Mad Max Enters The Thunderdome In New Gameplay Trailer


We covered Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max game extensively in our April issue, but the Wasteland holds many secrets. The studio released a new trailer for the game, and in addition to showing extensive footage of the systems we’ve written about, it teases a few new things as well.

There are a few details in this story that could be considered spoilers for the first Mad Max movie.

One of the big ones is confirmation that a Thunderdome will be playing a part in the game. These domed arenas, introduced in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, are the source of the Mad Max franchise’s oft-quoted line, “Two men enter, one man leaves.” Max is shown in a dome with the woman who helped him during a Gastown race against Stankgum. Unless she’s just showing him around, odds are one of them isn’t long for this world.

This shot, from the beginning of the trailer, shows Max in the driver’s seat of his Interceptor. Fans of the films will notice something interesting about the character’s reboot: Max went unhinged after his wife and infant son were killed in the first movie. Here, we see a photo of Max’s wife and daughter. The character is being reinterpreted in both the game and in the upcoming movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, and this is likely one major change. It still provides the same emotional punch as in Mad Max, but it’s a detail that underscores that this is a new Mad Max.

The following screens don’t provide details on anything we didn’t already know about, but they effectively show off the car combat and melee battles from the game.

Mad Max is set to come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 1.


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