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Nepalese hotels and restaurants are recovering the slowest




Nepal’s hotels and restaurants are still struggling to get back on their feet after the coronavirus disaster, while most business sectors have made a full recovery, according to a survey released by the central bank on Wednesday.

The third follow-up survey, conducted by Nepal Rastra Bank in October, shows that transactions in the hotel and restaurant sector have risen to just over half of pre-Covid levels, reaching 57.2 percent last month, compared to the national average of 74.7 percent.

Last year, after Nepal imposed a full lockdown on March 24, hotels and restaurants saw their turnover fall to 7 percent in June. Transactions rose to 18 percent in November after the lockdown was lifted in July and flights resumed in September.

The central bank’s investigation shows that as of April 29, 2021, when the country imposed its second lockdown that lasted until September, turnover of hotels and restaurants had risen to 40.8 percent.

On September 23, Nepal rejected the seven-day quarantine requirement and resumed issuing visas on arrival to all vaccinated foreign travelers in an effort to revive the virus-ridden tourism industry.

The scale of the devastation in the country’s tourism sector is sure to leave lasting scars, analysts say.

“It could take years for the hospitality industry to fully recover,” said Binayak Shah, senior vice president of Hotel Association Nepal. The severity of this pandemic has made it clear that restaurants and hotels will continue to suffer for much longer than originally anticipated,” Shah said.

Hotels said they saw harrowing occupancy rates during the November peak season. Industry insiders say the occupancy rate is still below 20 percent.

Nepal saw the highest monthly arrivals after Covid in October, pushing the total number to surpass 100,000 since the start of the year.

According to data from the Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal received a respectable 23,284 foreign tourists by air in October, but the number is still 90 percent below pre-virus levels.

The third follow-up survey was conducted by telephone from October 24 to November 3.

The results are based on responses from 546 companies across the country.

The central bank said the largest number of respondents – 30 percent – came from wholesale and retail, 17 percent from manufacturing and manufacturing and 16.3 percent from the hotel and restaurant sectors.

The survey finds that average output and transactions across various economic sectors — including agriculture, industry and services — are at 74.7 percent of their usual pre-pandemic levels.

Nara Bahadur Thapa, former executive director of Nepal Rastra Bank, said the average national output and transactions of various sectors reaching 75 percent of pre-Covid levels was indeed a positive recovery.

“While the recovery has not been faster, the numbers show that a full recovery will not take more than a year. But this will depend on whether or not we see a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is currently plaguing European countries.”

Nepal reported 305 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours on Wednesday, bringing the nationwide number of infections to 820,004.

According to the central bank, the transport sector recorded the slowest recovery after hotels and restaurants. Transport and warehousing sector transactions stood at 69.5 percent in happier days.

The highest recovery rate has been observed in the minerals and exploration sector, with production and transactions reaching 93.3 percent of pre-Covid-19 levels.

The transactions and production of the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors have reached 79.3 percent of previous levels.

The survey shows that industries and enterprises in Nepal appear to be on track for a faster recovery, with 87.2 percent of enterprises and industries returning to full operation.

The minerals and exploration sector and the electricity, gas and water sectors have recovered the fastest and companies in these sectors are now 100 percent open. The survey found that 78.7 percent of hotels and restaurants are fully open, while 21.3 percent are partially open.

According to the survey, 88.9 percent of the construction industry is fully open, while 87.1 percent of production is fully open compared to pre-Covid levels.

The research shows that major industries are almost completely open.

According to central bank data, 90.9 percent of industries with capital over Rs500 million are fully open while 88.4 percent of cottage industries are fully open.

The World Bank said in its latest report that the first wave of the pandemic and associated lockdowns caused major contraction in economic activity, leading to job losses in Nepal. More than two in five employees reported a job loss or long-term absenteeism. By the end of 2020, a quarter of these jobs had not been found.

Although men and women suffered similar job losses, more female workers (30 percent) reported losing their jobs permanently than male workers (23 percent).

Younger workers suffered the most of all age groups, with 59 percent of workers in the 15-25 age group reporting job losses.

The multilateral financing agency said industrial and service jobs were hit harder than agriculture; but the number of hired agricultural workers fell by half. Although the agricultural sector was least exposed to the crisis, one in three farmers lost their job.

“The recovery looks difficult, especially in the tourism sector. We do not have a common national strategic policy for recovery. We are all scattered,” Shah said. “The road to recovery will be difficult if we don’t coordinate.”


COVID Gourmand: Restaurant Guide Published by Beijing CDC




COVID Gourmand: Restaurant Guide Issued By Beijing CDC

Last Friday, foodies and restaurateurs alike held their breath on my WeChat moments after Beijing’s CDC released the travel history of a person who came to Beijing from Shanghai and then tested positive for COVID-19, fearing this unexpected news could lead to yet another round of tightened restrictions on the capital’s already suffering F&B industry. Fortunately, as they have done so many times in the past, once the city identified where the traveler had eaten during their stay, the city took swift action and massively conducted nucleic acid tests on the restaurant staff. At the time of going to press, all those tests were negative and since then the required two-week incubation period has passed, meaning it is relatively safe for these restaurants to reopen.

Perhaps even more surprising, however, is that the list of restaurants visited by the infected person and their travel group ended up attracting even more attention than the case itself, as it was part of a carefully mapped out itinerary. Many of my friends therefore decided to repeat their tour of Suzhou, with several museums, communities with traditional architecture and immaculate gardens. Entertaining, instead of continuing with their tour the culture passing through the capital, this particular group decided to roam the city and stop at several hidden gem restaurants where they partook in delicacies and booze. Despite the fact that Beijing is often referred to as a culinary desert, these adventurers clearly knew their way around the city’s food scene and where to find some sparkling oases. So let’s go through this list and see what the restaurants have to offer.


still thinking baijiu is the end of the Chinese libation culture? Then you might want to pay a visit to this small bistro. Hidden in the hutongs near Beixinqiao, Nuoyan is a go-to place for those looking to get lost in the diverse world that is rice wine, which can be much milder than its famously strong cousin. This slightly sweet drink is generally softer and can even be considered a weekday drink for those who want to drink socially. Not to mention, it’s more versatile when combined with food. At Nuoyan you can order a test flight with an arsenal of classic and new products.

For example, they have a rose rice wine that really lives up to its name, with a floral scent that blossoms from the infused drink. With a sip of this slightly sour, slightly sweet flower dew, the aroma reaches the tip of your tongue and flows through the body. Conversely, if you prefer a more traditional taste, clear rice wine and osmanthus-scented rice wine are also on the menu.

Aside from the drinks, Nuoyan offers a tapas menu of dishes specifically designed to enhance the flavor of the rice wine, such as stir-fried conch, marinated tofu, or roasted chicken. No wonder those travelers stayed here from 5pm to midnight.

M of course

Located on the third floor of Taikooli’s Nali Patio, I don’t suspect M Natural is a strange name for foodies or those who live in Sanlitun. It is known for a bold, fun menu inspired by diverse culinary cultures from around the world. And at a time when the word “fusion” is nothing more than a gimmick used by restaurants too lazy to deliver authentic regional flavors, M Natural is one of the few to understand the depth of its meaning and secret chemical reactions. between ingredients with different cultural backgrounds.

In addition to the seasonal wines featured on their drinks menu, M Natural – as the name suggests – is also famous for its natural wine selection. This emerging new winemaking trend is still a rarity in China, but has gradually expanded in the market with unique and wild flavors that are a product of manual harvesting techniques, as well as other requirements such as minimal human intervention in the fermentation process, and minimal or no artificial additives used during production.


The name of this restaurant is derived from the owner’s experience of completing four quarantines in a year due to frequent travel between France and China. Fear not though, as you won’t feel isolated in a quarantine cell when dining here. Rather, the food served is familiar home style with heartwarming service to boot, making you feel like you’re dining at a good friend’s house.

As you browse Solitude’s menu, you may notice the influence of French cuisine and the inspiration that comes from the owner’s world-traveling adventures. However, it is probably the impressive wine cabinet that catches everyone’s attention when entering the restaurant – a wide collection that ensures there is always a first choice for every occasion.

Hai Jing Ge

Finally, a restaurant on the west side of town earned its spot on this list. Compared to the previous restaurants and gastropubs, Hai Jing Ge remains closer to the diverse landscape of traditional Chinese gastronomy. Their menu features many regional delicacies, especially from southern China, including Anhui bamboo and canton steamed grouper.

Since it’s further from downtown, the dining experience at Hai Jing Ge offers diners a rare serenity often hard to find in a thriving metropolis like Beijing. And it’s only a short drive to the Summer Palace, making it the perfect place to spend some quality free time when out and about.

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Images: Dianping


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Amazon has slashed prices to 45 percent on Oral-B electric toothbrushes — but only for Cyber ​​Monday




Amazon has slashed prices to 45 percent on Oral-B electric toothbrushes — but only for Cyber ​​Monday

We may receive commission for purchases made through links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

The question is, which toothbrush do you choose?  (Photo: Amazon)

The question is, which toothbrush do you choose? (Photo: Amazon)

Keeping your teeth sparkling clean isn’t a one-time thing – it requires routine maintenance and regular careful brushing. And while you can use a regular, old manual toothbrush, many people find it easier to do a thorough cleaning with an electric brush.

Of course, those powerful devices cost money. Just for Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon has slashed prices Top Rated Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes and electric brush heads up to 45 percent! This is finally your chance to get on the electric toothbrush train at a significant discount.

Note: You can get your hands on a new one Oral-B Powered Toothbrush in two days with Amazon Prime. No member? Register here for all the entertainment and shopping benefits Amazon offers. Member now? Buy a new toothbrush in no time and have cleaner, white teeth as soon as possible.

Don’t miss these offers.

Whiter teeth, straight ahead!  (Photo: Amazon)

Whiter teeth, straight ahead! (Photo: Amazon)

The little gadget is so smart it’s an insult to call it a toothbrush. The Oral-B 8000 Electronic Electric Toothbrush with Rechargeable Battery is more like having a robot dentist living on your counter, except it’s not as scary as it sounds.

The device takes it upon itself to target the most important areas of your mouth, while tracking and correcting your brushing habits (for example, letting you know when you’re brushing too hard). It also sends real-time feedback to an app.

The replaceable brush heads oscillate, rotate and pulse in one of six personalized settings to remove up to 500 percent more plaque than a regular toothbrush – it even has pressure sensors that automatically slow down brushing speed and visually warn you to protect gums from over-brushing. Choose from four different colors: white, black, orchid, and rose gold. They are so beautiful that you can even use them as a Christmas present for your SO

“After years of using a Sonicare, I am more than thrilled to have switched to the Oral B 8000 with round brush heads,” a satisfied customer said. “This electric toothbrush system is so superior I can see and feel a significant difference. The round brush reaches all areas, so much easier to clean the back teeth and behind my lower lower teeth. I don’t feel any plaque anymore and teeth are definitely whiter The oscillation system is a significant improvement over sonic. My teeth feel like I’ve left the dental hygienist every day and this brush system and Crest 3D white make them look whiter.”

$95 $180 at Amazon

This toothbrush does almost everything.  (Photo: Amazon)

This toothbrush does almost everything. (Photo: Amazon)

Do you really want to splash on an electric toothbrush? The Oral-B iO Seriess 8 lis basically the Cadillac of electric toothbrushes, and does everything except brushing for you. This brush offers specialized pressure sensing that signals red when you’re brushing too hard and green when things are just right. It features a screen to motivate you while you brush and customize your brushing experience. A dentist-inspired round brush with twisted bristles reaches all parts of your mouth, while live coaching helps you clean just right. Choose a black, Violet or white theme — they’re all discounted!

“I can’t describe how [much] daily brushing improves this brush. Always clean and easy to operate. Worth the money,” a satisfied customer said.

$175 $280 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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Early this week, weather conditions will ease with milder temperatures forecast




Early this week, weather conditions will ease with milder temperatures forecast

After a frigid, heady weekend, weather conditions across the country appear to ease from Monday.

Far from the storms and sleet that have swept the country in recent days, Met Éireann said temperatures should drop between 8 and 11 degrees, in line with the seasonal norm.

While there will be a somewhat cloudy morning interspersed with light rain, the start of the week will also give way to dry conditions and even some sunshine in parts, particularly in the south. The rain will later be limited to the west and northwest of the country.

“Tonight will be a milder night than recent times with cloudy or foggy conditions,” forecasters said of a welcome break in recent patterns.

Rain and drizzle will once again haunt Atlantic coastal areas Monday evening, but temperatures remain non-threatening, hovering between seven and nine degrees.

Relative calm will last until Tuesday, framed by mostly dry weather under cloudy, dull skies. With Éireann, however, some heavy rain is forecast in the west and northwest by midday, which will spread to the southeast in the afternoon.

Wednesday will probably be a bit more wintery. Showers coming from the north may turn into sleet, although winds will remain moderate. A cold night, frost will begin to form during long, clear spells and temperatures may drop below freezing again, although not as cold along the west coast.

But for anyone who thinks the country will get better conditions next weekend, there is no hope. On Friday there will be scattered showers, alternating with sunny periods.

It looks like it will turn chilly Friday afternoon and, according to forecasters, current indications show the weekend will “continue restlessly in a rainy north-westerly airflow, feeling quite chilly or chilly”.

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