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Meet the CEO who changed YouTube’s Hollywood image



Meet the CEO who changed YouTube's Hollywood image

When Kelly Merryman arrived on YouTube six years ago, the dust had just settled in a controversial $1 billion lawsuit with Viacom that had dragged on for years.

The New York cable television giant complained that Google’s YouTube had knowingly allowed its users to post Viacom videos, including clips from “South Park” and “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” on its site without permission.

The case was settled in 2014, but highlighted YouTube’s troubled relationships with media companies that viewed the massive video-sharing site as a competitor profiting from unauthorized clips from their popular shows.

“More trust had to be built,” said Merryman, YouTube vice president of content partnerships.

Since then, Merryman has worked tirelessly to change Hollywood’s perception of YouTube from pariah to partner. She has persuaded media companies to use YouTube’s vast reach to promote their shows and movies. The premium content also benefits YouTube, which earns revenue from ads placed on the videos and shares that money with partners.

The growing ties, deemed unfathomable 15 years ago, have grown stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic as studios increasingly rely on YouTube to attract a younger audience to new streaming platforms.

Studios, including NBCUniversal, used YouTube as one of the digital platforms to release more than 10 paid video-on-demand titles in 2020, including “Trolls World Tour.” The Trolls movie brought in $95 million in online sales across various platforms in its first three weeks, according to a person familiar with the matter and not authorized to comment.

“We moved away from the platform that wasn’t making them any money and they sued the platform that pays them huge amounts of money and a lot of usage,” said Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer. “Kelly is right in the middle of it all.”

The 44-year-old former Netflix executive leads a team of more than 300 people in the US, Canada and Latin America, including staffers who work with hundreds of content partners. She lives in Manhattan Beach and, until the pandemic hit, worked out of the historic Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista, where Google has established a growing presence in Southern California.

Part of its role is to build a bridge between media partners and other aspects of YouTube. Her team works with product, engineering, operations and marketing colleagues at YouTube.

“What I’ve found both on YouTube and my time at Netflix is ​​nothing to replace sitting with your partners and understanding their concerns, their ideas, the areas in which you can help them,” Merryman said.

Merryman, who held several leadership positions before taking her current job, has a background in finance. Growing up in Houston, she loved theater and performed as a dancer in “Singin’ in the Rain” in high school. But Merryman says she wasn’t a triple threat and found her appeal to the business side of entertainment. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in finance and worked as a consultant with Bain & Co.

“I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to be the person who just made the slides that helped someone else change their organization,” Merryman said. “I wanted to be the change.”

She later attended Harvard Business School for her MBA and became Executive Director of Digital Services and Distribution at Sony in 2004. Three years later, she became Vice President of Content Acquisition at Netflix.

At Netflix, she developed a knack for translating what the streamer was doing in a way that traditional media companies would understand. Ten years ago, when Netflix was trying to get more TV shows on its platform, Merryman played a key role in closing a deal with Warner Bros., said Kyncl, who worked with her at Netflix.

Merryman also saw an invaluable opportunity for Netflix to expand globally.

When she told her boss, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, that she planned to focus on international growth full-time, he supported the idea but warned her she would lose her job if it didn’t work out, Merryman recalls. Her efforts paid off.

“Kelly was so perfect for Netflix in those early days,” Sarandos, who also became Netflix’s co-chief executive last year, said in a statement. “She’s smart, curious and a hardworking problem solver, and at the time it was all new and full of problems.”

Kyncl hired her for her current job at the end of 2014.

“I knew I needed someone like that who is strategic and an operator to get into our fast-growing company,” Kyncl said.

One of Merryman’s first duties was to develop YouTube’s relationship with the largest and most powerful studio, Walt Disney Co.

Like many other studios, Disney was concerned about how YouTube managed videos with illegal content. Merryman addressed these concerns by touting Google’s technology, including ContentID, which flags unauthorized content to media partners and allows them to choose whether to remove those videos or take advantage of ads placed on them. Companies can sometimes take advantage of those unauthorized videos: For example, if fans post sing-along videos of Frozen’s “Let It Go,” it increases the value of the brand, she said.

During discussions about YouTube’s live TV service in 2016, Disney wondered if YouTube could make it easier for viewers to find all of ESPN’s live events at any given time, recalls Justin Connolly, president of platform distribution for Disney.

YouTube TV didn’t have that feature at launch, but Merryman commissioned a group from her team to investigate the idea, Connolly said.

“How come as a consumer you can actually choose between 12 to 20 different options, all on a single screen in front of you?” said Connolly. “That’s not something everyone can do and figure out. It was a great example of… bringing the creativity of a leader who understands what we are trying to create.”

Partnerships with Disney and other media companies have boosted YouTube’s profile and generated more money for the company.

YouTube made $15 billion in ad revenue in 2019, a 36% increase from 2018, Google’s parent company Alphabet reported. Its partners have also been pivotal to YouTube expanding its live TV offering, YouTube TV, which has more than 3 million subscribers and more than 85 networks, including ABC, FOX and CNN.

YouTube has a huge global audience, with over 1 billion hours of video watched every day on its platform. When the pandemic hit, YouTube’s viewership skyrocketed and became a haven for media companies looking to expand and connect with their audiences while productions were halted or scaled back.

Late night hosts turned to filming themselves at home and sharing interviews on YouTube. YouTube hosted two interviews with ‘The Daily Show’ Trevor Noah and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, which led to over 18 million views.

Movies that were to open exclusively in theaters, such as “Trolls World Tour,” were instead distributed simultaneously across platforms, including YouTube.

YouTube has also been a way for media companies to market their streaming services to younger audiences, many of whom have quit or never signed up for a cable TV service. A person who watches a clip of a program on YouTube is 33% more likely to watch the program on TV, according to Nielsen.

To spark interest in its Disney+ streaming service, Disney has released a compilation of clips on YouTube from shows like “The Simpsons,” where the animated family parodied Star Wars as “Cosmic Wars.” In October, Disney launched a show on YouTube called “What’s Up, Disney+”, hosted by YouTube creators Jenny Lorenzo and Andre Meadows, that promotes what’s new in the service and talks to the stars of the programs.

“When someone shows up on YouTube, it becomes a pretty powerful tool to create social dynamism in terms of communities around Star Wars, Pixar, or Marvel that we can use in terms of ‘paying to get more of this, the only way to make it state’. on Disney+,” said Connolly.

NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, has also promoted itself on YouTube. One of the studio’s popular YouTube channels is “The Office,” which became available on Peacock on January 1.

“In figuring out how we can use those audiences on the platform to drive awareness and conversions to Peacock, they’ve been a great partner,” said Maggie Suniewick, president of NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises.

Sure, YouTube — once the premier go-to site for creators — is getting more competition from Facebook and rivals like TikTok that specialize in 15-second videos. In September, YouTube launched Shorts, a feature that allows users in India to record short videos, with plans to bring it to more countries.

YouTube has also moved away from its previous ambitions to compete directly with Hulu through its premium subscription service. In 2019, the video-sharing company said it would focus more of its original productions on YouTube stars, celebrities and music artists.

“There’s a fierce competition for eyeballs and for people to find the best way for storytellers to get their stories out there and grow the value of those franchises,” Merryman said.

Merryman’s friends believe she’s up to the challenge.

“Kelly always wants to win, and it’s contagious,” said Sean Carey, who has worked with Merryman at Sony and Netflix and co-founded podcast company Auddy. “She certainly worked harder than anyone.”


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BBC Weather: ‘Time to layer up’ as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week | Weather | News




BBC Weather: 'Time to layer up' as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week |  Weather |  News

The BBC Weather meteorologist said conditions will be “largely dry: in the west before overnight showers. He told BBC Breakfast viewers that today will be a “slow low pressure day” with spells of rain. He warned Scotland and northern England will instead be hit by snow.BBC breakfast host Nina Warhurst responded to Mr Fawkes’ forecast, telling the British now “time to build up”.

Mr Fawkes said: “There were some cold winds yesterday. The wind has died down a bit. But we have a lot of clouds and rain showers, especially in the eastern areas.

“It’s a day when the weather clears up today, so we’ll see some of the low pressure episodes are the same ones that caused those strong winds and the rain yesterday. It’s a very slow moving area of ​​low pressure and it’s still raining, especially in parts of England.

“The rain tire is in East Wales but that will melt away in the next hour or so.

He added that there could be “isolated showers” in Wales, Northern Ireland and the south west of England. But they will be short-lived.

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The BBC forecaster added: “Weather will become mostly dry in the western areas although there could be just a few isolated showers here and there, one and two for Northern Ireland, one or two for Wales and also the south west from England.

“But those clouds and rain will tend to thin and disintegrate and some sunshine should develop even in the eastern areas of England.

“And it won’t feel as fresh as yesterday as the winds aren’t as strong. Temperatures around six and nine or ten degrees in the southwest will be milder for a while.

“Tonight a clear sky will cause the temperature to drop very quickly.

“Then we got a weather coming in from the west that will spread bursts of rain in many western areas later in the night.

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“Then, when we arrive on Tuesday, we will have a rapidly deepening low pressure area that is expected to move in.

“This will bring some fierce winds over the Republic of Ireland.

“It will also get very windy in parts of Northern Ireland, western parts of Scotland and western parts of England and Wales with no rain showers coming and it will still be cold enough for some snowfall over the high grounds in Scotland and Northern Ireland.” England too.

“We could see some problems with the weather on Tuesday. Other than that, on Wednesday it is still a bit windy with no breaks from rain.

“It’s going to be a little drier and brighter as we move into Thursday.”

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BER vs NC Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup German Basketball League Alba Berlin vs Niners Chemnitz




BER vs NC Live Score

If you are looking for a huge level of entertainment through the brilliant sports competition. This is the German basketball league which has played many matches in recent days. Now the league is ready to amaze all the fans with the latest game.

BER vs NC Live Score

It will take place between BER and NC. Here are the various details such as match prediction, likely lineup and live score. So let’s start the article to know all the information very well.

BER vs NC Live Score

Match: BER vs NC
Competition: German Basketball League
Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021
Time: 10.30pm
Location: Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

In the recent games, we noticed that the team BER vs NC are two teams that have made fans crazy. The team BER has played several matches and they have won many matches in the team. They may continue to perform at the same level in the coming matches.

On the other hand, when we talk about the NC team, we want to tell you that the team has won many matches. Statistics show that they have won 2 matches in the past matches. ALBA Berlin takes on Niners Chemnitz in the German Basketball League. Alba Berlin has won 5 and lost 3 matches so far and is 3rd on the points list. Now here is the setup of the game with the name of the player who will be playing in this game.

Alba Berlin Possible Play 8:

1.Maodo Lo, 2.Jaleen Smith, 3.Tamir Blatt, 4.Louis Olinde, 5.Marcus Eriksson, 6.Luke Sikma, 7.Oscar Da Silva, 8.Christ Koumadje

Niners Chemnitz Possible Play 8:

1.Virgil Matthews, 2.Nelson Weidemann, 3.Darion Atkins, 4.Mindaugas Susinskas, 5.Isiaha Mike, 6.Jan Wimberg, 7.Jonas Judge, 8.Ivan Karacic

Because we can assume you want to know the name of the upcoming winners team. You may see that the team BER will win the coming game with the brilliant score level. They will serve an extraordinary gameplay. If you want to watch the stream then you can enjoy the live stream on the regular platform.

On the other hand, you can get the live score update on this page. To know the updates, you can bookmark the page in your browser. Stay tuned for more information and share your feedback for this post.

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