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Pirate radio stations explode on YouTube



Pirate radio stations explode on YouTube

Luke Pritchard and Jonny Laxton were 13 when they met in 2011 at a boarding school in Crowthorne, England. They bonded through a shared love of underground music and started a YouTube channel in 2014, college music, to promote the artists they liked.

Initially, the channel grew slowly. Then, in the spring of 2016, Mr. Pritchard 24/7 live streaming, a feature that allows YouTube users to continuously broadcast a single video.

College Music had 794 subscribers in April 2015, a year before Mr. Pritchard and Mr. Laxton started streaming. A month after they started, they had over 18,440. In April 2016, they had 98,110 subscribers and last month, with three live streams active, they have more than tripled that number, at 334,000. They make about $5,000 a month from the streams.

The guys stumbled upon a new strategy, one that in the past two years has helped a certain kind of YouTube channel gain widespread popularity. Hundreds of independently-run channels have started streaming music non-stop, with videos combining playlists with hundreds of songs and looping short animations, often taken from anime movies without copyright permission.

Live streams come in many different genres. Two streams of College Music are part of a family of channels that broadcast what the broadcasters call lo-fi (low-fidelity) hip-hop, soft music that sounds familiar to fans of J. Dilla and Nujabes.

Such videos, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, are some of the most popular continuously streamed music stations on the site. Many are run by young Europeans, who may have only a fleeting familiarity with the history of the music they distribute.

And they don’t know why, but their users are really on the anime images.

Mr Laxton said fans protested when the video’s footage was changed, providing a screenshot of a particularly upset user requesting an anime clip be restored to one of the three stations.

The channels occupy a precarious space between YouTube’s algorithm and copyright control, drawing comparisons to the illegal pirate radio stations of the 20th century, recreated in the digital sphere. Many of the channels flash in and out within a week, but their presence has become an immersive part of the site’s musical ecosystem. And while competitors like Spotify are winning, YouTube still dominates the streaming world, according to the latest Music Consumer Insight Report of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

When Mr. Pritchard and Mr. Laxton started streaming, they controlled the channel from Mr. Pritchard’s dorm room, which was directly above the caretaker’s room.

“Every other day he told me to turn it down because he could hear the bass thump,” Mr. Pritchard said.

mr. Pritchard, now 20, said there are now so many new competitors that it has become much more difficult to achieve the kind of instant success he and Mr. Laxton discovered two years ago.

Live streams like theirs succeed in part by leveraging user behavior. According to channel operators, YouTube users often click a video several minutes before the clip ends. But users who listen to live streams tend to play them for half an hour or more, often as background music. That increases the retention rates of the videos, forcing YouTube to promote them more widely.

A YouTube spokeswoman, Veronica Navarrete, said that while YouTube Live has been available since 2011, and continuous live streaming has been available since late 2012, the number of live channels streamed daily has quadrupled year on year since 2016.

One of the most popular channels in the Lofi family is called Chilled Cow. It is run by Dimitri, a 23-year-old who lives on the outskirts of Paris. He started his livestream on February 25, 2017 and his listening audience grew as you can see from the image below. (Dimitri asked not to use his last name.)

YouTube disciplines channels that color outside the lines. Streams are cut all the time and even veterans of the scene are disturbed. Bas, 28, who runs one of the most popular channels in the lo-fi family, Chillhop Music, from his home in Rotterdam, was recently tried for copyright infringement. He currently does not have an active live stream.

The platform’s willingness to enforce intellectual property rights, even casually, has forced stations like Chillhop Music, College Music, ChilledCow, and others to forge their own relationships with the artists.

“The artists don’t get mad at us because we know them and a lot of the music is from our label,” said Bas, who declined to use his full name because he didn’t want people bothering him on his personal accounts. “They’re rightfully pissed off at some of the other channels because a lot of people are just taking advantage of the artists.”

Channels like College Music, ChilledCow, Chill hop music and others are unlikely to have a broad impact on the music industry. But they represent an underground alternative to the streaming hegemony of Spotify and Apple Music. Industry commentator Bob Lefsetz said that while the stations were unlikely to become a lucrative venture, they were a way for members of the public to take back power from cultural gatekeepers.

Nico Perez, a founder of MixCloud, applauded the channels, saying they were a natural response to the homogeneity of traditional radio playlists. But he was troubled by the total power YouTube wielded over the ecosystem.

“If they get big enough, YouTube will have to decide if they want to support it or if it’s not what they’re looking for on the platform,” he said.

Today, Mr. Pritchard College Music from his home in Reading, after dropping out of law school to take up music full-time. (He now has to deal with two caretakers, his parents.) Mr Laxton, 19, attends university in Leeds, where he scouts artists and signs for the record label the two started together, known as College Music. On a good month, it brings in another $5,000, they said.

“I think in a year we will be pushing the label the most,” said Mr. laxton.

But he said the new competition on YouTube was not the motivating factor. In fact, he said, he was glad the scene had blown up so quickly.

“Luke and I started trying to get more people to hear the music we thought deserved to be heard,” he said. “The more people there are in the market, I think that’s better. It means there are more opportunities for the artists we’ve come to help.”


Juventus calmly takes first place after amazing result in Russia




Juventus calmly takes first place after amazing result in Russia

Juventus calmly beat Malmö 1-0 in Turin, while all the excitement in Russia saw the Old Lady take first place in the group at death.

The old lady switched their roster for tonight’s game, but you wouldn’t know how the team started. We were comfortably in control from the start and we didn’t have to wait long before leading the way.

Moise Kean had a great chance to put us ahead in under 10 minutes with Paulo Dybala playing him out with only the one defender to beat but after crossing into a room to shoot he just sent his attempt off next to the pole.

Federico Bernadeschi weighed a cross perfectly into Kean’s path about 10 minutes later and he certainly wouldn’t turn down such an easy opportunity to go home.

The stadium whistled as fans heard the news that Zenit St. Petersburg had cleared their early deficit and after taking a 2-1 lead in Russia in the second minute of the game, meaning we now had a grip on the first place.

It was a slow start on our part after the break, although we weren’t under any pressure to make anything happen, and we finally got a chance for Adrien Rabiot, only for his attempt to sneak into the side net.

Kean was then involved again when he was found in the penalty area and while his shot was on course for the bottom corner, the Malmö keeper just managed to cross over to deny it.

The French midfielder found himself in space again in the final third and made another attempt on goal, this time the keeper failed and it bounced for Kean, crushing his attempt low and hard, only for goalkeeper Diawara to hit the one. somehow get a leg out to send it wide.

Despite being 1-0 down, it was a fine performance with a questionable finish, and we somehow took advantage of Zenit pulling out all the stops in a crazy game that ended in 3-3, with Chelsea leading the way. recaptured with a 3–2 lead after 85 minutes, only to suffer an injury time leveler by the Russian side.

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Reduce, reuse, reconnect — how a Facebook group is helping Lakeview be more sustainable and build a community





A used bike, a bag of clothes, and a leftover burrito—each of these items was given a new lease of life through a community Facebook group.

The Buy Nothing groups are home to what are arguably the most positive interactions you can find on the social media platform. Their goal is to share resources to promote sustainability and connect people with their neighbors.

“Its purpose is very simple: give where you live and recycle and reuse,” said Aditi Chakraborty, the manager of the Lakeview Buy Nothing group.

The rules are simple too: members can post a “give” to offer items they no longer use, a “ask” to request an item that someone else might want to part with, or a thank you message to say thank you for what the community has done for them. Buy Nothing emphasizes the use of a gift economy, so there is no money, no barter, no expectation of anything in return – just ask and give.

People offer typical items that appear in thrift stores, such as furniture for new renters, clothing that would otherwise go unsold at Goodwill, and neglected kitchen gadgets.

But people are also giving out homemade cookies to share, skincare and makeup they’ve tried but didn’t like, unused concert tickets, and even a DoorDash burrito that was delivered to the wrong address. Everything is shared and, if possible, nothing is lost.

“We’re talking about a mindset shift,” said Elise O’Malley, program manager at Plant Chicago.

The non-profit organization in Back of the Yards offers educational workshops, a farmers market and guidance for small businesses to promote sustainability and a circular economy, where resources are reused in new ways rather than turned into waste.

“Right now, the global economy in which we operate is a linear economy,” O’Malley said, “where producers draw resources from the earth … to make products such as plastic water bottles or cheap clothing that consumers turn once or only a handful. Through reuse… we play a role in preventing the extraction of those resources.”

O’Malley explained that, in addition to diverting items from a landfill, reuse reduces the amount of energy used to make new products and fights climate change by minimizing activities such as deforestation and pollution. It even saves the emissions that would arise when shipping these products. Instead, Buy Nothing members can just walk to their neighbor’s house, a few blocks away.

“The sustainability aspect gets me the most excited,” said Wendy Lawler, an avid member of the Lakeview Buy Nothing group.

Lawler joined the group during last year’s quarantine, when neighbors felt more isolated than ever. Initially only looking for a place to sell her children’s clothes when the donation centers were closed, she soon became immersed in an economy of kindness.

“I know it’s crazy,” she said, “but I swear it’s worked over and over where I turn off the things I don’t need, and I get exactly what I do.”

Lawler tries to make a difference in sustainability in every way possible. In addition to making her own nut milks and starting a compost bin, she uses the group to reuse items whenever possible.

In Lawler’s greatest upcycling achievement, she took the phrase “buy nothing” to a new level.

“As my daughter’s birthday approached,” she said, “I thought, there’s a way you can still exercise that same sustainability mindset while also honoring the fanciful, whimsical, magical experience that a birthday is for a small child. “

Another member sparked Lawler’s interest when they made a “give” post for giant three-zero mylar balloons, which they donated after their thirtieth birthday party. Lawler used the “three” balloon for her daughter’s party, along with other decor from Buy Nothing Gives. She collected clothes, toys and games from both the Facebook group and local thrift stores. She even reused an edible arrangement she’d gotten two days earlier for her own birthday for her daughter’s “cake” — putting the whole party together without buying anything brand new.

“It was nice to see that you can do sustainability in a way that is still magical, fun and amazing,” Lawler said.

But the party didn’t end there.

Lawler said she will be using the “zero” balloon from the original “thirty” in a few weeks for her son’s tenth birthday. A few days after her daughter’s party, she reused a pink bouquet of Buy Nothing balloons and took them to the hospital to celebrate her mother’s last radiation treatment. And the “three” balloon found its third home at another three-year-old’s party, along with some costumes Lawler also threw in after talking to the child’s mother on Facebook Messenger.

In the Lakeview group, items go round and round, connecting people as they travel around the neighborhood.

Lawler’s partner will even look for broken items people give, replace old parts, repair them, and send them back to the group in brand new condition for someone else to use.

“Now it’s starting to look like a quest,” Lawler said. “It’s like a fun scavenger hunt.”

Climate change is a global problem, and with big business being the biggest culprits, it can seem hard to make a difference. But O’Malley thinks individual actions still have value and impact.

“Your individual behavior communicates your values ​​to others,” she said. “There’s some kind of elusive value of creating a ripple effect.”

As part of Buy Nothing Gives, it’s common for people to post updates on how they’re using the items they’ve received, and send photos of how the gifts are doing in their new homes.

“It’s nice to see where these things end up, and then it’s kind of a perpetuation to get more out there,” Lawler said.

In the Lakeview group, this kind of ripple effect has had visible results. Since Chakraborty volunteered to be the admin of the group in May 2020, the group’s popularity has skyrocketed.

“Our group has grown tremendously since I joined,” she says.

The group now has more than 5.3 thousand members. In fact, it has split several times as so many people continue to join, creating new groups in Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, and more.

“If you don’t have one in your own community, if someone is interested, you can start one,” Lawler said. “I think it makes the community stronger. I really like it.”

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Amazon India wants to buy stake in Inox Leisure, others; Jeff Bezos on the hunt for media bargains




Financial Express - Business News, Stock Market News
AmazonAmazon said more than 70 percent of new Prime members shopped from outside the top 10 cities. (Image: REUTERS)

Jeff Bezos is looking to diversify Amazon India’s entertainment business with a view to acquiring multiple movie and media distribution players, including Mumbai-based cinema chain Inox Leisure, The Indian Express reported. With a pandemic hitting businesses like multiplex chains hard with repeated lockdowns and social distancing standards, Amazon India is looking to take a stake in some companies, aided by deep pockets from the world’s richest person. The Indian Express report states that Inox Leisure is one of several candidates that Amazon is looking for for its diversification exercise.

Although Amazon has been operating its over-the-top (OTT) content business in India since 2016, the pace of growth has not been what the company expected. After initial growth in the first six months last year, its OTT service Amazon Prime has not grown as expected, the report said. “There are currently three to four deals in this space under evaluation, including some distressed assets. Amazon India is in advanced talks with some of them,” the report said.

Listed Inox Leisure has been reporting consecutive losses since the pandemic started last year. In the January-March quarter, Inox Leisure reported sales of 90 crore, down 75% from the previous year, attributed to a lack of content. The company reported a net loss of Rs 93.7 crore. Analysts at ICICI Direct expect the company to report a loss of Rs 235 crore this fiscal year, aided by expected revenue decline.

Amazon India had invested $1.5 billion in its Indian company just before the pandemic, most of which was pumped into its e-commerce business. According to the report, Amazon’s major entertainment deal could lead Jeff Bezos’ company to focus more on this side of the business and away from e-commerce. Amazon faces e-commerce policy changes and inflexible challenges from Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail and Walmart-backed Flipkart. Amazon had previously held talks with US-based movie theater chain AMC to acquire a stake, but the talks were fruitless.

Inox Leisure, one of the largest cinema chains in the country with 153 multiplexes and 648 screens. Most of the company’s screens are located in the west of the country, followed by North, South and East. On June 30, the promoters of Inox Leisure held a 43.63% stake, while 56.23% is government-owned.

On Monday, Inox Leisure share price rose 1.7% to finish at Rs 302.5 each. The price of the Inox share has risen 5.46% so far this year. The company’s market cap stands at Rs 3,705 crore.

UPDATE: Inox Leisure clarification to fairs

We would like to inform you as below:

1. There are no discussions between ‘INOX Leisure Limited’ and ‘Amazon’, nor have there been any in the past.

2. Under the circumstances, the above news item published on various platforms of Indian Express dated July 27, 2021 is factually incorrect.

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