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Mahabharat Review

Mahabharat, which is known as the Mother of All Wars in Indian History, has recreated multiple times by different producers. But its two versions gained much popularity among Indian Audiences than others. One version was telecast on National television in 1988, produced by B.R Chopra. The other version aired in Sep 2013 on Star Plus & Hotstar, created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. This version gained a lot of popularity among youth and available in many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English on Hotstar. Today, we are going to review this popular Indian Mythology Serial-Mahabharat for you.

  • Genre: Indian Mythology
  • Episodes: 269 Episodes, 28 Seasons

    Mahabharat 2013 – Star Plus – Hot Star – Star Cast:

  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Shri Krishna

Saurabh Raj Jain as Krishna

shaheer sheikh as arjuna

Pooja Sharma


  • Aarav Chowdhary as Bhishma

Aarav Chowdhary as bhishma

  • Arpit Ranka as Duryodhana


praneet bhatt as shakuni

  • Rohit Bhardwaj as Yudhisthira

Rohit Bhardwaj as yudhisthir

Riya Deepsy as Gandhari

Shafeeq Naaz as Kunti

Saurav Gurjar as Bheem

Paras Arora as Abhimanyu

Acharya Drona

  • Ankit Mohan as Ashwatthama

ankit mohan as ashwathama

  • Thakur Anoop Singh as Dhritarashtra
  • Vin Rana as Nakula
  • Richa Mukherjee as Uttara
  • Sudesh Berry as Drupada
  • Lavanya Bhardwaj as Sahadeva
  • Nirbhay Wadhwa as Dushasana
  • Naveen Jinger as Vidura
  • Veebha Anand as Subhadra
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari as Shantanu
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati
  • Vivana Singh as Ganga
  • Puneet Issar as Parshurama
  • Arun Singh Rana as Pandu
  • Pallavi Subhash as Rukmini
  • Vaishnavi Dhanraj as Hidimba
  • Aryamann Seth as Vichitravirya
  • Ratan Rajput as Amba
  • Ketan Karande as Ghatotkacha
  • Tarun Khanna as Balrama
  • Nikhil Arya / Sachin Verma as Indra
  • Sandeep Rajora as Surya
  • Atul Mishra as Ved Vyas
  • Garima Jain as Dushyala
  • Kaushik Chakravorty as Shalya
  • Ajay Mishra as Sanjaya
  • Joy Mathur as Shishupala
  • Nazea Hasan Sayed as Vrushali
  • Akhilendra Mishra as Kansa
  • Deepak Jethi  as Virata
  • Preeti Puri as Devaki
  • Vandana Singh as Yashoda

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Episode & Season Details of Mahabharat (2013)

Star Channel spent 120 Crores on the production and marketing of this Indian Mythological show Mahabharata. Because of its content and cast, the show has become the highest-rated weekday mythological show. Based on the greatest battle of Kauravas and Pandavas for the thrown, and Wisdom Lesson of Krishna, this show comprises of the total 28 seasons and 269 episodes.

Mahabharat 2013

Mahabharat Season 1

Episodes: 7

The first season of Mahabharat revolves around Ganga, Shantanu, his wife Satyawati and their sons. Shantanu, the king of Hastinapur, gets to know from Ganga that they have a son named Bhishma. When Satyawati learns about Bhishma and Ganga, she leaves Shantanu. Shantanu announces Bhishma, the prince of Hastinapur and Bhishma request Satywati to live with them, which she refuses. For her happiness, Bhishma refuses the crown, and Satywati’s son Vichitravirya is to be crowned king. Later, Satyawati sends Bhishma to the king of Kashi to seek his daughters Amba, Ambalika and Ambika as brides for Vichitravirya. Amba refuses to marry as she is committed towards King Salva.

But after the abduction of Amba by Bhishma, Salva refuses to marry her, and as a justice, Amba asks Bhishma to marry her, which he denies. Amba seeks Parshuram for help but in vain. Meanwhile, Vichitravirya married to Ambika and Ambalika, but as he is about to become the King, he dies. On Satyawati’s demand, Ambika and Ambalika get pregnant by Vyasa and give birth to Dhritrashtra (Blind son of Ambika), Vidur and Pandu (Son of Ambalika). Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to choose between marriage or death. Bhishma meets Parshuram who orders him to fight. To stop the battle between Parshuram and Bhishma, Lord Shiva interferes. Amba asks rebirth from Shiva to take revenge on Bhishma. Lord Shiva agrees and Amba reborn as Shikhandi, daughter of King Drupad.

Mahabharat Season 2

Episodes: 20

Mahabharat Season 2

In season 2, Bhishma asks King Subala to marry his daughter Gandhari with Dhritrashtra and offer him Hastinapur in return. Shakuni gets upset after learning about this offer and Gandhari takes an oath to blindfold herself for a lifetime to support her husband. Dhritrashtra marries Gandhari for the betterment of Hastinapur but later humiliates and rejects her as his wife for her oath. Dhritrashtra desperately wanted to become a king to hide his disability, but Vidur advises Bheem not to do so. Pandu becomes the king of Hastinapur by Bhishma and married to Kunti. Karna, who is the first son of Kunti (unaware of this fact), welcomes Kunti and Pandu in Hastinapur.

Frustrated Dhritrashtra blames Pandu for conspiring against him for the throne. Kunti tells the truth of Karna to Pandu, and Pandu leaves for the war. He wins the war and returns to Hastinapur with his second wife, Madri. Dhritrashtra decides to mend his relationship with Gandhari. While hunting in the Forest, Pandu mistakenly kills Rishi Kindam and his wife, on which he curses him. Gandhari got pregnant, and Pandu leaves his throne. On Shakuni’s advise, Dhritrashtra take the throne. Kunti and Madri accompany Pandu to the forest. On Pandu’s desire, Kunti gives birth to three sons: Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun. Elsewhere, Gandhari delivered a piece of flesh, which by the blessing of Vyasa, divided into 100 sons & 1 girl. In extreme weather conditions, Gandhari’s first son Duryodhan born.

Mahabharat Season 3

Episodes: 13

Season 3

After witnessing Karna’s Archery, Bhishma gets impressed and sends him to Magadh to master this skill. Satyawati realises the downfall of Hastinapur and goes to the forest to take Pandu back to home. Pandu while intimating with Madri, dies due to Rishi Kindam’s curse and Madri also dies after him. Satyawati returns to Hastinapur with Kunti and his sons. Meanwhile, Shakuni conspires Dhritrashtra against Satyawati and Pandu. Dhritrashtra decides to make Duryodhan the next king of Hastinapur while Satyawati advises making Yudhishthir king.

Shakuni conspires Duryodhan, and other Kauravas against Pandavas and their clashes begin. Dhritrashtra asks Guru Drona to teach discipline to Kauravas and Pandavas. Guru Drona agrees to teach them with his son Ashwatthama and ask Dhritrashtra to send Kaurava and Pandavas in Gurukul for 12 years. Meanwhile, Duryodhan and Dushyasan plan to murder Bheem, and Shakuni poisons the Kheer. Duryodhan tricks Bheem to eat the kheer and drown him in the river. As Bheem goes missing for 13 days, when he returns home, he witnesses his death ceremony. Kunti delights to see him alive and shifts to Kuntibhoj while all the kids send to the Gurukul.

Mahabharat Season 4

Episodes: 18

Season 4 Mahabharat

Guru Drona promises Ashwatthama to make him the Rajguru of Hastinapur. Duryodhan conspires Ashwatthama against Pandavas. Drona gets impressed by Arjuna after watching his archery skill. Eklavya, who is better than Arjun is asking to sacrifice his thumb as Guru Dakshina. Later Karna approaches Dronacharya to learn archery, but he refuses. Then he seeks Parshuram for help. After knowing his truth, Parshuram curses him that he will forget his knowledge when he will need it the most.

On Shakuni’s Suggestion, Dhritrashtra organises a content between Kaurava and Pandava to check their capabilities, and With the Shakuni’s help, Duryodhan defeats everyone except Arjun. Dhritrashtra announces Arjun the best archer and Karna challenges him to fight with him, which Arjun refuses. To make Karna able to fight with Arjun, Duryodhan makes him the king of Anga. Duryodhan and Karna insult Arjun in front of Subhadra and Arjun raises his weapon against Karna, for which he later apologised. Kunti learns the truth about Karna and asks Pandavas to treat him like their elder brother.

Meanwhile, Dhritrashtra decides to announce the next successor, but Drona asks him to declare once he gets his Guru Dakshina. He asks his students to attack Drupad to take revenge for his insult. Whoever will defeat Drupad, will be the next king.

Mahabharat Season 5

Episodes: 8

First Kauravas fight with Drupad’s army and get imprisoned by Shikhandi. Later Pandavas comes to rescue Kauravas and takes revenge of Drona and defeats Drupad’s Army. Drona asks Drupad to make Ashwatthama the king of Panchal, which he agrees. After Pandava’s Victory, Dhritrashtra announces Yudhishthir, the next king. Unhappy with his decision, Duryodhan and Karna make plans to acquire the throne for himself. Bhishma tells Ganga that he wants to sacrifice his body.

Mahabharat Season 6

Episodes: 5

In this Season, Arjun meets Lord Krishna when he saves Arjun and Subhadra from Kalyawan. After that, Arjun helps Lord Krishna in his mission, and Later Lord Krishna decides to marry Rukmini in Madhavpur.

Mahabharat Season 7

Episodes: 10

In this season, Shakuni along with Dushyasan and Duryodhan, makes a plan to send Kunti and Pandavas to Varnavrat to kill them. Unaware of their plans, Kunti and Pandavas reach there, and Bhishma learns about Kauravas evil plan. Will Vidura and Bhishma be able to save their lives?

Mahabharat Season 8

Episodes: 7

After surviving the evil murder plan of Kauravas, Kunti and Pandavas live in the forest in disguise. Drupad wants to take revenge against Rishi and Pandavas and perform a Yagya, in which his daughter Draupadi and son Drishtadyumna borns. Drupad rejects Draupadi as his daughter and Drishtadyumna replaces Shikhandi.

Mahabharat Season 9

Episodes: 7

Lord Krishna defeats Drupad against Drona in a fight and asks him to accept Draupadi as his daughter. Later Drupad organises Draupadi’s swayamvar and Duryodhan receives the invitation but can’t go as he is not the king. Meanwhile, Bheem married to Hidimba, and she gives birth to Ghatotkach. Duryodhan request Bhishma to make him the king.

Mahabharat Season 10

Episodes: 15

Mahabharat Season 10

Apart from Duryodhan and Karna, Pandavas also participates in Draupadi’s swayamvar as brahmins. Arjun and Draupadi get married and when they return home, Kunti aware of this news, ask Arjun to share whatever he brings with his brothers. Draupadi marries to Pandavas and Duryodhan learns that Pandavas are alive. Shakuni asks him to be the king before Pandavas return to Hastinapur.

Mahabharat Season 11

Episodes: 20

Pandavas return to Hastinapur with Kunti and Draupadi. Shakuni and Duryodhan conspire Dhritrashtra against Bhishma, Vidura and Pandava. On Shakuni’s advice, Dhritrashtra announced Yudhishthir to be an independent king of Indraprastha after winning it. Pandavas leave Hastinapura leaving Kunti and Bhishma there, for Indraprastha. Will Yudhishthir be able to become the king of Indraprastha?

Mahabharat Season 12

Episodes: 5

Duryodhan wants to marry Subhadra, but she refuses as she wants to marry Arjun only. Arjun and Subhadra get married with the help of Lord Krishna. Dhritrashtra refuses to accept their marriage. Krishna asks him to either accept their marriage or make Pandava’s land independent. Subhadra and Arjun return to Indraprastha.

Mahabharat Season 13

Episodes: 5

Duryodhan and Shakuni plan to defeat Krishna and Pandavas with the aid of Jarasandh. But Bheem kills Jarasandh in Malla-yudh. Subhadra is pregnant and jealous Duryodhan meets Shishupal in Indraprastha.

Mahabharat Season 14

Episodes: 3

Duryodhan asks Shishupal to destroy Pandava’s Rajasuya. Shishupal insults Krishna, Arjuna and Bheem. Duryodhan challenges Krishna to fight with him. But Vidura interferes, and Draupadi humiliates Duryodhan. Angry Duryodhan asks Karna to attack Indraprastha.

Mahabharat Season 15

Episodes: 13

Shakuni and Duryodhan makes an evil plan and invites Pandavas along with Kunti and Draupadi to play a game of dice with them. In the game, one after another, Yudhisthir bets on all of his brothers and lose them. In the end, he bets on Draupadi and loses her too. While Dushyasan disrobes her, Lord Krishna helps her, and she remained cover with clothes. Draupadi threatens Duryodhan that she will bring Krishna’s Army to Hastinapur and will make Pandavas independent again.

Mahabharat Season 16

Episodes: 14

On Shakuni’s Advice, Dhritrashtra sends Pandavas and Draupadi on Vanvaas for 12 years and on Agyatvaas after that for one year. Pandavas agrees on it and challenge Kauravas that when they will complete their vanvaas, they will return to take their rights and it will be the biggest war between them. Krishna supports Pandavas, and Dhritrashtra is worried about this. During their Vanvaas, Each Pandav pleased various lords, and once they completed their Vanvaas, Bhishma informed Kauravas about the war.

Mahabharat Season 17

Episodes: 13

Mahabharat Season 17

As per Bhishma Promise to Dhrirashtra to support them for a lifetime, Bhishma asks Pandavas to either fight with him or leave the kingdom. Krishna gives Guidance to Arjun and other Pandava to bring them out from this Dilemma. Pandavas decide to fight a battle against their blood and Krishna guides them. And that is how the biggest battle of Emotions, Rights, Dharam begins, about which we all know.

Latter season of this show then describes you the details of the battle and how Pandavas win over Kauravas with the help of Lord Krishna.

Where can you watch Mahabharat (2013) in Different Languages Online?

All the seasons and episodes of the great mythological show “Mahabharat” is available on Hotstar App. Apart from Hindi, It is available in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and in other languages. Below we are providing links where you can enjoy this show.

How To Download Mahabharat All Episodes?

If you want to download Mahabharat all seasons, we would like to inform that our team contacted the Hotstar and asked whether they’ll be having an option to download Mahabharat for offline watching. Till now, we haven’t got any response yet. As soon as we get the official response, we will update the post.

However, there are some piracy sites like Putlocker, Ocean of Movies and more that have all seasons to stream or download Mahabharat on their servers. It’s illegal to download or watch on such piracy websites and we warn you to strictly avoid accessing them. If you still do at your own risk, we would recommend using NordVPN for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mahabharat 2013 TV Series

1. Is Mahabharat (2013) worth watching?

Mahabharat (2013) is one of the most popular mythological show of Star Plus, and it is definitely worth to watch. The whole cast of Mahabharat (2013) is awe-inspiring, and everyone will impress you. From Costume to scenery, the team worked on everything so well. So if you are getting bored during the lockdown, you can binge-watch this show on the Hotstar app.

2. In what languages Mahabharat is available to watch?

The makers have released Mahabharat (2013) in a total of five languages which are: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali. All these versions are available on the Hotstar app, and you can binge-watch it in your favourite language.

3. How to download Mahabharat all episodes?

As Hotstar doesn’t allow you to download episodes of Mahabharat (2013), you can only enjoy them online. The duration of each episode is around 20-25 minutes. So enjoy it without downloading it.

Disclaimer (Important)

We strictly do not support any piracy crime in any manner. The content here tells about torrenting safety. People use pirated content, but they should know that it is illegal and should be aware of it. Downloadhub is an exceptionally famous website to download and watch movies and TV shows without paying. We recommend you to take care of your safety and keep in mind the anonymity with the help of VPN service.


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