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The Acer Swift 5 is down to $999 at Amazon ahead of Black Friday



XDA Developers

Black Friday isn’t here yet, but Acer already has a nice deal on its Swift 5 laptop at Amazon. The top-end configuration of this laptop, which includes a Full HD touchscreen, Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, is available now for $999, which is a solid $301 less than the official MSRP. That’s a pretty hefty discount for this thin and lightweight laptop, a great option for school and work.

    Acer Swift 5 ($300 off)
    This Acer Swift 5 is a powerful lightweight laptop with the latest Intel processors and high-quality specifications.

Why should you consider this laptop? For starters, it packs an Intel Core i7-1165G7, one of the very best laptop processors you can get today. It has four cores and can be boosted to 4.6GHz, so it will be very fast for all kinds of work and web browsing. It also includes Intel’s Iris Xe graphics, so you should be able to play some older games or simpler games in general on this PC. The laptop also comes with 16GB of RAM, which is great for multitasking, and a large 1TB SSD ensures you have plenty of space for all your files for a long time to come.

The screen is a 14-inch panel and also supports touch input. This can be a more intuitive way to use your PC, so it’s always nice to have the option. Another nice thing to have is Windows Hello support, and you get a fingerprint reader that does just that, so unlocking this laptop is really easy. We would have preferred facial recognition, but this is still great.

And design-wise, the Acer Swit 5 is just 14.99mm thin and weighs just 2.31lbs, so this is a laptop you can take anywhere and still be comfortable. In addition, the surface of the laptop is coated with an antimicrobial solution, so that germs cannot develop as easily over time as you use the laptop. You also get plenty of ports with Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, and two USB Type-A ports for all your needs.

The Acer Swift 5 is a great laptop and thanks to Black Friday you can get a good deal on it. But if you’d like to explore other options, check out our Black Friday PC deals page for even more laptops, accessories and more. We are also finishing the best Black Friday Deals about all things mobile technology, so drop by if that interests you too.

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Researchers explain why they think Facebook is mishandling political ads: NPR




Researchers explain why they think Facebook is mishandling political ads: NPR

Facebook has spent years revamping its treatment of political ads, but researchers who conducted a comprehensive audit of millions of ads say the social media company’s efforts have yielded uneven results.

The problems, they say, include overcounting political ads in the US — and undercounting in other countries.

And despite Facebook’s ban on political ads around the time of last year’s US election, the platform ran more than 70,000 political ads anyway, according to the research team based at NYU Cybersecurity for Democracy and Belgium’s KU Leuven University.

Their research study was released early Thursday. They also plan to present their findings at a security conference in August.

After analyzing more than 4.2 million political and 29.6 million non-political ads from more than 215,000 advertisers, the researchers said that in Facebook’s enforcement efforts on U.S. political ads, “61% more ads are missed than are detected globally.” , and 55% of US ads detected are in fact non-political.”

Researcher criticizes Facebook’s use of ‘rudimentary’ methods

Laura Edelson of NYU, a lead author of the study, says two things that emerged from the study surprised her.

“One is this very high false positive rate in the US,” Edelson said.

Part of the surprise there, she added, is due to what she calls the “rudimentary” way Facebook seems to use keyword models to classify ads and content.

“We can do much better,” said Edelson. “This is not the state of the art in content moderation or problematic content detection. There are many more sophisticated methods that can be used here that Facebook doesn’t seem to use.”

“Facebook involves people in some of its ad and content moderation policies, but it’s definitely automated first,” she said. “That approach only has accuracy issues.”

The other surprise, she said, was the problem Facebook apparently had in enforcing the ban on political ads in the US. After the policy was announced, many political advertisers simply stopped running ads. But not everyone heeded the ban, Edelson said: “A lot of them kept running ads and stopped declaring them political.”

Detecting that ignoring the ban by a political advertiser should have been easy, she said.

“The flaws here aren’t subtle,” Edelson said. “They just really reflect a lack of investment.”

Facebook responds to the researchers’ findings

In response to a request for comment about the ongoing investigation, a spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, told NPR:

“The vast majority of the political ads they studied were made public and labeled as they should be. In fact, their findings suggest there were potential problems with less than 5 percent of all political ads.

“Had it been a complete picture, this report would also have noted that we provide more transparency in political advertising than TV, radio or any other digital advertising platform.”

Up for discussion in the US: More topics are politicized

As for what is considered a political ad, the researchers note that Facebook itself says its political advertising policy applies to ‘ads about social issues, elections or politics’. It then configures its system to enforce the rules based on that definition.

In recent years, the definition of what can be understood as a political message has broadened as the language surrounding social and health issues has become more politicized. The researchers link this trend to Facebook’s tendency to incorrectly label a non-political ad as a political ad in the US.

Edelson points to Facebook’s approach to COVID-19 information.

“A lot of pandemic and COVID-related content was politicized,” she said. “A lot of vaccine-related content became politicized. But the way Facebook did it wasn’t in a very subtle or nuanced way.”

A big part of the problem, Edelson said, is that Facebook relies on automated detection mechanisms that it says are just not very accurate.

“Ads featuring a person wearing a mask were marked as political. Ads mentioning or talking about vaccines or COVID were marked as political,” she said.

By mislabeling health posts as political ads, the researchers said, Facebook created new problems it had to solve.

“Facebook has explicitly made a policy fork for government health agencies,” Edelson said, “so that they could be exempted from this political speech policy. Because they just didn’t seem to know how to apply it — to catch things that were political. about COVID without also catching things that were kind of like ‘here you can get a vaccine’.”

In that scenario, if a community organization wanted to place an ad stating that they are hosting a weekend vaccination campaign, “Facebook could potentially flag that ad as a political ad,” said Victor Le Pochat of KU Leuven, another lead author of the study. . From there, he said, the ad can be removed.

“If Facebook does this kind of false detection, it could lead to these kinds of community organizations one day publishing their vaccination campaign,” he said.

Researchers have also found some improvements

In light of what we know about how Facebook handled political ads in the 2016 election, we asked whether the researchers have seen any improvements since then?

“I’d say it’s gotten a little better,” Edelson said.

“We see it in our data,” Le Pochat added.

“We see that Facebook is able to get more ads that have been falsely declared,” he said compared to a few years ago.

Most of the ads were declared correctly, Le Pochat said, “so advertisers follow Facebook’s policies. We found over 4 million political ads that were correctly labeled. And then we found over 150,000 that the advertisers had not declared.”

The study confirms recently leaked Facebook records

The investigation comes weeks after a large number of Facebook documents from whistleblower Frances Haugen portrayed the social media giant’s inability to deal with a number of political and social complexities, particularly in countries where people post content in Arabic, Hindi and other widely used languages. spoken languages.

In some cases, according to the documents, the company inadvertently banned everyday words. In others, Facebook’s screen systems would allow the spread of incendiary language.

“Our findings confirm that Facebook really isn’t paying much attention to ensuring that communities outside the US are also protected from the harm caused by deceptive political advertising,” Le Pochat said.

“We’re seeing this very high rate of false positives in the United States,” Edelson said. “It really seems like this is due to the fact that Facebook seems to be using a keyword model to detect political content in the United States. And we don’t see that pattern as often in other countries.”

It’s a reflection, she said, of where Facebook has chosen to invest money and time.

“To use such a keyword model, you need to have some knowledge of that country’s politics so that you can build that keyword list,” Edelson said. “And it just doesn’t seem like Facebook has invested in understanding the politics of all the countries it places political ads in. It just can’t do that kind of detection in Malaysia, Macedonia or Argentina if it hasn’t spent the money to understand the political landscape in those countries.”

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Gamers are the top shots of YouTube’s best creators list




YouTube is now hiding video dislike, what are the implications for brands?

YouTube India has released a list of top video creators of 2021.

In the past 18 months, people have turned to YouTube to learn new skills, hone new passions, discover content to watch with friends and family, and foster a shared sense of community.

In 2021, gaming came to the next level as a rich and diverse ground for storytelling and community building, with a notable presence among Top Creators, Top Breakout Creators, Top Women Breakout Creators, and even Top Shorts Creators.

Comedy got a new laugh. While Round2Hell’s 40-minute horror comedy zombie apocalypse short film became the #1 trending video, comedy fared just as well in short video. The breakthrough success of the Tamil sensation Enjoy Enjaami, spawned a drumbeat of content inspired by the Tamil Hit reaction videos, covers, including some in Hindi and Malayalam, animated re-creations, re-creations within FreeFire, makeup tutorials, and even a PSA by the Kerala Police Force.

Here are three things to know about what was created, watched, shared and loved on YouTube in 2021:

New genres, new formats, new stories and new voices in different regions and languages

While YouTube serves one of the largest learning communities today, top video creators like A2 Motivation {Arvind Arora} and Mr. Gyani Facts facts and knowledge in bite-sized videos. Crazy XYZ and MR. INDIAN HACKER combined the goodness of science and technology with entertainment as Science and Experiments emerged as a new genre.

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) spun gold and turned characters from his sketch comedy videos into a scripted web series, Dhindora, which shows us the power of creating memorable characters to unlock a multiverse of stories. The growing popularity of hyper-local creators and the characters they created, such as Jkk Entertainment’s Chotu Dada and CS Bisht Vines’ Paagal Beta, echoed this trend. Telugu channels Filmymoji and Funmoji have written the rise of the popularity of animoji and avatar based content.

Game content evolved from gameplay style videos to comedy, jokes, challenges and even festival themed music videos. Interestingly, Gen Z gaming was democratized and the gaming audience expanded beyond the metropolitan areas in India as well.

With a lack of film scores this year, many independent songs released this year were accompanied by music videos with clear storylines, featuring popular movie actors. We saw the continuous emergence of Bhojpuri music with artists Ankush Raja and Shilpi Raj at the helm of the subculture as it continues to buzz and flourish in different geographies.

2. Webseries brought people together while creators create content for Gen-Z . produced

Gen-Z turned to YouTube to find a sense of belonging and to connect through recognizable content. It is therefore no wonder that in 2021 The Viral Fever (TVF) returned with their web show Aspirants. Interestingly, programs such as Aspirants, which reflect the trials and tribulations of Indian students preparing for the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC’s) grueling competitive examination, are deeply endemic to YouTube’s existing learning community, where millions of students turning to leather makers as part of their own preparatory work.

Other scripted content that appealed to specific interests and recognizable life stages of the Gen Z audience included Operation MBBS and Clutch from Dice Media, Telugu shows such as 30 weds 21 from Girl Formula and Surya starring Shanmukh Jaswanth.

Gaming and comedy were other genres that helped Gen-Z connect through shared interests and passions.

3. Creators excel with YouTube Shorts – imaginative, helpful content in under 60 seconds captures the hearts and minds of viewers across India

Both new and existing creators reached viewers on a wide variety of topics with short content that tapped into the humor and familiarity of everyday life.

Some of the most popular 2021 Shorts creators moved beyond the well-understood techniques of video editing to music and transitions, and led to new and innovative formats for telling short stories on themes such as family and friendships, language skills, motivation and grooming content for men and social posts.


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The GreenPan Paris Non-Stick Frying Pan is only $50 at Amazon




The GreenPan Paris Non-Stick Frying Pan is only $50 at Amazon

Each product we offer is independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase through the links provided, we may earn commission.

If you’ve noticed that your frying pans are looking a little tired, it’s probably time to refresh the collection. Instead of spending a ton of money on pricey stainless steel, thousands of Amazon shoppers are recommending the GreenPan Paris 10-inch Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan, and it’s on sale now.

The frying pan is designed with a Thermolon ceramic coating that has been reinforced with minerals, making it super smooth; plus it’s free of toxins like PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium. Even if you use the skillet on super high heat, the coating will still not peel off or crack over time. A durable, hard-anodized exterior not only makes the frying pan strong, but also prevents it from being scratched.

Each skillet is complete with a riveted, ergonomic stainless steel handle that provides a comfortable grip as you shake and twist, and it won’t heat up. It is compatible with most hobs (except induction) and can even be popped in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, although many users recommend washing it by hand to maintain its non-stick quality.

To buy: GreenPan Paris 10-Inch Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan, $50 (originally $65) at

Nearly 1,500 Amazon customers have given the skillet five stars, with some writing that they “might never cook with anything else.” One reviewer even said?: “I use these GreenPans at least once a day and the inside is still like new.”

“We all have stainless steel pots and pans. I wanted a good non-stick coating, but for some healthier recipes I’ve been working on reducing the butter and oil a bit,” shared a five star reviewer. “Now, whether I’m healthy or not, this is the best pan for everything related to eggs, pancakes and all sorts of other things. And it’s a cinch to clean.”

“This pan is great”, another user said:. “I’m pretty sure this is the best pan I’ve ever had. I’m not saying I’ve had a lot of expensive pans in my life, but I want to use this pan for everything I cook now. So far, no loss of non-stick quality, no chips, no scratches, nothing. I try to take care of it as it is my favorite pan, but I use it almost every day and it performs perfectly.” They added, “This is the non-stick pan I’ve been waiting for.”


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