The crossing with LaMelo Ball and his three best moments in the NBA: 7 phrases by Facundo Campazzo


Since his arrival in the NBA this season Facundo Campazzo take advantage of every minute that is on the court. As happened last night, with another great performance with the Denver Nuggets, who beat the Charlotte Hornets by 129 to 104. Among the great resources that he showed and in addition to his usual defensive sacrifice, one action was the one that stood out over the others : the back pass in front of LaMelo Ball.

The former Real Madrid player from Cordoba stole a ball in defense and ran across the court to score, but when he reached the basket, he left Ball on the road and assisted with a girdle pass to Michael Porter Jr.

No looking assists by Campazzo vs. Charlotte

In the post-game press conference, Facundo spoke to international media, including Argentina. He was asked about this cross with Ball: “It’s part of the game. Facing LaMelo Ball is incredible, he knows the game a lot. He knows how to play and he is a winner. I also like to play and compete. He went out and that situation occurred. It is a pleasure to play against someone with such projection. It makes me want to keep improving ”.

The Hornets player was involved in a controversy over an alleged outburst on the Cordoba. In the video that went viral, the user of Twitter Melo Roty (@szn_melo), affirmed that LaMelo Ball disrespected the Argentine: “You are very weak, that’s why you don’t play.” Nevertheless, the sentence was not clear if it was for Campazzo or for one of his teammates who was sitting on the relay bench. As he could know Infobae, the crossing between the two existed, but once the game was over they greeted each other before leaving the field without problems.

LaMelo Ball’s lack of respect against Campazzo?

Campazzo also received consideration from the Nuggets coach, Mike Malone, who was full of praise and affirmed: “I adore Facu. He comes to every game and sets himself a challenge every night. Y He faced LaMelo Ball who is not an easy player and who is possibly the candidate to win the Rookie of the Year award. What I love about Facu is that he puts responsibilities on his shoulders, he has that toughness. He is one of the players that nobody wants to face. It is always there, it is persistent, it is like a fly, it is always around you there annoying you ”.

“Facu is a good player”: the gesture of the coach of the Nuggets with Campazzo

It was one of his best nights in the NBA for Campazzo, in which he set a new record for assists and steals, and surpassed Manu Ginobili in a statistic in his first season in the competition. The contact with the media was at a conference in the framework of the Denver Nuggets initiatives for the fifteenth year of the program.Nights Éne Bé A”, Which he celebrated with the fans and players of the league in Latin America and the Hispanic communities of the United States.

In the journalistic inquiry, Facu responded about various hot springs:

Three best moments in the NBA so far:

1: “My first days here, the day I visited the stadium. I will have that sensation only that time ”.

2: “Going to Madison Square Garden, it was a stadium I wanted to see.”

3: “Some game against Lakers, GS and Boston, are historic teams and courts.”

LeBron James. “LeBron is incredible, it’s one thing to see him live and another to face him. It requires that he be on the court. What he represents as a player inside and out. I was surprised. It was amazing to watch him play, as he knows the game. He is one of the best players in the world. To be able to enjoy it ”.

Facundo Campazzo provided 10 assists and stole four balls in the victory over Charlotte Hornets (Photo: AP).
Facundo Campazzo provided 10 assists and stole four balls in the victory over Charlotte Hornets (Photo: AP).

How he handles his ego and the situation of not being a starter like in Madrid. “If I let my ego listen, I couldn’t be here. I try to run it, live with it and handle it. I try to leave my ego and add to the team “

“At no point did I feel frustrated or angry. I knew what was coming here. At the time of making that decision, I knew that I was going to arrive in Denver and that the adaptation was not going to be easy “

Life change. “It didn’t change much. I’m in a very good moment, off the pitch, with my family, Consuelo (his wife) and my daughter. It makes us unite and grow more. When you are well off the field, perform on the inside. I try to improve my game, my virtues every day ”.

At the aforementioned press conference, the Nuggets greeted their Hispanic fans as part of Noches Éne Bé A with their content of “Somos Familia” in digital media, on TV broadcasts and at the Ball Arena where next Friday they will face the Chicago Bulls and Sunday the New Orleans Pelicans.

Coming soon, the Colorado franchise will be launching new social content recognizing the Campazzo’s Argentinian roots, including a play list with the favorite music of Cordoba and profile data of the base of the Argentine team.


Facu Campazzo’s big night in the NBA: the two personal records he achieved and the mark in which he surpassed Manu Ginobili

The Denver Nuggets coach made an unexpected gesture with Facundo Campazzo after his brilliant game and made a funny comparison


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