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YouTube Dislike Dislike | The Bottom Line UCSB



YouTube Dislike Dislike |  The Bottom Line UCSB

Illustration by Bridget Rios

Janice Luong

Opinion Editor

YouTube recently announced that it will hide the dislike of videos to promote respectful interactions between viewers and creators. It’s an attempt to alleviate the problem of viewers using the “dislike” button to attack creators. YouTube has also indicated that they have already anticipated pushback from the news and predict that the platform will “fall back” as a result.

YouTube’s move is optimistic and harmless, and I would even say altruistic. However, removing the number of dislikes makes it less user-friendly. So, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  1. It will be difficult for users to determine whether the video may be bad. A bad video is subjective, but if you have the number of dislikes, you’ll know if you should waste your time on it or not.
  2. Your homepage/feed will be less personalized. For users who use the “Like” and “Dislike” button counts to decide if they want to watch a video, if they have nothing to compare and end up watching videos they don’t like, the algorithm posts videos they don’t like on their page.
  3. Instructional videos will be more challenging. Tutorial or DIY videos will leave you scratching your head because you wouldn’t know how effective or positive the results will be. The number of buttons let us know if it is a good video or not.
  4. Having the dislike button tells us whether the video is valuable or not. If a video has more dislikes than likes, users are less likely to watch it or waste their time on it.


  1. Stop hating bombing. Don’t like bombing is when there is a coordinated movement for people to dislike a video to prevent the video from attracting potential viewers. If people can’t see the count they will be less incentivized to dislike bomb as they will no longer have a reward or outcome from this action.
  1. Protects content creators. Content creators are often prone to control, but we often forget that they are also people with emotions. I think the argument that content creators should expect both positive and negative feedback is futile, because communication through a screen is often more likely than harassment. What content creators can expect is respectful feedback. Removing the number of disapproves will deter people from useless harassment.
  1. Can help with mental health. Platforms that focus on likes and dislikes are detrimental to mental health. If creators are less likely to be intimidated, they can use their creative outlet without any collateral damage.
  1. Smaller content creators have a more level playing field with larger content creators. Smaller content creators and those just getting started tend to be unfairly directed because of bombardments. By removing the count, they will remove this aspect of the problem. And now that the counts are leaning toward amplifying positivity, creators — no matter how big or small — can have a more level playing field.

All in all, I don’t have a polarizing opinion on this issue, but YouTube could have picked a better solution. They could have better or stricter moderators. Also, being a technology company, they can afford to use better systems that detect suspicious activity related to bombing dislikes. I can understand why users might be upset about this decision, but if it protects content creators from harassment then a count count shouldn’t be a big issue. Plus, users can still comment if they want to share their dislike. So it’s not a matter of censorship. It might be inconvenient for users and YouTube could have provided a more favorable option, but it’s not that big of a deal.


Cold, windy weather expected today and early this week in Lancaster County | Local news




Cold, windy weather expected today and early this week in Lancaster County |  Local news

Lancaster County will see cold weather this week that gets warmer each day before temperatures drop again for the weekend, according to a National Weather Service meteorologist at State College.

The week starts off cold today, with temperatures around 43 degrees during the day dropping to around 28 degrees in the evening, meteorologist Michael Colbert said.

Today there will also be a “fresh, chilly wind,” with gusts of up to 40 mph that could bring the wind chill to below 30, Colbert said.

Temperatures will then begin to warm during the week, reaching the mid-40s on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day and low to mid-30s at night. Thursday will be the hottest day of the week, with a maximum temperature of about 56 degrees.

Some light rain could fall after midnight Thursday morning, packing around late morning, thought “that timing might change,” Colbert said. The day will have about a 25-30% chance of precipitation.

Thursday will be light with any rainfall.

Temperatures will be around 39 degrees on Thursday evening.

Temperatures will then start to drop again, reaching about 50 degrees on Friday during the day and reaching 30 degrees that night. Friday should be drier.

The weekend is expected to be dry, with high temperatures in the mid to 40s and lows around 30 degrees.


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When a staff shortage closed the dining room of her favorite restaurant, a retiree grabbed an apron to help






By Will Cadigan, CNN

When the dining room of an Ohio great-grandmother’s favorite restaurant closed due to staff shortages, she grabbed an apron without hesitation.

“I was here on opening day and was a regular,” Bonnie August, 81, told CNN at the Culver’s restaurant in Findlay. “I have my favorites for custard, I think we all have that. And I look at the flavor of the day and make a list and pick those days to meet up with friends.”

Danielle Doxsey, owner of the franchise store, said an influx of business and a shortage of staff forced her to close the dining room. “We didn’t want to overwhelm the staff,” she explained.

But that just didn’t sit well with Bonnie. “I don’t like to eat in my car,” she commented. “They should just open up.”

So she decided to do something about it. ‘I walked to the door,’ said Bonnie, ‘and Dani came to the door and said, ‘Oh Bonnie, I’m sorry, we’re not open.’ And I said, ‘I know. I want to apply.'”

Bonnie is a great-grandmother who previously worked in a factory after her husband was injured. “I just went to that factory and asked if I could fill out an application,” she said, “And they called me and asked me if I could start on the third shift Sunday night. And I said that would be perfect. I wanted to work , so I was available to my kids all day long. … So midnight worked great.”

Since she retired in 2009, she’s frequented her local Culver’s with friends and family, so she knew she had to help.

“I know the owner’s grandparents, parents and them, and they are wonderful, wonderful people and I wanted to help them, which is the main reason I came here,” emphasized Bonnie. “Just to help them stay open or open up.”

In many communities, the pandemic economy has endangered the future of local restaurants. One of the biggest problems facing businesses like the Culver’s franchise in Findlay is the labor shortage. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, there were 10.4 million job openings across the country in September and only 6.5 million hired.

Since the start of the pandemic, millions of workers retired from the workforce, meaning workers still looking for a job now have choices when it comes to their jobs, and it shows: A record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September.

That’s where the hidden helpers of the pandemic, like Bonnie, have emerged.

“My job posting says runner,” she said, “I don’t run anymore, I just rush as fast as I can. … It’s just walking, taking the orders, taking the bag and walking to the car and giving it to the people and chat to see if I can make them laugh.”

Bonnie said her return to work came as a shock to her friends and family.

“Well, first they asked me if I was crazy. “You’re not going to work anymore.” And I said, well, I am for a while. … I know that if there’s any way I can help, it’s what I need to do.”

Doxsey agreed that Bonnie isn’t looking for extra attention. “She’s doing it because she really wants us to do good, and she wants to see us bloom,” she said. “She just really wants to help and that’s all she cares about.”

Bonnie said she hopes her story can inspire other hidden helpers to give back to the things they love. “Jump into the water. It can be fun,” she says. “If you have the opportunity to give back, give back. We got so much.”

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View COMEDK Counseling Results Online at




COMEDK 1st Allotment Result 2021 Declared
Register for result update

COMEDK 1st Allotment Result 2021 declared

COMEDK 1st Round Seat Allocation Result 2021 (OUT): The Consortium of Medical, Technical and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) today announced COMEDK seat allocation result 2021 for the first round. The counseling results have been released for those candidates who qualified for the COMEDK UGET exam on 14e Sept 2021. Candidates who participated in the 1NS Round can now view COMEDK Counseling Results online at In order to assist candidates to access and download the COMEDK Allocation Result/Letter, please find below also direct link to the official portal:

Check COMEDK 1st Round Seat Allocation Result 2021 – Direct Link (Available Now)

Confirm recordings for 3rd December

According to the details shared by the Consortium, all candidates have been allocated a seat in the 1NS Tour of COMEDK counseling, must have their admission for 3 . confirmrd December. As part of the admission process, candidates must report to the assigned college with a printout of the assignment letter and all other necessary personal and academic documents. There, at the college, they will have to pay the required entrance fees and confirm their admission. If a candidate is not satisfied with the assigned seat and wishes to be considered for the next round of counseling, they can turn in the assigned seat at 5pm.e Dec 2021.

How COMKED 1 . to checkNS Round allocation result 2021 online?

According to the latest update, the COMEDK has the 1 . announcedNS Round Counseling Results in the form of seat allocation for the registered candidates. Candidates who participated in the counseling process can check the status of their seat assignment online by following the step-by-step guide below:

  • Step 1: Login to the exam portal i.e.
  • Step 2: Find and click the candidate’s application button for counseling
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to the website login page
  • Step 4: Enter your credentials and login to the portal
  • Step 5: Check for COMEDK Allocation Letter issued to you through your account
  • Step 6: Download the letter and keep it safe on your device
  • Step 7: Make a printout of the same for future reference

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