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When the DWP surcharge is paid, who can claim it and temperature rules explained



When DWP benefit is paid, who can claim it and the temperature rules explained

Heating costs tend to rise in winter, which can put a strain on poorer people in society.

To counter this, the Ministry of Work and Pensions (DWP) has instituted the cold weather benefit, which gives people extra money when the temperature drops below zero.

Here’s how to check your eligibility and how the payment works.

What is the cold weather payment?

The cold weather benefit is a DWP scheme that runs annually from November 1 to March 31.

A payment of £25 will be sent to eligible persons for each seven-day period of sub-zero temperatures.

It is designed to be used for heating bills and similar supplies.

Am I eligible for the Cold Weather Payment?

If you are currently receiving any of the following, you may be eligible for: cold weather payments:

  • Pension credit
  • income support
  • Income-related benefit for job seekers
  • Means-tested Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Universal credit
  • Mortgage Interest Support (SMI)

Those receiving income support or means-tested jobseeker’s benefit can receive cold weather benefits if they have disability or pension contributions, a disabled child, a child tax credit with a disability element, or a child under five years of age living with them.

People who are entitled to ESA can also receive the benefit if they are part of a work-related activity group or support group, receive a severe or increased disability contribution, a pension contribution, a child tax credit with a disability element, or a child under five living with them.

Universal credit applicants may also receive the benefit as long as they are not employed or self-employed and one of the following applies; they have a health condition or disability and limited ability to work, and/or they have a child under five who lives with them.

They are also eligible if they have a disabled child, whether they are employed or not.

How do I claim it?

If you qualify for a payment, you should receive it automatically.

If you think you qualify due to a change in your circumstances, for example if you have a baby, or if a child under the age of five comes to live with you, please contact Job Center Plus.

say to your pension center or Jobcentre Plus office if you think you should have received a cold weather payment, but you are not. If you have universal credit, please contact the helpline on 0800 328 9344.

You can see per payment whether your area is cold enough by entering your zip code on the DWP website here.

After any period of very cold weather in your area, you should receive payment within 14 business days. It is deposited into the same bank or mortgage account as your distributions.


Sainsbury’s Ties With Amazon To Open Checkout-Free Store




Sainsbury's Ties With Amazon To Open Checkout-Free Store

Sainsbury’s has partnered with Amazon to open a store where customers can pick up items and leave without having to use a cash register.

It opened store Monday in Holborn, central London, meters away from comparable Amazon and Tesco checkout-free stores.

Sainsbury’s uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology for the store, Amazon’s first partnership with a third-party international customer for the technology.

It is currently used in eight Amazon Fresh stores in London, as the retail giant continues to expand its physical operations.

SmartShop Holborn Circus

Store near Sainsbury HQ was previously open to staff in a lawsuit (Sainsbury’s/PA)

The Sainsbury’s store will see customers use the SmartShop app when entering the store, before picking up items and leaving, as cameras are used to recognize which products have been purchased before customers are charged with their credit or debit cards attached to the store. account is linked.

The new store will be on the site of Sainsbury’s first cashier-free store, which opened in 2019.

However, the grocery group ended the trial months later after complaints from shoppers who found the shopping experience difficult.

The UK’s second-largest grocer said it has recently grown in popularity for its SmartShop app, boosting sales by 173% year-over-year.

Clo Moriarty, Sainsbury’s Retail and Digital Director, said: “We are always looking for new ways to make shopping easy and convenient for our customers.

“We are excited to launch ‘SmartShop Pick & Go’, which will allow our customers to shop contactless and without a checkout, and we look forward to hearing their feedback.”

Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, said: “We are excited to partner with Sainsbury’s to enable their Holborn Circus checkout-free supermarket powered by our Just Walk Out technology.

“We are delighted to bring Just Walk Out technology to our first international customer with Sainsbury’s.

“Without cash registers, tills and self-service scanners, we can’t wait to hear how busy Londoners are enjoying the experience.”

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Cold, windy weather expected today and early this week in Lancaster County | Local news




Cold, windy weather expected today and early this week in Lancaster County |  Local news

Lancaster County will see cold weather this week that gets warmer each day before temperatures drop again for the weekend, according to a National Weather Service meteorologist at State College.

The week starts off cold today, with temperatures around 43 degrees during the day dropping to around 28 degrees in the evening, meteorologist Michael Colbert said.

Today there will also be a “fresh, chilly wind,” with gusts of up to 40 mph that could bring the wind chill to below 30, Colbert said.

Temperatures will then begin to warm during the week, reaching the mid-40s on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day and low to mid-30s at night. Thursday will be the hottest day of the week, with a maximum temperature of about 56 degrees.

Some light rain could fall after midnight Thursday morning, packing around late morning, thought “that timing might change,” Colbert said. The day will have about a 25-30% chance of precipitation.

Thursday will be light with any rainfall.

Temperatures will be around 39 degrees on Thursday evening.

Temperatures will then start to drop again, reaching about 50 degrees on Friday during the day and reaching 30 degrees that night. Friday should be drier.

The weekend is expected to be dry, with high temperatures in the mid to 40s and lows around 30 degrees.


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When a staff shortage closed the dining room of her favorite restaurant, a retiree grabbed an apron to help






By Will Cadigan, CNN

When the dining room of an Ohio great-grandmother’s favorite restaurant closed due to staff shortages, she grabbed an apron without hesitation.

“I was here on opening day and was a regular,” Bonnie August, 81, told CNN at the Culver’s restaurant in Findlay. “I have my favorites for custard, I think we all have that. And I look at the flavor of the day and make a list and pick those days to meet up with friends.”

Danielle Doxsey, owner of the franchise store, said an influx of business and a shortage of staff forced her to close the dining room. “We didn’t want to overwhelm the staff,” she explained.

But that just didn’t sit well with Bonnie. “I don’t like to eat in my car,” she commented. “They should just open up.”

So she decided to do something about it. ‘I walked to the door,’ said Bonnie, ‘and Dani came to the door and said, ‘Oh Bonnie, I’m sorry, we’re not open.’ And I said, ‘I know. I want to apply.'”

Bonnie is a great-grandmother who previously worked in a factory after her husband was injured. “I just went to that factory and asked if I could fill out an application,” she said, “And they called me and asked me if I could start on the third shift Sunday night. And I said that would be perfect. I wanted to work , so I was available to my kids all day long. … So midnight worked great.”

Since she retired in 2009, she’s frequented her local Culver’s with friends and family, so she knew she had to help.

“I know the owner’s grandparents, parents and them, and they are wonderful, wonderful people and I wanted to help them, which is the main reason I came here,” emphasized Bonnie. “Just to help them stay open or open up.”

In many communities, the pandemic economy has endangered the future of local restaurants. One of the biggest problems facing businesses like the Culver’s franchise in Findlay is the labor shortage. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, there were 10.4 million job openings across the country in September and only 6.5 million hired.

Since the start of the pandemic, millions of workers retired from the workforce, meaning workers still looking for a job now have choices when it comes to their jobs, and it shows: A record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September.

That’s where the hidden helpers of the pandemic, like Bonnie, have emerged.

“My job posting says runner,” she said, “I don’t run anymore, I just rush as fast as I can. … It’s just walking, taking the orders, taking the bag and walking to the car and giving it to the people and chat to see if I can make them laugh.”

Bonnie said her return to work came as a shock to her friends and family.

“Well, first they asked me if I was crazy. “You’re not going to work anymore.” And I said, well, I am for a while. … I know that if there’s any way I can help, it’s what I need to do.”

Doxsey agreed that Bonnie isn’t looking for extra attention. “She’s doing it because she really wants us to do good, and she wants to see us bloom,” she said. “She just really wants to help and that’s all she cares about.”

Bonnie said she hopes her story can inspire other hidden helpers to give back to the things they love. “Jump into the water. It can be fun,” she says. “If you have the opportunity to give back, give back. We got so much.”

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