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What online delivery – and the pandemic – mean for restaurants



What online delivery – and the pandemic – mean for restaurants

Before Covid-19, Nhat Lin Nguyen had never considered operating a delivery service for his Berlin-based Italian restaurant Winterfeld. But when he was forced to close the store during the lockdown, he mentioned it on a delivery app.

While the delivery saved his business, the app got a hefty commission. Nguyen turned to SCALE Professional Order, a platform owned by Hospitality.Digital that allows restaurant owners to manage delivery and takeout orders without charging commission.

Online food sales are expected to reach $220 billion by 2023, accounting for 40% of total restaurant sales

Hospitality.Digital CEO Dr. Volker Glaeser says that the demand for the platform has skyrocketed in recent years; in less than a year, premium service users have grown thirtyfold.

“The pandemic came as a shock to the entire industry, especially independent restaurateurs. You actually had to stop doing business,” he tells Sifted. “We saw restaurant owners who became digitally active and switched to a delivery company overnight. They were trying to win new customers and keep existing ones.”

So how are customer needs changing? And how can restaurants adapt?

Online food delivery is here to stay

Online food sales are expected to reach $220 billion by 2023, accounting for 40% of total restaurant sales. Carl Tengberg, CEO of delivery service Curb, says it’s just getting started.

“Globally, the pandemic has catapulted the food industry three years ahead in both demand and customer behaviour. It also opened up food delivery services to new demographics and customers who otherwise wouldn’t have discovered food delivery in a while,” he says. “We are still in the early stages of food delivery and the industry will continue to develop in the coming years. I think we will at least make food more exciting.”

“The pandemic catapulted the food industry three years ahead in both demand and customer behaviour”

Salima Vellani, CEO of Kbox Global, a British startup that connects underutilized kitchens with food brands, says people appreciate the speed and convenience of ordering food online, but the food industry is still looking for the best ways to meet this demand. .

“The concept of ordering anything from your mobile phone at any time, and the convenience this offers, is not going away. It remains an important part of a restaurant’s revenue and cannot be ignored,” she says. “People will always want to eat out, but there are 21 meal times a week for a person and they eat out, cook at home, or order for one of those things.”

Dish by drone

One of the biggest problems restaurateurs face is a shortage of people to bring food to customers. Nguyen says there are plenty of delivery guys available, but expects it to get more difficult as more restaurants offer delivery services.

Glaeser points out that most customers live within a 5km radius of where they order their food and are more willing to pick up at a convenient location. He adds that these shortages will not last long and restaurants will always find a way to deliver.

“Some restaurant owners in Italy have told me they will.” using drones to deliver. This may seem crazy now, but I think we’ll see evolution there. The highly successful independent restaurants will find different ways to get the food to their customers.”

“People will always want to eat out, but there are 21 meal times a week for a person and they eat out, cook at home or order for one of those things”

Vellani says the problem extends beyond delivery drivers. Restaurants may need to change the way they work to keep up with demand.

“The entire food delivery value chain is undergoing significant upheaval as the major industry layoff unfolds. No one could have foreseen this and the only way the industry is dealing with it is by adopting innovative technologies that enable efficiencies within the sector.

“We’ve been researching drone delivery and the technology that allows us to get chef-quality meals out of a kitchen in under three minutes. I think, given the tight labor market and the constraints of suppliers, there will be a lot more focus on things that allow super-easy preparation from a kitchen and more affordable logistics models.”

Finding a Niche

With so many restaurants now offering delivery and takeout, Glaeser says restaurant owners need to listen to their customers, find out what they want, and offer something new.

He says diners are becoming more vegan and are demanding quality, sustainability and recyclable packaging.
They are also looking for new kinds of experiences.

“The entire food delivery value chain is undergoing significant upheaval… Nobody expected this and the only way the industry is coping is by adopting innovative technologies that enable efficiencies within the industry”

“We will see smart and optimized use of space, such as a combination of outdoor terrace and restaurant. In Paris they have glass pyramids where you can sit outside the restaurant,” he says.

“Another example is BurgerAmt, which combined the experience of consuming hamburgers with the hip-hop music industry in Berlin. They created a real ecosystem and found a way to attract people interested in hip-hop and premium food.”


Compared to other industries, restaurants have been slow to keep up with technology as restaurant owners focus on the quality of their food, service or the atmosphere of their restaurants.

But digitalization is helping to optimize cooking, delivery and ordering, Glaeser says, which will simplify business for restaurant owners and increase sales. Those who don’t embrace it will fall behind.

“As an independent restaurant you want one dashboard with which you can manage all your core processes. It allows you to withdraw money, take reservations, manage pick-up and delivery operations, and manage your staff. Eventually you will see that restaurants are managed by smartphone,” he says.

And it’s not just about digitizing orders; he says diners also expect their favorite eateries on various social media sites and on various websites. Restaurant owners need to become entrepreneurial and own their brand. This independence will ultimately help them thrive as they can set their own prices.

“There is a need for small restaurateurs to create ecosystems. You have to stand out. You can always survive if you do it differently and go against the trend.”

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‘It’s my grief’ Jane McDonald breaks silence on choice to keep fiancé’s health problems a secret | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV




'It's my grief' Jane McDonald breaks silence on choice to keep fiancé's health problems a secret |  Celebrity News |  Showbiz & TV

Cruise ship singer Jane McDonald, 58, has broken her silence on why she decided to keep her late fiancé Ed Rothe’s heartbreaking health issues a secret until after his death. Jane didn’t tell her fans that her partner had lung cancer until she announced he had passed away on the day of his funeral earlier this year.

The star opened up about why she chose to hide Eddie’s cancer diagnosis from the public.

Eddie died in March at age 67 after a battle with lung cancer.

Speaking of ITV’s Loose Women in her first interview since the tragedy, Jane was questioned by her friend Carol McGiffin about why she was so private about the matter.

Carol asked, “And you kept it quiet too, didn’t you?

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She added: “Because it was lung cancer, they were so afraid he was going to get Covid that I took over everything.”

Jane revealed: “I had to take a crash course in nursing. Ryan, the lovely district nurse – thank you Ryan – came and showed me how to do everything.”

Jane also admitted that she initially planned to retire at the end of the year, but her grief over Ed has changed her mind.

She told her fellow ITV panelists: “I would be retiring at the end of the year.

“But it’s all I know what to do.

“It has been my healer being out and about with the fans and I thank them so much for everything they have done for me and of course Wakefield Hospice.”

The Wakefield Hospice cared for Ed in his final days as he battled lung cancer.

The star continued: “But that’s all I know to do, so I’m going back and doing another travel show.”

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BBC Weather: ‘Time to layer up’ as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week | Weather | News




BBC Weather: 'Time to layer up' as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week |  Weather |  News

The BBC Weather meteorologist said conditions will be “largely dry: in the west before overnight showers. He told BBC Breakfast viewers that today will be a “slow low pressure day” with spells of rain. He warned Scotland and northern England will instead be hit by snow.BBC breakfast host Nina Warhurst responded to Mr Fawkes’ forecast, telling the British now “time to build up”.

Mr Fawkes said: “There were some cold winds yesterday. The wind has died down a bit. But we have a lot of clouds and rain showers, especially in the eastern areas.

“It’s a day when the weather clears up today, so we’ll see some of the low pressure episodes are the same ones that caused those strong winds and the rain yesterday. It’s a very slow moving area of ​​low pressure and it’s still raining, especially in parts of England.

“The rain tire is in East Wales but that will melt away in the next hour or so.

He added that there could be “isolated showers” in Wales, Northern Ireland and the south west of England. But they will be short-lived.

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The BBC forecaster added: “Weather will become mostly dry in the western areas although there could be just a few isolated showers here and there, one and two for Northern Ireland, one or two for Wales and also the south west from England.

“But those clouds and rain will tend to thin and disintegrate and some sunshine should develop even in the eastern areas of England.

“And it won’t feel as fresh as yesterday as the winds aren’t as strong. Temperatures around six and nine or ten degrees in the southwest will be milder for a while.

“Tonight a clear sky will cause the temperature to drop very quickly.

“Then we got a weather coming in from the west that will spread bursts of rain in many western areas later in the night.

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“Then, when we arrive on Tuesday, we will have a rapidly deepening low pressure area that is expected to move in.

“This will bring some fierce winds over the Republic of Ireland.

“It will also get very windy in parts of Northern Ireland, western parts of Scotland and western parts of England and Wales with no rain showers coming and it will still be cold enough for some snowfall over the high grounds in Scotland and Northern Ireland.” England too.

“We could see some problems with the weather on Tuesday. Other than that, on Wednesday it is still a bit windy with no breaks from rain.

“It’s going to be a little drier and brighter as we move into Thursday.”

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