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The 7 Best Bars and Restaurants to Open in Chicago This Fall



The 7 Best Bars and Restaurants That Opened in Chicago This Fall

Keeping an eye on every restaurant and bar in Chicago is folly. But to keep an eye on the most worthy? Yeoman’s work, and we are proud to do it. For example, we present Table Stakes, a monthly overview of the five (or so) must-know spots that have opened their doors in the past thirty (or so). Enjoy your meal.

If you feel like we’ve had an influx of Italian and Indian restaurant openings this season, you wouldn’t be wrong — but there are a lot more interesting things happening in Chicago’s food scene as well. Think a neighborhood gastropub serving matzo ball soup and meat pies, two fine restaurants with high-flying tasting menus, and a speakeasy that celebrates all things pork. Below are Chicago’s best fall openings.

Bar Goa

You are here because: You’re ready for a culinary tour of Goa, India’s southwest coast, from the team behind ROOH in the West Loop.

You dine on: Bar snacks with Indian and Portuguese influences, such as green pea and chorizo ​​hummus with poi bread, hot and spicy grilled chicken wings with lemon and black pepper aioli, and larger options including a semolina-dusted fried kingfish and vindaloo poi wich of pork. Sip a cocktail or two like Toes in the Sand (rum, pineapple liqueur, jasmine green tea, coconut cream, curry bitters and cold brew mist) or toss back an Indian beer or glass of Portuguese wine, all to the sound of live DJs on the weekend.

116 W. Hubbard St. (Map)


You are here because: You wait for a table upstairs at Chef José Andrés’ Jaleo – and you’re big on the pig.

You dine on: An experience at Pigtail revolves around all things jamón and cocktails. For the latter: The Plantain Scotch Highball is prepared sous-vide, with coconut, plantains, cinnamon and anise. There are even a few jamón cocktails like the Consomé cocktail with pork consomé, sherry, and egg foam. Can’t wait for dinner? A menu of appetizers—all with jamon, unsurprisingly—should be enough to win you over. Try the jamon croquettes, foie gras torchon or the classic Jamón Ibérico, served by the ounce.

500 N Clark St (Map)

Armitage Alehouse

You are here because: You love everything Brendan Sodikoff touches (hello, Au Cheval and Bavette’s) and expect nothing less than a great dining experience at this neighborhood gastropub with 1920s London vibes.

You dine on: Both conventional and unconventional pub fare, including lamb samosas and matzoh ball soup, plus steaks, burgers, curries and six varieties of pot pies, such as the oxtail and red wine option with bone marrow and root vegetables. The menu is also dotted with favorite dishes from other Sodikoff locations, such as the Smoked Salmon Caesar and Black Truffle Bucatini. For drinks, consider the British ales, one of the 16 wines offered by the glass, or a strong cocktail such as the Airmail with rum, honey, lime and bubbly.

1000 W. Armitage Ave. (Map)


You are here because: You can’t get enough of classic Italian comfort food.

You dine on: This cozy neighborhood spot winds up tried-and-true Italian-American fare like fried clams, a killer chicken parmesan, and rigatoni alla vodka. Extra hungry? Dover sole piccata and a ribeye for two are great appetizers to split. Please Note: Elina’s is currently BYOB until their liquor license is obtained.

1202 W Grand Ave. (Map)

A man

A man
Wicker Park

You are here because: You’ve followed Chef Zubair Mohajir all over town and are excited to try his latest concept.

You dine on: Aman can be found in the carriage house behind Wazwan, Chef Mohajir’s popular restaurant, known for its South Asian street food. The 25-seat space offers rotating tasting menus of modern Indian cuisine – for clues as to how that will take shape, consider Aman’s inaugural menu for Diwali, which features wild mushrooms, black truffle korma, nihari momo with sichuan peppercorns and chili oil, plus octopus with lamb merguez.

1742 W. Division St. (Map)


West Loop

You are here because: You are a fan of Chef Macku Chan’s sushi creations and intrigued by his playful mix of Japanese influences.

You dine on: Komo specializes in combining Japanese kaiseki and omakase food styles through a course experience that will change with each season. The current 7-course menu offers luxurious accents such as a chawanmushi with truffles and plain, but also A5 wagyu makimono with a quail egg.

738 W. Randolph St. (Map)

Nights and weekends

You are here because: You’ll want a nightcap to cap off a night out on the West Loop.

You drink to: The newest bar from the folks at Heisler Hospitality promises “fancy classics” and “funky highballs” like Gin & Cel-Ray Soda with Brokers London Dry and homemade celery. You’ll also find loaded Topo Chicos topped with Campari, green Chartreuse, or amaro, plus plenty of canned and draft beer options. Pro Tip: Come early for $2 Old Styles and cocktails, offered during the first 15 minutes after opening; drop by on weekends for live DJ entertainment that enhances the colorful space.

1009 W Lake St (Map)


Amazon’s best deals on toys: PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues, LEGOs, slime kits and more




Amazon's best deals on toys: PAW Patrol, Blue's Clues, LEGOs, slime kits and more

Parents, no pressure, but Christmas is almost two weeks away.

If you’ve forgotten about holiday shopping, don’t panic. Amazon continues its “epic daily deals” promotion this week, and on Wednesday, December 8, the site will be putting a spotlight on kids’ toys. Amazon has discounts on all kinds of creative and fun toys, from educational toys for toddlers to slime making kits. The best part? If you order today, Amazon promises it will arrive before Christmas.

Here are the best deals we’ve found on toys for toddlers to big kids.

toddler toys

Best Amazon deals on kids toys

Melissa & Doug Blue’s Directions & You! Wooden letterbox playset on Amazon. (Amazon)

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Elsa, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan and Playtime Puppy ($89.99, originally $159.99)

Melissa & Doug Blue’s Directions & You! Wooden Letterbox Playset (27 Pieces) ($16.19, originally $26.99)

PAW Patrol Marshall’s Wooden EMT Caddy (14 pieces) ($21.99, originally $37.79)

Blue’s Clues & you! Wooden Tickety Tock Magnetic Clock (31 Pieces) ($13.49, originally $21.49)

Princesses, dolls and dollhouses

Best Amazon deals on kids toys

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Fold and Go Ice Palace on Amazon. (Amazon)

The Memory Building Company Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box for Girls & Little Girls Jewelry Set ($25.49, originally $39.99)

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Fold and Go Ice Palace, castle playset, toys for children from 3 years ($20.49, originally $52.99)

Disney Frozen 2 Frozen Finale Set, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven Dolls with fashion doll clothes and accessories ($36.99, originally $73.99)

Disney Princess Fashion Doll Castle, dollhouse 3.5 feet high with 16 accessories and 6 furniture (exclusive Amazon) ($49.99, originally $104.99)

Disney Princess Rainbow Reveal Ariel, color-changing doll ($10.49, originally $20.99)

Remote controlled cars

Best Amazon deals on kids toys

Transform Robot RC Cars on Amazon. (Amazon)

Mostop Remote Control Crawler High Speed ​​Tank Off-Road 4WD RC Car ($66.30, originally $85.99)

Transform Robot RC Cars ($19.52, originally $39.99)

Hosim 9155 46+ KMH 4WD High Speed ​​RC Monster Trucks ($110.48, originally $129.98)

Cheerwing 1:16 remote control car ($92.99, originally $119.98)

NQD 1:14 Remote Control Big Monster Car ($33.98, originally $39.99)

BEZGAR HS101 Hobby Grade 1:10 Scale Remote Control Truck ($84.99, originally $109.99)

LEGO sets and creative toys

Best Amazon deals on kids toys

LEGO Classic Large Creative Storage Box on Amazon. (Amazon)

LEGO Classic Large Creative Storage Box 10698 Build Your Own Creative Toys, Building Kit for Kids (790 pcs) ($37.99, originally $59.99)

ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock – 166 Piece Self Assembly Building Model Set ($34.99, originally $49.99)

CENOVE Toddler Toys Gifts For Girls 3 4 5 6 Years Old Flower Gardening Toys ($32.29, originally $49.99)

LEGO Star Wars Shadow Troopers ($30.33, originally $38.99)

Shapemags 100 Piece Set 100 Piece Magnet Building Tiles Magnetic Blocks ($28.55, originally $39.99)

Crystal grow kit for children ($21.19, originally $29.99)

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713 Building Kit (213 Pieces) ($15.99, originally $19.99)


Best Amazon deals on kids toys

Shemira Shooting Game Toy on Amazon. (Amazon)

Gdaytao outdoor games for kids with 3 tumbler doctor, outdoor toys for kids and adults, outdoor sports ($19.99, originally $39.99)

Shemira shooting game toy ($30.59, originally $35.99)

2 in 1 Foam Blaster Popper Guns Sets Moving Target ($25.99, originally $45.99)

Kids Toy Rocket Launcher – Shoot up to 100 feet ($18.69, originally $29.99)

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Children’s Play From 6 Years (Exclusive Amazon) ($15.99, originally $19.99)

Twister Ultimate: bigger mat, more colored spots ($12.49, originally $19.99)

slime packs

Best Amazon deals on kids toys

Original Stationery Galaxy Slime Making Kit with Glow in The Dark Stars on Amazon. (Amazon)

Original Stationery Galaxy Slime Making Kit with Glow in The Dark Stars to Make Glitter Galactic Slime ($19.50, originally $30.15)

Glow in Dark Glitter Slime Making Kit ($24.94, originally $29.95)

Unicorn Slime Kit ($22.99, originally $38.99)

Elmer’s Collection Slime Kit Supplies Includes Glow In The Dark Magical Liquid Slime Activator ($12.47, originally $16.99)

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Weather folklore: Do major weather events happen in 7-year cycles?




Weather folklore: Do major weather events happen in 7-year cycles?

SAVANNAH, Georgia (WSAV) — The weather is cyclonic: churning areas with high and low pressure systems bringing tropical cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms, coastal flooding, ice and snow storms, and even extreme heat around the world.

Weather patterns change. We see this every day, but usually longer, decadal changes are caused by ocean and atmospheric interactions. One of the more famous cycles is called ENSO (aka El Niño-Southern Oscillation).

There are two phases of ENSO: El Niño, the warm phase, or La Niña, the cold phase. We talk about this cycle during hurricane season with how El Niños or La Niñas can affect tropical systems.

South Carolina Emergency Officials held a press conference last week about preparing for the winter weather. They said that while severe winter weather is rare here, it masquerades as the ice storm of 2014. This 7 year old example reminded me of weather folklore – weather comes in 7 year cycles.

ENSO events take place in the Pacific every 3-7 years, with El Niño or La Niña lasting up to 1 year. This is where the folklore of the 7-year cycle comes from. Every event brings with it a change in weather patterns.

El Niño vs La Niña

Normally in the Pacific, trade winds along the equator blow from east to west, bringing warm water to Asia with cold water upwelling to replace the missing warm water off South America. El Niño and La Niña patterns try to change this normality and eventually change global weather patterns.

As an El Niño develops, the trade winds weaken. This allows warm water to be returned to the east instead. In a La Niña pattern, stronger-than-normal easterly trade winds are able to push even more warm water into Asia. This leads to a stronger upwelling of colder, deeper ocean water being brought to the surface.

Warm water near the equator affects not only where the jet stream sits, but also the weather patterns it propels. During an El Niño, warm water causes the Jet Stream to move further south, making the southeast wetter and cooler than usual.

During a La Niña pattern, cold water pushes the Jet Stream further north, making the south warmer and drier than usual. It could trigger a more severe hurricane season.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, La Niña conditions are currently developing in the Pacific Ocean.

7-year weather cycles: 2021-2008

Now let’s test whether the myth of the 7-year cycle is true. I looked back from 2021-2008 to see if there would be correlations for winter storms, extreme heat, coastal flooding and severe weather over a 3-7 year period and then compared it to a possible El Niño and La Niña pattern at the time.

From 2008 to 2021, there have been only 2 instances of a 7-year weather pattern. Around July 4 earlier this year, we were dealing with Tropical Storm Elsa. 7 years earlier, in 2014, we were tracking Hurricane Arthur around the same time. The other example was the winter storms of 2018 and 2011, both of which occurred in early January.

Most recurring events occur every 3-4 years, with the exception of severe spring storms that happen in April almost every year.

Winter Storm January 3, 2018 La Nina
Winter Storm February 11-13, 2014 Neutral
Winter Storm January 28-29, 2014 Neutral
Winter Storm January 10, 2011 Major La Nina
Winter Storm February 12-13, 2010 El Nino
Extreme heat 25-31 May 2019 Neutral
Extreme heat August 2016 Neutral
Extreme heat July – August 2010 Early La Nina
Floods on the coast Nov 3-11 2021 Early La Nina
Floods on the coast December 22-24, 2019 Neutral
Floods on the coast November 28, 2018 Early El Nino
Floods on the coast Sep 25 – Oct 7, 2015 Reinforcement of El Niño
Severe Wx / Heavy Rain April 23, 2020 Neutral
Severe Wx / Heavy Rain April 19, 2020 Neutral
Severe Wx / Tornadoes April 13, 2020 Neutral
Heavy rain June 10-12, 2019 Neutral
Serious Wx April 19, 2019 El Nino
severe thunderstorms Apr 3, 2017 Neutral
severe thunderstorms June 17, 2016 Neutral
severe thunderstorms April 25, 2015 Early El Nino
severe thunderstorms Apr 19, 2015 Early El Nino

El Niño and La Niña cycles create larger-scale weather patterns. It does have some impact on our day-to-day weather, but we see more of their impact in colder or warmer temperatures and wetter or drier patterns over a longer period of time.

Hurricane-season storms thrive when we’re below a La Niña, as this pattern leads to weaker wind shear and less atmospheric stability. The record-breaking 2020 hurricane season started under neutral conditions, but as we saw last year, storms increased rapidly as conditions in La Niña strengthened towards the end of the season.

While swirling areas of high and low pressure cause different weather patterns in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, the weather is still unpredictable weeks to years in advance. With winter storms happening here every 3-4 years with a La Niña setup under a La Niña, does that mean we’ll be getting one soon? I think we just have to wait.

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AND vs TT Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup EuroCup 2021-22 MoraBanc Andorra vs Turk Telekom




AND vs TT Live Score

Another great battle is coming up to keep everyone entertained. The battle between MoraBanc Andorra (AND) and Turk Telekom (TT) will deliver some brilliant moments that will amaze everyone in the world. So EuroCup 2021-22 is already entertaining everyone by introducing some great fights between great teams.

AND vs TT Live Score

There are several teams that play with full courage and try their best in every match to get the title of the league. Here we provide AND vs TT Dream11 prediction that helps every fan to get some important details of both teams and all players in both teams.

AND vs TT match details

  • Match: MoraBanc Andorra (AND) vs Turk Telekom (TT), EuroCup 2021-22
  • Location: Poliesportiu DAndorra
  • Date and time: Thursday, December 9, 2021, 12:30 PM IST

Speaking of the teams’ performance, MoraBanc Andorra (AND) is in 5th position on the points table. In the league, the team plays all the matches very well and shows that they are perfect to win all the matches they will play in the same league. Let’s also tell you that they played 5 matches in which they got 3 wins and 2 defeats.

On this side, Turk Telekom (TT) is a very good competitor for AND in the ensuing match. All the players of the team are ready to face the toughest battle against all competitors in the tournament. The team played a total of 5 matches in which they took 3 wins and 2 defeats.

It will actually be very interesting to see what will happen in the upcoming match. Both teams are great to play against and take out to improve their stats in the league.

AND vs TT Probable Lineups

MoraBanc Andorra Possible play 8: Clevin Hannah, Codi Miller-Mcintyre, Drew Crawford, Oriol Pauli, David Jelinek, Babatunde Olumuyiwa, Conor Morgan and Victor Arteaga.

Turk Telekom May Play 8: Alex Perez, Aaron Harrison, Anthony Clemmons, Aubrey Dawkins, Dorukhan Engindeniz, Samet Geyik, Octavius ​​Ellis and Jajuan Johnson/Melih Dogan.

When we talk about the teams’ chances of winning, MoraBanc Andorra (AND) has more chances to get a very big win by playing the Turk Telekom (TT) match. The ensuing match will be truly amazing for all fans to watch as both teams try their best to hold onto the trophy by beating the competitor. Here we will update AND vs TT Live Scores that help everyone to know more about the live results during the match

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