This Modified Volkswagen Beetle Raises So Many Questions


It’s what the German hatchback would look like getting the ‘Mad Max’ treatment.

In Canada, a very strange Volkswagen Beetle was captured. The German car quite often becomes the object of close attention of tuners and renderers. However, this project still managed to surprise gearheads.

It has a two-tone body covered with many nameplates, stickers, and various metal parts. This is probably what a German hatchback might look like if it took part in the filming of the Mad Max films. A Reddit user saw a light green car in a parking lot of the Princess Auto factory and posted a photo on the thread of the controversial tuning community.

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‘Mad Max’ Volkswagen Beetle Appearance Features

The front end of the VW is immediately striking due to the presence of something similar to the rear wing, albeit stuck to the hood. And also decorative “antennae” are installed on it.

On the brutal Beetle, you can see the details from the Jeep Liberty SUV. In particular, it got the side sills from it. The car received additional lights on the hood and on the roof, unusual rims, and new door handles. The front end has been fitted with a rear spoiler-like detail and is embellished with the Chevrolet Impala emblem.

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Externally, the car is similar to the transport from the movie Mad Max but it is neater and less brutal. The rear of the hatchback did not get into the lens of a photographer, but the photo shows large chrome exhaust pipes. In addition, the body was decorated with many bolts, nameplates, and stickers, including the maple leaf, which is the symbol of Canada.

The Beetle Isn’t The Only Thing Drawing Attention

woman sitting strange volkswagen beetle

via Reddit

What changes have taken place in the Volkswagen Beetle salon is not shown in the photographs. In the pictures, you can only see the new seats in the car. However, the network did not appreciate the design of the tuning Beetle. As one user wrote, this is “one of the ugliest Volkswagen Beetle” he has ever seen.

However, the Volkswagen Beetle tuned for the Mad Max car isn’t the only oddity in the picture. Reddit users drew attention to a nearby car in which a woman sits backward in the front passenger seat. They could not explain her unusual position in the comments.

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