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Are you a Friends fan who’s dying to see the Friends reunion special for free? We get it. No one wants to pay that $15 USD per month for HBO Max just to see the two-hour special about the beloved sitcom series. While the Friends reunion dropped about a week ago, people are still talking about it. Naturally, FOMO is tempting those without the HBO Max subscription to find ways to watch it for free.

Lucky for you, we have a couple solutions to your problem. With these hacks, you can watch the Friends reunion for free without having to shell out that cash. So let’s dive and take a look at some of the best hacks we have for you to watch the Friends reunion because, hey, we’ll remember you. Sorry, the joke is always there to be made. It’s too easy.

Hop onto your friend’s HBO Max account

Sometimes, the simplest hack is the easiest one. Do you have a friend that has access to HBO Max? Whether they have it as an add-on or have their account set up on their TV? Ask if you can borrow their password so you can go watch it. Listen, it’s the theory of Occam’s razor here. Just go for the simplest explanation to the problem. Now, don’t go demanding the password like you’re owed to it.

But if you have a sympathetic friend who knows how badly you want to watch the Friends reunion? Then, hey, they may share the password with you after all. Just know your friend and their willingness to share their password. No bullying about it!

Free trial

Ah the tried & true calls of the masses. Want to watch the Friends reunion, but don’t have any friends to get that sweet, sweet access to HBO Max? Well, good news, you can get a week free trial of the service. With that, you can see the Friends reunion. Because, let’s be real, how many times can you really watch this reunion? And then cancel it before the week is up.

The trick is that you need to remember when your free trial will end. Because after, you’re out 15 bucks. But if you need a good ol’ one & done? Then here you are. Based on how many email accounts you have in your life, you can still do this again later when a move drops, but you don’t quite trust theatres yet. 

Free sites

Movies are easier to find free versions of to watch. Thanks to sites like 123movies or But some of these sites do have television offerings. So you may be able to watch the Friends reunion on one of these go-tos. You’ll have to shop around a bit, pardon the pun. But if there is one like, say, PopcornTime that usually has TV & movies? It could have the Friends reunion.

Just know where you’re looking and what you want. 


Do you have AT&T? Depending on your plan, you may be able to get a free HBO Max subscription. It means then that you can stream the Friends reunion with no worries at all! Check your plan though. The free HBO Max subscription comes with AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless, AT&T Fiber Internet 1000, and the AT&T TV Choice plan.

So take a look at your plan (or your parents plan no judgement, we get it) to see if you can set up that free HBO Max sub and get in on streaming away! 

What are your hacks for watching the Friends reunion for free? Let us know in the comments down below! 


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