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McDonald’s Canada Unveils New Bacon ‘N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder And Holiday Drinks



McDonald's Canada Unveils New Bacon 'N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder And Holiday Drinks

McDonald’s Canada has updated its menu to add something new. The fast food chain announced the arrival of the new Bacon ‘N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder.

The new food item puts a new spin on McDonald’s Canada’s signature Quarter Pounder as it has been upgraded with delicious ingredients already mentioned in its name – bacon and crispy onion.

As posted on McDonald’s Canada websiteThe new Bacon’ N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder shows off a 100% pure Canadian quarter pound beef patty. A mouthwatering sandwich was made with the addition of hickory smoked bacon strips, crispy onions, pickles, two slices of cheddar cheese and creamy grilled onion sauce.

McDonald’s also added ketchup and mustard to the sandwich, which was enclosed in toasted sesame seed buns. According to canadify, customers can also order this sandwich with two patties, and this option is called the Double Bacon ‘N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder.

These are available at participating McDonald’s restaurants across Canada. It should be noted, however, that the new sandwich is only available in the shops for a limited time.

For health-conscious customers, the Bacon ‘N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s Canada has 680 calories for a single patty sandwich. The burger costs $7.49 for a la carte and $11.49 for the meal with fries and a drink.

Aside from the new burger item, McDonald’s Canada also announced the return of its holiday drinks. The burger joint brought back its peppermint-flavored drink line for this holiday season.

The drinks mentioned weren’t on the holiday menu last year, so fans are excited about the return after a long time. Narcity mentioned that two favorites, the Peppermint Mocha and the Peppermint Hot Chocolate, are now available at McDonald’s Canada stores.

The Peppermint Hot Chocolate is a tasty holiday drink made with an unbeatable blend of chocolate-peppermint syrup and steamed milk foam. It is served with whipped cream and pieces of sugar cane as a colorful decoration on top.

Finally, the Peppermint Mocha features espresso, chocolate peppermint syrup, and steamed milk foam. And just like the hot chocolate, this one also comes with whipped cream and crushed candy canes on top.


“Christmas Every Day – The Wonderful Life of Eddie Greene” now available on Youtube




“Christmas Every Day – The Wonderful Life of Eddie Greene” now available on Youtube
Eddie Green. [courtesy SeaGrace Visions Productions]

In June, an audience alone in the permanent space called for an encore at the preview screening of “Christmas Everyday – The Wonderful Life of Eddie Greene” at Dare County Arts Council.

That was followed by a screening of the final cut at The Pioneer Theater in Downtown Manteo in September with new interviews and changes based on audience response.

This story of a man who fell in love with the Outer Banks, and the community that loved him in return, is now available to watch in full on YouTube.

The documentary appeared on Small Business Saturday, a perfect date as Greene is perhaps best known to millions of visitors and Outer Banks residents for co-founding The Island Gallery and Christmas Shop in Manteo in 1967 with Richard Lacerre.

Greene retired after 48 “sparkling” years. But The Christmas Shop is alive today with new owners who continue to honor that legacy.

Whether dancing on a national Broadway Tour, serving in the Navy in World War II, or starting multiple companies, Edward Greene has always worked hard and worked with vision. And when he saw needs in his beloved Outer Banks, he stepped forward.

From the Outer Banks Community Foundation to the Friends of Jockey’s Ridge, it’s hard to find a place where Edward hasn’t given back to the people who gave him a lot.

This feature film is directed by filmmaker Bryan Jones.

“The Outer Banks loves Eddie because he loved them too, with all his heart. The size of a Christmas tree,” Jones said.

“I made it because one day while I was working in the Christmas store, I realized that Edward was a New York Yankee, and a Jewish man with a Christmas store,” Jones said. “And locals and tourists alike loved him, not him, loved him. And so did I,” Jones said.

“And one of the things on his list of 90 things to do was ‘Make a documentary.’ And that’s what I do. And it became “Tuesday with Eddie,” Jones said.

The documentary moves from New Rochelle, New York to the Outer Banks of today. In addition to stops at the San Francisco School of Ballet, Broadway, The Lost Colony, The Outer Banks Community Foundation and of course the many businesses Edward started and the many, many people he helped along the way. Edward is a man who made a difference.

“I can’t imagine my life without the Outer Banks,” Greene said.

And it’s hard to imagine the Outer Banks without Eddie Greene.

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Best musicals to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW and more




Best musicals to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW and more

Musicals can provide that feel-good feeling we all crave from time to time, and watching them in the comfort of your own home can be an added bonus thanks to modern technology.

Just like TV series or movies, there is also a range of musicals offered through streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon or Prime Video for you to sink your teeth into.

If you’re not sure what to pick this winter, Manchester Evening News has put together a list of the best musicals on offer to help you decide.

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Burst into song or dance with some picks or get invested in a gripping storyline, this list has it all.


This 2010 musical is a chic affair that stars the legendary Cher (Tess) and Christina Aguilera (Ali) in a fight to make it big. Ali champions her conquest by working his way through the ranks under the mentorship of Tess, who plays a veteran performer. This musical can be seen on Netflix.


It cannot be a musical list without mentioning Grease. The teen classic features classic songs that have become known worldwide, including “You’re the One That I Want”. If you’re looking for a musically inspired trip down memory lane, this movie is perfect. This musical can be seen on Netflix.

Mary Poppins returns

The sequel to the classic is just as lighthearted as the original and features acting legends like Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The musical offers the chance to forget our worries and offers comfort. This musical can be seen on Netflix.


Created by the legendary Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Evita tells the story of Eva Peron, an Argentine actor who escaped poverty and eventually grew up to be the wife of President Juan Domingo Perón, played by Madonna. Watch this musical on Amazon Prime Video.

Muppets Christmas Carol

If you’re looking for a Christmas musical this year, the Muppets Christmas Carol is a surefire choice. The message of friendship, family and love transcends the musical itself. This musical can be seen on Disney Plus.


Another classic composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is based on a collection of poems by TS Elliot. The most famous song from the musical is Memory as sung by Grizabella. It is the fourth longest-running Broadway show and is now available to watch on NOW TV.

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The weather in Perth: city ready for scorching weekend and balmy nights




The weather in Perth: city ready for scorching weekend and balmy nights

If you’ve been enjoying the sweltering hot weekend in Perth, we’ve got some good news for you – another one.

The metro area will reach a maximum of 35C on both Saturday and Sunday, so if you haven’t had the air conditioning repaired yet, now is the time!

Perth hit a scorching 37C last Saturday – the hottest day since March – before cooling slightly to 32C on Sunday.

Perth will see a bit of a respite from the heat at the start of the week, thanks to a weak front approaching from the south coast, before temperatures rise Friday.

Surf Life Saving WA trial of drones on the beaches of Perth.  Pictured - The DJI Phantom 4 flies over CIty Beach just after it was evacuated due to a shark alert.  Photo: Daniel Wilkins
Camera iconCity beach. (stock image) Credit: Daniel Wilkins/The Sunday Times

Joey Rawson, Senior Meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology in Perth, said the warm weather will persist into the night, making for balmy evenings.

A minimum temperature of 21 degrees is forecast for Sunday.

“A trough on the west coast — very common for this time of year — brings warm temperatures from the north and inland,” Bureau of Meteorology Duty Forecaster Jessica Lingard said on Friday.

“We can expect very pleasant weather Friday, Saturday and Sunday … summer starts in a week, so we’ll see it get warmer.”


Monday: 26C, clearing

Tuesday: 24C, mostly sunny

Wednesday: 25C, mostly sunny

Thursday: 29C, sunny

Friday: 32C, sunny

Saturday: 35C, sunny

Sunday: 35C, sunny


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