Keep doing what your heart says, Shah Rukh Khan tells Saahil Prem | Hindi Movie News

Actor-director Saahil Prem has found a big supporter in Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

With his movie — Mad About Dance, presented by Essel Vision — hitting the screens today, SRK has a few words of encouragement for the youngster:

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“I’ve known Saahil since his childhood, but didn’t know he wanted to be an actor or a director. It takes a lot to act and direct together, it takes courage to do something different. MAD is very different in the sense that this genre is new to our country. So, more than saying that I am promoting him, because no one can promote anyone, I am just standing by him, because I think he has attempted something new and new genres, new actors and new talent should be stood by.

All I can tell Saahil is, keep doing your work with all you have, everything else is peripheral. Do every film like it’s your first film, with the same excitement and do it with such desperation that it’s your last film.

Film banane se bada koi khwab nahi hota… these dreams are very big dreams and yeh pehla khawab hai Saahil ka, Insha’Allah, MAD should find its place with the audience. There will be many bigger dreams in future, but the first dream, when it comes true, is always special. Saahil has put in a lot of hard work and is going by his heart and I hope it doesn’t hurt. And even if it hurts, I would tell him, don’t step back and keep on doing what your heart says.”

Mad About Dance, produced by Paanch Rupaiya Barah Ana Productions and Sunday Talkies, releases today.

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