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The hidden 12 seater restaurant serving the best food in Cardiff – Ed Gilbert



The hidden 12 seater restaurant serving the best food in Cardiff - Ed Gilbert

A 12-seat dining room tucked away in the upstairs of a cafe in Pontcanna is probably not where you’d expect the best food currently served in Cardiff.

But it’s here at the popular Cafe Milkwood that Lee Skeet, a chef who trained under Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing and was head chef at Michelin-starred Hedone, runs his pop-up restaurant 40 Days, 40 Nights. .

Amazingly, Lee single-handedly cooks every lunch and dinner with only one hob and hob.

Pontcanna’s Cafe Milkwood is home to 40 Days, 40 Nights

At £70 for a six-course tasting menu, 40 Days, 40 Nights is truly a place for special occasions. You can take the luxury even further with matching wines (£35), a dozen oysters (£25), tuna sashimi (£12) and lobster for two (£40).

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Unlike many library-style fine dining restaurants, 40 Days, 40 Nights has a relaxed atmosphere; a soundtrack of hip hop accompanied our meal while there was no trace of stuffiness from the excellent waitress.

For starters, half a dozen native oysters (12.50 lb supplement) were beautifully plump and tasted like the sea. A generous squeeze of lime and a grueling spoonful of garlic-chili oil brought the clams to life.

Native oysters

Snacks were both superb. A thin, nutty rye cracker was topped with a rich smoked mackerel pate balanced by a slice of Granny Smith apple. A delicate tapioca crisp, topped with sweet white crab and avocado and pistachio mash, was the ultimate quaver.


A bowl of smooth and meaty bone marrow custard may sound a little strange, but it delivered buckets of flavor. A layer of savory sourdough bread sauce, slightly sour pickled mushrooms and golden croutons all added extra dimensions to one of the meal’s standout dishes.

bone marrow custard

Lee’s seafood dishes are always a standout and the three dishes that followed were no exception. The crispy mackerel was seasoned with the delicate heat of mustard and accompanied by the freshness of cucumber puree and grape chunks and the crunch of toasted hazelnuts.

Mackerel with cucumber and grape

A tender and meaty lobster tail (£40 supplement) was put on a smooth and sweet pumpkin puree and combined with a glossy chicken sauce, toasted pumpkin seeds and chunks of oyster mushroom.

Cornish lobster with oyster mushroom and pumpkin

Cod, which flakes easily, was dressed with a buttery beef sauce studded with the smoky hit of two types of smoked fish eggs. It was another dish that delivered a huge flavor bomb.

Cod with beef and smoked fish roe sauce

Tender duck breast, with well rendered fat and crispy skin, accompanied by a light piece of caramelized baby gem lettuce and a rich, savory seaweed sauce. The pop of sweet blueberries provided a clever counterpoint to the dish’s indulgence.

Duck with lettuce, blueberry and seaweed

A wonderfully creamy and tangy lime zest was buried under a rich hot chocolate mousse. The contrast of the two temperatures was brilliant. A thin, buttery chocolate chip cookie topped with intense raspberry powder and a dollop of mascarpone finished off the masterful pud.

Lime posset with hot chocolate mousse

To round out the meal, a few thin dark chocolate skulls were filled with silky smooth salted caramel.

Salted caramel skulls

We had a phenomenal meal at 40 Days, 40 Nights. Lee Skeet is a chef who uses premium ingredients and classic techniques to deliver modern, flavorful dishes that are free of gimmicks.

If there is one chef whose food I would recommend eating in Cardiff at the moment it is Lee Skeet’s.

While Lee’s current run of dates at 40 Days, 40 Nights is fully booked, he plans to announce more pop-up dates or a permanent location in Cardiff after Christmas. Judging by how quickly it tends to sell out I would book soon.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shuts down Facebook commentator during live video




Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shuts down Facebook commentator during live video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern calls commentator live on Facebook. Video / Jacinda Ardern

It has been a long year and it seems that everyone is running out of patience.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern snapped at a Facebook user during a livestream yesterday, reminding people that if they don’t like what they’re seeing, they can just keep scrolling.

During the live video, Ardern answered questions from viewers and at one point responded to criticism from a commentator, who criticized mandating adult vaccines.

“About you. About your mandate. People suffer because of your bad choices. Merry Xmas Aotearoa,” wrote the Facebook user.

Ardern, who doesn’t often respond to the negative reactions she gets during live streams, decided to address the woman directly in the video.

“Uh, Amanda. Sorry you’re over me. But you don’t have to stay on my Facebook Live if I’m bothering you,” the prime minister said.

“I’m sure there are many other things you could do with your time if you find this annoying,” she added.

Ardern then went on to answer questions from viewers about Covid cases and vaccine numbers.

The livestream was one of several Ardern has done in recent months to check in with Kiwis about the government’s Covid strategy.

During yesterday’s video, she also shared the news that the government had purchased 60,000 doses of the new antiviral drug Covid-19.

She said the exciting thing about antivirals is that it is “incredible” that the scientific community has been able to produce a drug that can treat Covid-19.

“What the early evidence suggests is that this particular drug, if taken between three to five days after the onset of your symptoms, can reduce serious illness and hospitalization.

“It’s fantastic for New Zealand.”

The Prime Minister then took the time to answer questions from viewers, specifically about the proposed introduction of Covid-19 vaccines for 5- to 11-year-olds.

She said politicians are not deciding whether to roll it out for children, and said they are still waiting for a response from the expert advisory group with their final opinion.

Medsafe must also approve its use.

When asked whether the government would mandate the vaccine for children, she said “absolutely not”.

“It’s not something we do. Once we get the advice on childhood vaccines, of course we would support or encourage it, but not mandates.”


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The number of dislikes is back on YouTube, netizens have a good year ahead




The number of dislikes is back on YouTube, netizens have a good year ahead

Google had sparked controversy last month by announcing that video dislike counting would be turned off. The move was seen as political as many politicians, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have struggled with the distaste on their YouTube channels in the past year. Many controversial ads on YouTube were also massively disliked by netizens.

Now a browser extension has been introduced to make the dislikes count, at least for now. This also means that dislikes on YouTube ads can now be counted. The new browser extension, simply titled “Return YouTube Dislike” allows users of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even iOS to recover the YouTube dislike count for their video viewing experience.

The extension has received thousands of positive reviews from users. Netizens had a field day. Some wondered how it actually worked! When installed and active, the extension will automatically change the YouTube site to where it shows a dislike count as before. Better yet, it also shows exact numbers instead of the general “10k” when you mouse over the “Like/Dislike” section. To download the extension, you can use this direct link or search for “Return YouTube Dislike” in the Chrome Web Store.

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UK cold weather forecast: Britain turns ice blue as icy Arctic explosion hits – new maps | Weather | News




UK cold weather forecast: Britain turns ice blue as icy Arctic explosion hits - new maps |  Weather |  News

Britain has been ravaged by Storm Arwen and Storm Barra in recent days, but a new cold front is poised to take hold of the country in the run-up to Christmas. The latest temperature maps produced by WXcharts show a frigid weather system hurtling toward the UK from Sunday 19 December.

Air temperature models show a huge area of ​​cooler air moving south from the Arctic and Scandinavia.

By the evening of December 19, all of Scotland, Wales and the north and center of England are turning a light blue hue.

The maps suggest this will lead to sub-zero temperatures.

The northern areas of the UK will be hardest hit by the colder conditions.

The BBC’s long-term forecast says Scotland and Northern Ireland “may still be affected by Atlantic weather systems during this period”.

The forecast says conditions will be determined by a high pressure area over Europe and a low pressure area over Iceland.

This will also mean a period of wet and windy weather for much of the UK.

Strong storms are about to raise temperatures over central and northern parts.

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The BBC’s long-term forecast of December 13-19 says: “High pressure should begin to settle over Western Europe during the week as the Atlantic storm moves further north than in the previous week.

“This should be good for the southern half of the country by midweek, but Northern Ireland and Scotland could still be affected by Atlantic weather systems.

“In the beginning of the week it will be more settled over England and Wales, but maybe still windy.

“It will be stronger for the first half of the week with occasional showers over Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

It adds: “The temperature is expected to be around 2-3C above average in the first half of the week, and to drop slightly closer to average over the weekend.

“The risk this week is that the high above Europe is less developed and the low near Iceland deeper and further east. This would lead to wetter and windier conditions in Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

The Met Office’s long-term forecast of Dec. 13-22 adds: “Generally restless in the north at the start of the period, with strong westerly or southwest winds lasting periods of heavy or sustained rain and the occasional risk of bring storms.

“Probably drier and brighter in many central, eastern and southern locations, although periods of rain cannot be ruled out.”

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