videos for kids. But it’s also full of more mature content that makes many parents hesitant to fire up the main app and hand it over to their kids.

YouTube addresses that problem with an app that blocks the less kid-friendly videos. YouTube Kids is great for distracting your kids when they want to watch something without fear of seeing something you don’t want them to see.

The design is very simple and kid-friendly with upbeat music playing in the background. The app is organized by shows (such as “Thomas and Friends” or “Sesame Street”), sing-alongs, educational videos, and Explore, which is a collective name.

There is also a search function that shows only kid-friendly videos in the results. And if your child tries to search for a PG-13 term, such as sex or drugs, the app will not return any results. You can turn off the search feature if you’d rather your child just browse what’s shown.

To make changes to the apps, an adult must enter a PIN. You can also set a timer between 1 and 120 minutes to limit the viewing time.

YouTube Kids is available on iOS and Android.

Use this app for: When your kids want to watch videos and you want them to stay in the safer, kid-friendly areas of YouTube.


The Wheel of Time book up




The Wheel of Time book up

As we expected, the first The wheel of time book has risen on Amazon’s best-selling list. Here’s a full look at the list from November 28 to December 4.

When the Amazon series The wheel of time premiered, we expected the books to make it onto Amazon’s best-selling list. The first book came in before the series premiered, but it was on the low end. Now that the series is in full swing, Robert Jordan’s first book tops the list.

The eye of the world by Robert Jordan took three places this week to get into the Top 3. He’s not quite at the top of the list, but he is in second place.

Outlander Book 9 up, Mercy down

There was a lot of movement on the Amazon bestselling book list. One of the most notable movers is Go tell the bees I’m gone by Diana Gabaldon. Unsurprisingly, the book moved up six places to take over the top spot on the list. The book also took first place on the list of most read books of the week.

The whole Top 3 has actually changed. The Throne of glass collection by Sarah J. Maas finished in third place. All eight books put together make an excellent Christmas present, so it’s no surprise it’s so high on the list now.

It did mean Dune by Frank Herbert was knocked out of the Top 3 for the first time in ages. It lost three places and dropped to fourth place.

However, that was not the biggest loss. The dark hours by Michael Connelly and Apples never fall of Liane Moriarty lost nine places each. However, Grace by David Baldacci lost the most places. It dropped to 19th place after losing 17 spots.

Amazon bestselling books: November 28 to December 4

  1. Go tell the bees I’m gone by Diana Gabaldon (+6)
  2. The eye of the world by Robert Jordan (+3)
  3. Throne of glass bundle of Sarah J. Maas (new acquisition)
  4. Dune by Frank Herbert (-3)
  5. The list of the judge by John Grisham (-2)
  6. Great shot by Jeff Kinney (+2)
  7. The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles (-3)
  8. fear no evil by James Patterson (new addition)
  9. Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson (new acquisition)
  10. State of terror by Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (–)
  11. becoming by Nora Roberts (new acquisition)
  12. Project Greetings by Andy Weir (-2)
  13. The wish by Nicholas Sparks (return)
  14. It ends with us by Colleen Hoover (-1)
  15. The dark hours by Michael Connelly (-9)
  16. Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands by Taylor Jenkins Reid (-4)
  17. The Christmas Pig by JK Rowling (return)
  18. Apples never fall by Liane Moriarty (-9)
  19. Grace by David Baldacci (-17)
  20. The last thing he told me by Laura Dave (-6)

Which Amazon Books Are You Reading Right Now? What’s on the list to buy this week? Share your top picks in the comments below.

Get your Amazon books with two days of free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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JetBlue-Backed Weather Startup Goes Public Through SPAC Deal




A JetBlue Airbus A220 aircraft outside of a hangar. Source: JetBlue.

Skift Take

Silicon Valley sometimes mocks travel companies for not being as agile as tech startups. So it’s refreshing to learn that JetBlue Airways has been a valuable mentor to, a tech startup now valued at over $700 million.

Sean O’Neill, a weather information company, said Tuesday it plans to go public through a merger with Pine Technology, a blank check company. The target for the pro forma enterprise value of the combined company would be approximately $729 million. provides real-time weather forecasts relevant to business operations. The 120 corporate customers include AeroMexico, Azul, Delta and United, plus several other non-travel companies.

While not a travel startup, stands out because it is backed by JetBlue Technology Enterprises, the investment arm of the American airline JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue Technology Ventures joined others, including Koch Strategic Platforms, National Grid Partners and SoftBank Group’s SB Energy, by participating in a $75 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) to support the transaction.

In 2017, JetBlue became the startup’s first commercial customer for its services.

“Since that time, [the startup] has consistently delivered valuable results for JetBlue by minimizing operational disruption at the airport,” said Amy Burr, president of JetBlue Technology Ventures.

The startup’s investor pitch deck, embedded below, includes an aviation-related example. An unnamed airline suffered a snow storm in April 2019 that required it to defrost planes but was unable to do so as winds hit more than 50 miles per hour. The carrier used’s micro-forecasts to find periods when winds decreased, allowing for de-icing. By acting on the forecasts, the airline was able to avoid delays and save about $2 million.

More about JetBlue Tech Ventures

Updated March 4, 2021

The proposed transaction — part of a series of travel-related SPAC deals — is expected to close in the first half of 2020, at which point will then await regulatory approval to trade on the Nasdaq exchange in New York under the TMW symbol.

This is the pitch deck for investors:

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Aramark chooses stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants




Aramark to pick stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants
Aramark chooses stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants
The partnership between the two companies is expected to fuel culinary innovation. Credit: Nenad Maric/Pixabay.

Aramark, a Philadelphia food services, facilities and uniforms provider, has agreed to purchase a minority stake in local company Starr Restaurant Organization (Starr Restaurants).

The move is part of a strategic alliance between the two companies.

The partnership with Starr Restaurants, a multi-concept operator, is expected to support culinary innovation and enhance the hospitality experience for Aramark customers.

It is also expected to create joint business development opportunities for both companies.

Marc Bruno, Chief Operating Officer of Aramark US Food and Facilities said, “Aramark and Starr Restaurants are both rooted in a passion for service and in providing memorable experiences for our customers and customers.

“Through this strategic partnership, we look forward to strengthening Aramark’s culinary authority by infusing our kitchens and concepts with the creativity and innovation that Starr Restaurants is known for.”

In addition, the partnership will enable Aramark to operate certain Starr Restaurants concepts and brands through an exclusive licensing agreement.

This arrangement is expected to help Starr Restaurants increase exposure through Aramark’s customer network, which includes business dining, sports and entertainment and higher education.

The deal with Starr Restaurants is part of Aramark’s growth strategy to develop strategic relationships and improve the customer experience.

It will also create space for knowledge sharing between culinary teams and senior leadership.

Starr Restaurant Organization founder and CEO Stephen Starr said, “This partnership is a unique opportunity for both Starr Restaurants and Aramark. It’s a great opportunity to bring my two career passions together with an industry leader like Aramark.

“The company’s impressive and consistent growth and its deep commitment to providing quality hospitality experiences make it the perfect foodservice partner for Starr Restaurants.”

In another recent development, delivery kitchen operator Reef Technology bought 2ndKitchen, a virtual kitchen for hotels and other hospitality businesses.

Under the agreement, the existing businesses of the two companies will be consolidated under the Reef brand and operate under Reef’s Hospitality unit.

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