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Weather bureau predicts 2 cold fronts for Taiwan next week



CNA file photo

Taipei, Nov. 26 (CNA) Taiwan is expected to hit two back-to-back cold weather fronts next week, with low-lying areas to the north where temperatures are likely to drop to 13 degrees Celsius, the Central Weather Bureau said. That is what CWB said on Friday.

An approaching front and the strengthening of a northeasterly wind system are expected to impact northern areas from Nov. 30, bringing temperatures lower, the CWB said.

Short showers can also be expected during the day in some northern and eastern areas, while temperatures in areas north of Taichung could drop to 13 degrees in the early morning of Dec. 1-2.

The cold air system is expected to weaken on Dec. 3, before another stronger front approaches the level of a continental cold air mass the next day, the CWB added.

Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), a meteorologist and deputy associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University, said low-lying areas in northern Taiwan are likely to drop to 10-11 degrees in the early morning of December. 2.

While the first cold-air system will weaken quickly, Wu said, the next cold front is expected to arrive late on December 3 and is expected to be stronger in intensity, pushing temperatures in Taiwan from December 4-5 to be even lower.

However, this system of cold weather must be taken into account as there are still many uncertainties, he explained.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Ko Lin)

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Builder who won £1million with lottery Links ticket on counter in shop




Builder who won £1million with lottery Links ticket on counter in shop

A builder who won £1 million ($1.3 million) from the lottery left his ticket on the counter in the shop. Watch the moment he found out he had won here:

Things looked unfavorable for Terry Kennedy, from Barnsley, UK, when he tried to get his hands on a EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket last month, thinking it was a Friday – only to be told it was in fact a Saturday.

The 28-year-old then picked up a Lotto ticket instead and it matched two main numbers in the draw, entitling him to another free Lucky Dip.

And when he went to pick up this ticket, he was a little shocked.

“I had a bit of a nightmare in the store,” Terry told LADbible.

“I think I bought some pop and candy and that too, I was eating, and I dropped my pop, dropped candy.

“I think I left my change when I stepped out of the store and the old woman said, ‘Don’t forget this!’

“I turned around and it was the lottery lottery ticket, and she even said, ‘See if it’s a winner now,’ and joked about it — crazy.”

Terry left almost a million pounds.  Credit: Camelot
Terry left almost a million pounds. Credit: Camelot

The fortune-telling shop assistant was proved right on November 10, when the lottery ticket matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the Lotto draw, making it worth a million pounds.

Terry didn’t hear about his lucky charm until the next day at work, though he didn’t believe it at first. Neither did his colleagues, including his father, who went back to work.

It wasn’t until an operator confirmed the incredible news over the phone that reality kicked in, with images of the life-changing moment going viral.

Terry – who was a professional soccer player in his youth until his career was derailed by a recurring injury – called his girlfriend Kay Yoxall to share the news, but she too didn’t believe him.

Video of the life-changing moment went viral.  Credit: Jam Press
Video of the life-changing moment went viral. Credit: Jam Press

Kay said, “We’ve always said that if we won and we checked our ticket at work, we’d call each other and just say, ‘Come home, we won.’

“But that’s just always a dream and you never think it’s really going to happen. When he called me and said we won — and you could hear everyone in the background — I was like, ‘You’re just squirming us up, the whole construction site is working on it, it’s a joke.’

“I had to get my brother [who also works on the site] FaceTime me and put it on Tells so I could see his reaction. And it wasn’t until I saw him that I knew it wasn’t a joke.”

As for Terry and the guys on site, they all dropped tools and headed straight for a few pints.

The couple now plans to travel the world.  Credit: Camelot
The couple now plans to travel the world. Credit: Camelot

Terry said: “We all went to the pub, it’s about two minutes away.

“I had literally just been paid, so I had to get laps for everyone. I got everyone a few laps and basically all my pay was gone.”

Terry has been out of work since then but he has been to Tenerife and Dublin – with New York booked for January.

Kay has also been allowed to take a sabbatical and if Covid allows it, they plan to travel the world next year.

Hopefully Terry will buy that store clerk some candies and candies before he starts his life-changing adventure!


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Amazon gives the Kindle’s interface a refresh




Amazon gives the Kindle's interface a refresh

Amazon has announced that the most recent Kindles are getting a new, simpler user interface through a software update (through Ars Technica). The update focuses primarily on navigation, adding a bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you jump between the home screen, the book you’re currently reading, and the library screen. Some got the update for a few weeks, but Amazon has announced that the update will be rolled out widely in the coming weeks.

The way you access the Kindle’s quick settings (which let you turn on airplane mode, adjust brightness, and more) has also changed. You can now access the menu by swiping down from the top of the screen, rather than tapping a button.

Amazon says more changes will be coming later this year, with an update that will allow you to see more recently read books on the home screen and will refresh the library’s collection view and filter and sort menus.

An example of the Home and Library screens.
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s webpage ahead of the redesign says the feature will roll out to supported devices in the coming weeks (8th generation Kindle, 7th generation Paperwhite and Oasis or later). Basically, it includes most of the Kindles released since 2015, so there’s a good chance yours will be supported.

Unfortunately Amazon didn’t make the Kindles Generation Information easily available until the update currently being rolled out. It seems the best way to find out if your device is eligible, you must use Google’s model number, which should be on the back of the device.

Like the readers’ E Ink screens, the Kindle interface is not refreshed often. Amazon only added the ability to show the lock screen the cover of the book you’re reading earlier this year. Ars Technica also reports that the Kindle web browser’s “experimental” label — which has been around for at least 10 years — according to GoodEReader – is gone. Unfortunately, Ars reports that cannot see any changes from the previous (and not so good) version.

The update should automatically install on your Kindle at some point if it’s connected to Wi-Fi, but you can also update your device manually using a computer if you want to get the new user interface as soon as possible.

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Weather 12/8/21 – NCWLIFE




Weather 12/8/21 - NCWLIFE

A cold front sweeps across the Inland Northwest today, bringing heavy mountain snowfall and high winds to much of central and eastern Washington. There is a winter storm warning today through Thursday evening for the mountain passes, including Snoqualmie and Stevens, where up to 12 inches of snow could fall.

The weather in north-central Washington today will be partly cloudy, windy and warmer with afternoon temperatures around 40 degrees.

A top-level weather system will roll over on Thursday with a wave of moisture at the rear, giving a 30% chance of rain/snow with afternoon temperatures around 40 degrees.

A large area of ​​low pressure will move south from the Gulf of Alaska and along the west coast all day Friday. Weather conditions will be calm during the day with mostly cloudy skies and peaks in the lower 40’s.

Saturday through the first part of next week we will enter a more volatile weather pattern with near-continuous moderate heavy snowfall in the mountains and rain mixed with snow in the lower parts.

Saturday will be cloudy with a 90% chance of rain/snow, also warmer, with afternoon temperatures around 40 degrees.

Mostly cloudy for Sunday with a 30% chance of rain/snow, maximums in the low 40’s.

The weather pattern also remains uncertain on Monday and Tuesday with a 70% chance of precipitation on Monday and a 50% chance of rain/snow on Tuesday with maximums around 40 degrees on both days.

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