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USCIS Runs Third H-1B Lottery For FY 2022 – Immigration



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United States: USCIS conducts third H-1B lottery for FY 2022

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In a move not seen since the introduction of the electronic H-1B registration process, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a third round of lottery selections for the fiscal year (FY) 2022 H-1B cap season. In a press release issued Nov. 19, 2021, USCIS indicated that additional H-1B selections were required to achieve annual H-1B Cap numerical assignments, including under the waiver for applicants with advanced degrees. Accordingly, USCIS made additional selections from the previously submitted collection of electronic records using the standard random selection process. As was the case in the previous two rounds of selection, employers (and employer representatives) were notified of new selections via an update in their respective myUSCIS accounts.

USCIS conducted an initial random selection for this year’s H-1B cap in March 2021. A second random selection was completed by USCIS on July 28, 2021. With the announcement of a third random selection, USCIS has confirmed that it has not yet selected enough cases to meet the regulatory H-1B numerical allocation of 85,000 visas (65,000 under the “regular” limit and another 20,000 under the advanced exemption ). USCIS “take”[s]consider historical data regarding approvals, denials, withdrawals, and other relevant factors to calculate the number of registrations required to meet the H-1B numerical allocations for a given fiscal year.”

For the third round of selection, the petition submission period will begin on November 22, 2021 and close on February 23, 2022.

The Ogletree Deakins Immigration Practice will continue to monitor developments related to these and other policy changes and will post updates to the Immigration Blog as additional information becomes available. Important employer information is also available through the company’s webinar and podcast programs.

The contents of this article are intended to provide general guidance on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your specific circumstances.

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Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature




Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature

Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced a new feature called “Split Payments” on Facebook Messenger.

As the name implies, the new feature allows you to easily share costs with your friends and family for free – be it a restaurant bill or a house rent.

To split the bill, all you need to do is click the “Get Started” button in a group chat or the Payments Hub in Messenger. You can then split the bill equally among the group or change the amount of the contribution for each individual, with or without yourself.

After that, enter a personal message and confirm your Facebook Pay details, and your request will be sent to the group, visible to everyone in the chat thread.

Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature

Meta will begin testing the new feature in the US next week, but it’s unclear when it will expand to other regions.

In addition to introducing the bill-splitting feature, Meta has also added four new AR-based group effects to Facebook Messenger, created in collaboration with King Bach, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Poarch, and Zach King. You can view them below.

The company also reminds us of a new chat theme and two recently launched sound mojis for fans of Stranger Things, and a new sound moji released to celebrate Taylor Swift’s new album “Red.”


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UK weather: Snow forecast by Met Office as thousands without power




UK weather: Snow forecast by Met Office as thousands without power

According to the Met Office, snow, rain and wind will sweep through parts of the UK in the coming days, with thousands of homes still waiting to be reconnected to power after Storm Arwen.

About 4,700 homes in northern England and Scotland are still without delivery — more than a week after the storm hit on Nov. 26, according to the industry association Energy Networks Association (ENA).

Boris Johnson said on Saturday that he has called those who led the response to Storm Arwen, adding that he remains “concerned” that thousands of homes are still without power.

In a tweet, the prime minister said the government is ready to further support the recovery work “in any way possible”.

With power recovery still underway, forecasters predict low temperatures between 4C (39F) and 6C (43F) for the next few days, accompanied by some gale-force winds for the region.

The Met Office expects to see “restless” weather, with snow in the Cairngorms and Northern Pennines overnight Saturday before turning drier and less windy on Sunday.

Workers repair a broken power line after storm Arwen (ENA/PA)

(PA media)

But the temporary relief will stop Monday as a swath of rain and snow is expected in the second half of the day, along with more wind.

From Tuesday, the UK will see continued wind, rain and snow – with a chance of more strong winds, although not as strong as Arwen, until Wednesday.

Simon Partridge, a meteorologist with the Met Office, said: “As for the process of reconnecting power and getting to remote areas, it’s not helpful – probably the best day tomorrow and probably the first half of Tuesday. , some decent conditions.

“Other than that, quite a bit of rain, some snow on the hills and fairly high winds – which certainly helps slow down the process of reconnecting supplies and reaching the more remote locations to cut trees and so on.

“It is certainly not ideal, and at the higher locations there will certainly be some snow in the coming days.”

A fallen tree in New York in North Tyneside after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc across much of the UK (Owen Humphreys/PA)

(PA wire)

The Met Office has also issued yellow weather warnings for rain in parts of the north east of England and a yellow snow warning for parts of south east Scotland.

The long delays have prompted energy regulator Ofgem to take enforcement action against network companies that failed to restore power to customers quickly enough after the storm.

It has also agreed with companies to lift the £700 limit on compensation that can be given to customers.

The change will allow those affected to claim £70 for any 12 hour period without power, after an initial £70 for the first 48 hours.

Chief executive Jonathan Brearley told the BBC Radio 4 programme: “We are very concerned about customers who have been without power for over a week.

Royal Marines of 45 Command visit remote communities and vulnerable households in the Banchory area of ​​Aberdeenshire (PA/MoD)

(PA media)

“We want to establish the facts and make sure we understand what happened, whether the network companies have fulfilled their obligations. If not, we will take enforcement action.

“We have clear expectations about how quickly they should get people back on the system.

“We recognize the challenging circumstances those companies are in. But what we expect from the network companies is to relentlessly connect people, but also provide support.”

He later told BBC Breakfast: “One thing we’ve already done is we’ve said to network companies, and they’ve agreed, they’ve lifted the cap on the fees they’ll give customers and they’ll make sure those customers will be compensated for everything they have experienced.”

The Ministry of Defense said 297 British Army and Royal Marine personnel are supporting civil authorities and carrying out door-to-door checks on vulnerable people in their homes and reassuring local communities.

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A raft in rough weather – This is how this philanthropist from Tiruchy conquers hearts




A raft in rough weather - This is how this philanthropist from Tiruchy conquers hearts

Express News Service

TIRUCHY: The sun is finally coming through the thick clouds in Tiruchy, but CK Anand is still busy. His phone never stopped ringing, as many of the city’s side roads were flooded from the recent downpour that completely submerged the city. It can be an urgent call to ask for a boat; someone who asks for a quick delivery of some vegetables or medicine; it could be a toddler crying over chocolate.

Anand is in his late thirties and leads a group of volunteers, who provide essential assistance 24 hours a day to people living in swampy areas. Their day starts at 7 in the morning and lasts until after midnight, especially the last days.

A few days ago, when gray clouds hung over the city, Anand received a call: a few people were stranded in low-lying areas of Lingam Nagar, Arul Nagar, Selvam Nagar, Rajalakshmi Nagar in Woraiyur, and needed some food. He gathered a few boys from his area and rushed to the affected areas with help.

“I have rented two boats from Mukkombu and people who can row them. I wanted to provide what people really needed in such difficult times. The first two days we shared the daily necessities such as milk, atta, maggi, semiya, bread, etc. We also distributed food and vegetables. We try to help as many people as possible’, says Anand.

With his own cable company, Anand goes the extra mile to help those around him. The compassionate three-year-old has earned a special place in people’s hearts. His philanthropic journey began during the Gaja Cyclone, Anand’s friends said, and has continued since. Residents of these places are full of praise for him. “Anand had also helped us during the lockdown.

A few months ago, he realized that there was a high risk of dengue and malaria in certain areas. He had mosquito nets installed in all households at his own expense. He has rescued more than 500 people in recent weeks,” a resident of Arul Nagar, Pugazh, told TNIE.

“We have seen three floods in the last month, but the last few days have been the worst. Anand and his team have worked tirelessly. They do what the government should do. They saved several lives.”
says Raj Mohamed, a resident of Selvam Nagar.

Even when talking to TNIE, he is busy with people around him. Every passerby stops to talk to him. Some asked him to deliver vegetables in their area, others just stopped to express their gratitude. The water has withdrawn from most side roads. But Anand is still busy. And he is just a phone call away.


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