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Taranaki man confesses to assault at Ronald McDonald House



Taranaki man confesses to assault at Ronald McDonald House
Ace Bradley Marsh confessed to a charge of indecent assault when he appeared in court in New Plymouth.


Ace Bradley Marsh confessed to a charge of indecent assault when he appeared in court in New Plymouth.

A man has admitted to assaulting a 16-year-old girl while staying at a Ronald McDonald House.

Ace Bradley Marsh, 30, had been to an Auckland casino on April 3 with a male employee before the two returned to the charity accommodation in Grafton.

It was arranged for Marsh, from Taranaki, to sleep on a couch near the unit, as the beds were occupied by two female employees.

But Marsh instead got into one of the beds, next to a sleeping 16-year-old, the New Plymouth District Court was told Thursday.

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While lying in bed, he began to indecently touch the teenager.

She woke up and punched Marsh in the face before running to the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

Marsh followed her and tried to apologize before leaving the unit a short time later.

When approached by the police, he confessed to his actions and knew it was wrong.

In court, Marsh pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent assault against a woman over the age of 16, which carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

Judge Gregory Hikaka ordered a pre-sentence report and referred the case to restorative justice.

Marsh will be sentenced on March 11.


Meta: parent company Facebook and Instagram applaud new AI system to detect malicious content | Science and tech news




Meta: parent company Facebook and Instagram applaud new AI system to detect malicious content |  Science and tech news

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has announced a new AI system called a “Few-Shot Learner” that can be used to detect malicious content without months of training.

Months followed in which the company has been criticized for putting its own profits ahead of the well-being of its users – something that it has denied.

among the many criticism from whistleblower Frances Haugen were that Meta’s automated tools for flagging malicious content on Facebook and Instagram to human moderators were not effective enough.

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Whistleblower Claims Facebook ‘Makes’ Genocide Possible’

Now Meta says it has developed a new type of AI technology called a Few-Shot Learner (FSL), which can adapt to recognize evolving types of malicious content “within weeks instead of months.”

Training algorithms to recognize certain types of content is a major barrier to moderation on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The volume of user-generated content on these platforms — which amounts to many millions of posts per day — is beyond what less than an army of human moderators could analyze.

According to Meta, the value of the FSL is that it will allow the company to implement new moderation policies without having to train the algorithm on thousands, if not millions, of examples of content that people have already reviewed and labeled as types of posts that should be blocked. .

“We tested FSL for some relatively new, real integrity issues,” the company said.

“For example, a recent task was to identify content that shares misleading or sensational information that is likely to discourage COVID-19 vaccinations.”

As an example, it showed a message with the headline “Vaccine or DNA Changer?” which it suggested would not be detected as sensational by traditional AI systems that analyze the meaning of sentences.

“In another separate task, the new AI system improved an existing classification that flags content that comes close to inciting violence,” it added, with the sample post featuring an image asking, “Does that man need all his teeth?”

Meta said the traditional systems might miss these kinds of ignition points because they were unusual — the reference to DNA alteration or teeth to imply violence wasn’t something the systems had seen before.

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Sky News investigates abuse in custody in Myanmar

Meta says the FSL can work in more than 100 languages ​​- something that was also a challenge for the content moderators.

The company before admitted not to tackle incendiary messages from Myanmar’s military targeting the country’s minority Rohingya Muslim population.

In March 2018, a UN investigator accused Facebook of having been used to incite violence and racial hatred against the Rohingya — violence the UN called a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.

On Wednesday, the social media platform banned an additional set of accounts, groups and pages associated with companies linked to Myanmar’s military, which now controls the country.

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Here’s everything Amazon announced at its big fall 2021 hardware event




amazon astro, amazon event, echo show 15,

Amazon hosted its annual 2021 fall event on Tuesday. The e-commerce giant announced a slew of new products, including a new autonomous robot, a smart thermostat and a service that lets you take care of elderly relatives while you’re away.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the products and services Amazon announced today.

Amazon Astro

The Amazon Astro is a new Wall-E-like autonomous robot from the company that integrates Alexa and its AI capabilities with some hardware on wheels. The Astro is a robotic pet with a periscope camera with support for live feeds, Ring Protect Pro support and more. In addition to having Alexa on wheels, Astro has features of its own, including the ability to do things like beatbox and rest on command.

Astro is also smart enough to navigate your home without the need for pre-set routes. Astro can move, see, hear, understand and act on its own, making it a fully autonomous device. The robot starts at $999 and is an invite-only product. Amazon also hinted at an Astro 2 that will come later and be even smarter.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon’s new thermostat works with Alexa and remains energy efficient. Amazon is working with Honeywell Home to ensure the smart thermostat is compatible with existing Hvac systems. The product also costs just $59.99.

Amazon Smart Thermostat The Amazon Smart Thermostat. (Image source: Amazon)

The thermostat can automatically detect situations and regulate the temperature accordingly. It also works with commands like “Goodnight” to regulate the temperature accordingly.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 has a large screen and can be mounted on the wall or on a stand. The large 15.6-inch screen makes a quick glance at information much easier. This is also helped by the new Alexa widgets. The device also syncs widgets such as sticky notes from each family member and displays them all in one place.

Amazon has also designed a widget that allows users to see all of their existing widgets in one place, as well as another that can show your live camera feed in a PiP (picture in picture) view. The device also supports Full HD video streaming and can stream news, movies and more.

Amazon Echo Show 15 The Amazon Echo Show 15. (Image source Amazon)

When not in use, the Echo Show can also turn into a photo frame that can also display personalized information if you choose. The Echo show 15 is powered by the brand’s new AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which is faster than ever. It enables features such as Visual ID that allows the device to recognize you when you are in the room and display content accordingly. All processing takes place on the device and the profile can be deleted if the user wishes.

The Echo Show 15 costs $249.99 and also supports custom Alexa sounds. Alexa can now “learn” new sounds like that of a refrigerator door opening. This can then be used to link automated tasks together.

Amazon Kids+, Hey Disney

Amazon has added more new content to Amazon Kids+, including series and games. These include Do Re Mi, Arpo, Super Spy Ryan, Blippie’s Treehouse and Monkie Kid.

After adding support for Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy, Amazon is also adding more lifelike characters to the Alexa voice assistant. The company will soon be offering Hey Disney, which will allow users to interact with their favorite Disney and even Star Wars characters. The assistant also bakes trivia and jokes.

Amazon Hey Disney Amazon’s Hey Disney booth for the Echo Show. (Image source Amazon)

Hey Disney comes alive with Alexa at home and in the hotel rooms of Walt Disney World Resort. Amazon also announced a new Mickey Mouse-themed Echo Show booth.

Amazon glow

A new device, the Glow comes with a screen and projector built into the device that provides an immersive experience for kids. There is an 8-inch LCD screen that allows children to watch their parents, teachers and guardians, while the projected image below acts as a second interactive screen. The device is also portable and can be picked up and placed anywhere to use with any flat surface.

Amazon glow The Amazon Glow device comes with a screen and a smart projector. (Image source: Amazon)

Amazon Glow also supports object scanning to convert pictures and toys into digital elements such as stickers and jigsaw puzzles. Amazon is also working with companies like Disney and Mattel to bring more content to the device. Glow also allows children to call pre-selected contacts. The Glow costs $249.99.

Amazon Halo Display

A sequel to Amazon’s Halo, the Halo View comes with a display and comes with 7 days of battery life. It features a number of different leather, metal, and other straps. It will include a number of health tracking capabilities such as heart rate tracking, as well as Halo Fitness workout plans and Halo Nutrition personalized meal planner (both included in the Halo membership).

Amazon Halo Display The Amazon Halo View fitness tracker. (Image source: Amazon)

New ring products

Amazon announced a number of new Ring security products at the event. These include the Ring Always Home Cam, a personal drone camera that can fly around your house and give you an in-depth look at all areas of your home whenever you want.

Amazon ring alarm pro, amazon ring always home cam, The new Amazon Ring Security devices with price. (Image source: Amazon)

The Ring Alarm pro is a professionally monitored security system with a built-in WiFi 6 eero router and with the Ring Virtual Security Guard you can let professionals monitor your cameras. Amazon also announced the Blink Video Doorbell for front doors that allow users to see and speak to visitors.

Alexa Together

Alexa Together is a service that allows users to help elderly family members feel more comfortable living independently. Alexa Together is an extension of Care Hub and will bring new features such as urgent response, 24/7 hands-free access to a professional emergency helpline, and more.

Amazon Alexa Together, Alexa Together, The Alexa Together plan starts at $19.99 per month. (Image source: Amazon)

The service will also be compatible with third-party devices that can detect problems at home, such as someone falling. Alexa Together will also ensure that more help is available when needed, so that everyone can act as a caring neighbor to help someone in need. You can also add contacts to a user’s Alexa account so they can call friends and family hands-free. The subscription price for Together is $19.99 per month.


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Likely XIs, Match Prediction, Weather Forecast and Pitch Report




India v New Zealand - T20 International

Saurashtra will face Haryana on Thursday, December 9 in the Vijay Hazare Trophy at the Sector 16 Stadium in Chandigarh.

Saurashtra, led by Jaydev Unadkat, have made an impressive start to their campaign in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. After batting first, Saurashtra was bowled out for 223 in 47.3 overs. Lead-off hitter Harvik Desai scored their highest score with an 89-ball 52, tied with seven fours.

Samarth Vyas, DA Jadeja and skipper Unadkat also did their best with scores in the 1930s. Then Chirag Jani took five wicket away and helped Saurashtra clear Uttar Pradesh for 191. UP’s Rinku Singh scored half a century as he batted at number 6, but his efforts were in vain.

Haryana, led by Harshal Patel, on the other hand, didn’t exactly make the best start to the tournament. On Wednesday, December 8, Hyderabad defeated them by five wickets. Haryana was thrown out for 162 in 39.2 overs after being sent off first.

With the exception of Yashu Sharma, who made 68 of 70, none of the other batters looked comfortable. Yuzvendra Chahal was good for three scalps, but Hyderabad chased the target in 41 overs. Skipper Patel and Mohit Sharma also bowl economically.

Saurashtra vs Haryana Match Details

Matching: Saurashtra vs Haryana, Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021-22

Date and time: December 9, 2021, Thursday, 9:00 AM IST

Event location: Sector 16 Stadium, Chandigarh

Saurashtra vs Haryana Pitch Report

The field at the venue wasn’t too easy to hit and making runs wasn’t that easy. Hunting can be difficult and therefore winning the toss and batting first would be the best way forward.

Saurashtra vs Haryana Weather Forecast

Conditions will be clear with no chance of rain. The temperature will be around 10 degrees Celsius. The humidity will be in the 80’s.

Saurashtra vs Haryana Probable XIs


Probable XI: Harvik Desai, Snell Patel (wk), Sheldon Jackson, Prerak Mankad, Arpit Vasavada, Samarth Vyas, Chirag Jani, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, Jaydev Unadkat (c), Chetan Sakariya, Yuvraj Chudasama


Probable XI: Himanshu Rana, Chaitanya Bishnoi, Shivam Chauhan, Yashu Sharma, Harshal Patel (c), Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohit Sharma, Rohit Parmod Sharma (wk), Sanjay Dhull, Amit Rana, Sumit Kumar

Saurashtra vs Haryana Match Prediction

Saurashtra has an experienced batting and bowling unit with a mix of youngsters and experienced names. It won’t be a surprise if they go on to win the encounter.

Forecast: Saurashtra will probably win this match

Q. Will Harvik Desai score half a century?

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