Top 11 FMovies Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online


We have all looked online for a movie or TV show we used to watch all the time when we were younger. If there are no good ways remaining to watch this content, we turn to a website like FMovies in order to relive the glory days. But what happens when FMovies doesn’t have that particular show or film? What happens when your pc slows to a crawl due to a virus?

What happens when their servers crash and you can no longer access the site? FMovies is a solid website but there are several alternatives with a wider selection and way fewer chances to receive unwanted viruses and malware. Read on to learn more about these other options and why in many cases they are an even better way to watch and download movies online.

Streaming Sites Like FMovies

Streaming sites are fantastic because you can quickly load up a variety of films and TV shows just to watch them without any chance of viruses being installed. Since there is nothing being added to your files, you can watch things without stress. Plus streaming isn’t illegal so you don’t have to worry about any ramifications from law enforcement. Here is a list of the top sites for streaming video online. These were chosen based upon the amount of content available and how intrusive the ads are.

1. Movie Tube

Movie Tube is a great choice for anyone who is interested in Hollywood films. There is a great variety of old and new films alike that can provide hours of fun for the entire family. There are even some Bollywood films for those looking for something a bit different to watch. You can stream these films directly to your device with no download required. This makes it easy to quickly watch something whenever you want.

2. MKV Movies Point

This site has an incredibly simple interface that helps you get to the content you want to watch as quickly as possible. You can browse from a clear list of categories for when you don’t have anything particular in mind. It features a variety of different programs including TV shows, web series, and feature films for you to dive in to.

3. House Movie

House Movie features a large collection of films that you can stream to any device. The user interface is a bit tricky to navigate but users can become more familiar with it over time. The large selection of movies makes it worth the initial hassle you may face when first getting used to the site. This one is definitely worth checking out if there is a particular movie you just can’t seem to find anywhere else.

4. See HD

See HD is a cool site as it puts a strong emphasis on finding the highest quality streams available online. If you are tired of blurry image quality and incredibly low resolutions, then this website will surely provide a breath of fresh air. The mirrors are always updated so you consistently have several options for watching all of your favorites in HD. There is a good variety of TV shows and movies available and more are constantly added as sources with high enough video quality are located.

5. Bobmovies

Bob movies have a solid library of films and TV shows for you to watch online. You can easily stream content to any device in fairly decent quality video. They do have some adult ads that may not be suitable for minors. If you are watching with your children, you may want to install an ad blocker so they aren’t exposed to any lewd content on the sidebar. Other than that, this site is a great source of streaming videos online.

6. HD Popcorns

Much like See HD, HD Popcorns is a site that focuses on bringing the highest video quality they can find to their users. There is an even broader selection of movies and TV shows for you to watch. This is because the website is updated incredibly often and they clearly take pride in maintaining the incredibly high standards of their service. It is well worth checking them out if you are having trouble finding a particular piece of media at a good resolution.

7. HD Euro Pics

This site is highly unique because of the emphasis on international films and shows that aren’t always represented elsewhere. There is a nice collection of films from China, Japan, and France to name a few. The films come in their original languages but can sometimes feature subtitles on the bottom of the screen. They are no adding American movies too since they have a majority of the other countries covered already. This means HD Euro Pics has one of the largest collections of video on the planet. The site is very easy to use and navigation is incredibly smooth. Don’t sleep on this site if you love foreign films from across the world.

8. Archive Movie

This site has an extremely solid collection of films and TV shows that provide something for everyone. There is a cool feature that allows you to stream each piece of media at a variety of different resolutions. This is a neat feature because while some people have great internet connections and want the highest available image quality, other people live in parts of the world where the internet is pretty poor. The lower resolution options make it easier to watch movies without buffering as it uses way less bandwidth to stream them. If you are having trouble getting other sites to work smoothly then try out the lowers resolution options on Archive Movie.

Downloading Sites Like FMovies

Sites that allow you to download movies directly to your hard drive are great because you can safely store the media you desire and will always have it in the event the website gets shut down. Of course, you need to be sure you aren’t downloading any viruses or programs that will attempt to harm or infiltrate your computer. Once you have a safe download on your hands, you are free to watch that movie or show for the rest of your days. Here are a few options that are pretty safe and easy to use without worrying about unwanted files spliced into the uploads.

1. Download Hub

As the name implies, Download Hub is where you go to directly download movies onto your device. They feature a huge collection of films and TV shows for you to choose from. The best part of this site is how it allows you to download entire seasons of a TV show in a single download. This reduces hassle significantly and allows you to easily have full seasons in their release order on your hard drive. This coupled with the easy to navigate layout make it one of the finest sources for downloading video files online.

2. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is a great place for anyone who likes to watch movies any time they want. You can easily download the content directly to your device and save it for later. There is a good variety of Hollywood and Bollywood films to choose from and you can normally find just about anything you are looking for. There is also an option to stream the film first to see what level of quality you are getting beforehand. The interface is pretty clean and you should have no problem browsing the site for the exact film or show you are searching out.

3. iPAgal

This site was the place to go for anyone who wanted to download Bollywood and foreign films. There was a huge selection or international films that provided some incredibly unique content to their users. Nowadays they have even begun to add some Hollywood films to their repertoire. This is a site that continues to grow and is certainly one to watch if you are a fan of downloading movies straight to your hard drive.


It has never been easier to watch the films and TV shows you desire online. Whether you prefer to stream or download the files directly, there are plenty of useful options to choose from. If you are looking for a particular show or movie that is pretty rare then at least one place on this comprehensive list should have what you are looking for. We can all rejoice now that we no longer have to rely on FMovies, Solarmovie, Putlocker or 123Movies and their spotty servers to watch all or old favorites and the latest Hollywood blockbusters.


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