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National Highways respond to concerns over A590 in Ulverston after McDonald’s delay



National Highways respond to concerns over A590 in Ulverston after McDonald's delay

HIGHWAYS teams have revealed it is ‘not always possible’ to work alone at night – despite pressure from community leaders to carry out maintenance on the A590 outside working hours.

Community leaders continue to urge roadworks to take place at night on the A590 to ensure motorists do not become entangled in ‘traffic altercation’ again.

Earlier this month, temporary traffic lights were placed at the Booths roundabout on Oubas Hill in Ulverston to allow United Utilities to connect the new McDonald’s development to the water network.

However, the maintenance work resulted in hours of delays on the A590, with traffic jams from Ulverston city center to the Greenodd roundabout.

Construction work was halted and rescheduled after United Utilities contractors and personnel faced “an unprecedented amount of physical and verbal abuse” from delayed drivers.

Road works are expected to resume in the new year, but there are fears that motorists could once again queue for hours.

Amanda Rigg, Ulverston councilor for South Ward, said the council will continue to push for evening disruptions just for future maintenance work on the A590.

She said: “At a meeting last Monday I expressed my concerns, explained the need for night work to minimize delays and explained that while we understood the frustrations at the time, we were in no way the way some motorists treated the Highway England team. with aggressive verbal and physical behavior Following the request for assistance from Simon Fell MP, a response was received from Highways England.

“During consultations, they requested that the work be carried out at night in order to minimize inconvenience to motorists, residents and local businesses. Due to the nature of the tasks and to ensure safe work, they indicate that this is not possible. was possible.

“Of course we wonder why.

“Highways England are currently discussing a revised plan for delivery, which will include working between peak hours and the option of suspending the use of the temporary traffic lights if necessary.

“Provisional start date is January 2022. We will, of course, insist on evening disruption only and set this as the chairperson for all other maintenance work on the A590.”

A spokesman for National Highways said in a response that it is not always possible to work only at night for ‘safety reasons’.

He said: “We care about road users’ journeys and work hard to ensure that our own maintenance, repairs and improvements cause as little disruption as possible.

“Our road works planning includes involving stakeholders such as local councils. Over the past two years we have delivered major A590 renewal projects around Ulverston and at Brettargh Holt.

“Both projects were carried out with only nighttime lane closures or occasional nighttime lane closures – leaving drivers on the move during the day.

“National Highways is currently not operating along the A590 at Ulverston; external companies work in the area to realize investments in the city.

“When it came to work along the A590 – such as laying cabling or other services – we spoke with these companies to take the journeys of road users into account. This has already led to changes in traffic management.

“We recognize that for security reasons in complicated locations like this it is often not always possible to work alone at night, so we also encourage companies to publicize their work.”

A United Utilities spokesperson previously said: “We are currently discussing the work program with other agencies to ensure it causes as little disruption as possible when it resumes.

“We hope to be able to confirm this in the near future, with work expected to resume in the new year.”


Assam Lottery Results Today 8pm




assam lottery

Assam is known for its tea plantations, rich wildlife and silk production. It is also famous for its lotteries. Lotteries are a great way for people to try their luck and win a huge amount of money. With the lottery buzz in the country increasing, people should be aware of the fact that there are various illegal lotteries online and offline. There was a time when lotteries were completely banned in India. Now, however, times have changed and the Supreme Court has authorized 13 states to hold legal lotteries. The state of Assam is one such state where drawing a lottery is legal.

Assam State Lottery Results for March 31 | ‘Kuil Gold Lottery’ results announced at 8:00 PM; 1st Prize at ₹10 Lakhs

The government of Assam controls the operating system. The 12 other states that organize legal lotteries are Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram. The Assam Lottery consists of three results that are published daily.

  • The results of the Assam Future Lottery will be announced at 12 noon.
  • The results of the Assam Singam Lottery will be announced at 5:00 PM.
  • The results of the Assam Kuil Lottery will be announced at 8 p.m.

The Assam Lottery will be held at PWD-IB Complex, Tengapara, Kokrajhar, Assam 783370. The results of the ‘Kuil Gold Lottery’ will be announced at 8pm on the official website The first prize for the Kuil Gold Lottery is ₹10 lakhs. The ticket costs ₹6. Several other prizes and categories are as follows:


  • 1st Prize – ₹10 Lakhs
  • 2nd Prize – ₹10,000
  • 3rd Prize – ₹1,000
  • 4th Prize – ₹500
  • 5th Prize – 200


  • 1st Prize – ₹15 Lakhs (one person)
  • 2nd Prize – ₹20,000 (ten people)
  • 3rd Prize – 2,000 (ten people)
  • 4th Prize – 1,000 (ten people)
  • 5th Prize – ₹250 (ten people)


  • 1st Prize – ₹10 Lakhs (one person)
  • 2nd Prize – 10,000 (ten people)
  • 3rd Prize – 1,000 (ten people)
  • 4th Prize – ₹500 (ten people)
  • 5th Prize – ₹200 (ten people)

The Assam Lottery is organized and regulated by the state recognized authority, ‘Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam)’. The ‘Claim Forms’ can be derived from the official website The information must be entered in capital letters. The winner may also be required to enclose a valid photo ID with this form. The forms must be submitted within 30 days of the declaration of results.


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Controversial Facebook mega data center cuts line for grid connection




Controversial Facebook mega data center cuts line for grid connection

A mega data center for Facebook was given priority over other companies to connect to the electricity grid, although the center would put an extra burden on the already congested network. Several officials within the Ministry of Economic Affairs had expressed their doubts about the mega data center, De Telegraaf reported on the basis of released documents.

“The growth of data centers leads to an increase in electricity consumption. As long as production is not fully renewable, this will lead to additional CO2 emissions,” officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy wrote in a letter. to former Minister of Economic Affairs Eric Wiebes in 2020.

Electricity demand has increased enormously in recent years and the electricity grid has not been able to cope with the increase, RTL Nieuws reported in November. The transition to renewable energy also requires a redesign of the electrical infrastructure that is still underway.

Facebook took precedence over other companies waiting years to connect to the electricity grid. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, was given priority after they threatened to move the data center to another European location. Officials expressed concern that other companies will now demand priority as well.

Officials also warned that the data center’s economic gains were “limited” and “out of line with existing and planned policies that a hyperscale data center should be located on the borders of the Netherlands”.

The municipality of Zeewold still has to cast a final vote on the data center on December 16. A small majority of the city council seems to be in favor of the center, according to

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Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature




Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature

Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced a new feature called “Split Payments” on Facebook Messenger.

As the name implies, the new feature allows you to easily share costs with your friends and family for free – be it a restaurant bill or a house rent.

To split the bill, all you need to do is click the “Get Started” button in a group chat or the Payments Hub in Messenger. You can then split the bill equally among the group or change the amount of the contribution for each individual, with or without yourself.

After that, enter a personal message and confirm your Facebook Pay details, and your request will be sent to the group, visible to everyone in the chat thread.

Facebook Messenger gets a new bill splitting feature

Meta will begin testing the new feature in the US next week, but it’s unclear when it will expand to other regions.

In addition to introducing the bill-splitting feature, Meta has also added four new AR-based group effects to Facebook Messenger, created in collaboration with King Bach, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Poarch, and Zach King. You can view them below.

The company also reminds us of a new chat theme and two recently launched sound mojis for fans of Stranger Things, and a new sound moji released to celebrate Taylor Swift’s new album “Red.”


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