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ISL Live, FCG vs JFC Live Football Score



ISL Live, FCG vs JFC Live Football Score

Welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the match between FC Goa and Jamshedpur FC Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) to be played tonight at GMC Athletic Stadium, Bambolim Goa. This is Aneesh Dey bringing you live updates of the match.

5:45 p.m.- Missed the previous match? We’ve got you covered with our ISL competition reviews. Here is a recap of the match between NEUFC and KBFC.

MATCH EXAMPLE: ISL 2021: FC Goa wants to strike back against Jamshedpur FC

Starting with a loss to its arch-rival Mumbai City FC in the season opener, FC Goa will be happy to cash its first points when it starts Jamshedpur FC at the Athletic Stadium in Bambolim in the Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) on Friday.

FC Goa started off with a fairly young defensive lineup that struggled with the attacking firepower of Mumbai City. Former Gaurs striker Igor Angulo turned into a tormentor when he braced to lead the defending champions to victory

Reflecting on the loss, Goa coach Juan Ferrando said: “Our performance against Mumbai was not good. We are working on our plan and style for Friday’s game. It is necessary to learn (from the loss), but our focus is on the next game.”

The Spaniard added that he wants his side to be more compact and push higher on the pitch. “In transitions when we lose the ball, it’s important that we are more compact. In the second half we lost the ball twice and our transition was not good. At the first goal we lost the ball because of the foul and we missed the transition there too. It is very important to control the space during the attack and in the overlap, because ball recovery is crucial and we have to apply pressure because the opponent has a lot of space, therefore it is difficult for us to defend this move.”

Jamshedpur FC is also looking for its first win of the season after finishing a 1-1 draw with SC East Bengal. Owen Coyle’s side were denied a spot in the semi-finals last year after losing to FC Goa and have beaten the Gaurs just twice in eight games.

Coyle is wary of the challenge. “They (FC Goa) will be hurt by losing the first match. They will be like a wounded animal that is dangerous. We know that if we are our best as a team, we can win and that is our focus. We have to be very respectful to FC Goa. They are a fantastic club, with a great philosophy, great players and an excellent young coach Juan Ferrando,” he said.

The Scottish manager added that his side needed to be more clinical in finishing chances up front.

Where can you watch the match?

The match will be broadcast live on the Star Network (SD and HD). It will also be streamed live in the OTT platform, Disney+Hotstar and JioTV



The Weather Network – Winter weather whiplash! A stormy and changeable season in Canada




The Weather Network - Winter weather whiplash!  A stormy and changeable season in Canada

Monday, November 29, 2021, 5:05 AM – The Weather Network is forecasting a winter of comings and goings for much of the country, with periods of severe weather for the coming season.

Devastating flooding, record heat, and even a snow storm all made headlines in Canada in the fall of 2021. While we’ve seen a few quick shots of early winter weather, lingering cold is missing across the country so far. Is this mild and stormy pattern a taste of what’s to come this winter? For a preview of what we expect in December, January and February, read on.

A tumultuous temperature pattern is expected across Canada during the coming winter season. This will result in a winter of comings and goings for much of the country, with periods of strong winter weather punctuated by periods of mild weather. Across western Canada, we expect frigid temperatures to surpass periods of milder weather, especially in January and February. Meanwhile, in Eastern Canada, periods of mild weather should be more dominant.

View our national temperature forecast for the winter of 2021-2022 here.

Winter Forecast 2021-22 Temperature Pattern

However, before we settle into our dominant pattern for the heart of the winter season, the focus of the more consistent winter weather in the second half of December is expected to shift to Ontario, Quebec and even the Maritimes for a few weeks, and into early December. January. This should include the week before Christmas and continue through New Years.

Temperature pattern mid and late December 2021

For the heart of the winter season, we expect the focus of the frigid weather to shift to Western Canada, with the occasional fairly mild weather north to Eastern Canada. However, we expect two different versions of that pattern in January and February.

Some of the time, very mild temperatures should prevail in the eastern half of the country. This would result in a prolonged thaw in southern parts of the region, seemingly ‘wiping away’ the winter.

Temperature Pattern A: January and February 2021

Sometimes, however, the frigid weather in western and central Canada will try to spread south and east. This would form a battleground between the Arctic air in the north and the very mild air in the south, stretching from Southern Ontario to the Maritimes. This scenario would lead to periods of strong winter weather with messy systems tracking the entire region.

Scenario B: 2022 January and February Temperature Pattern

While it appears that the milder version of the pattern will be more dominant, we’re still unsure about the balance between the two scenarios — which will likely hold the key to how winter is remembered from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes.

Meanwhile, a La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific will continue to support an active storm track across southern Canada, leading to above-normal precipitation and snowfall for southern parts of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. However, in southern Ontario and parts of southern Quebec, several of our winter storms will bring a messy mix of snow, ice, and even rain. So while we still expect an abundance of snow (despite milder temperatures), southern areas could end up with less-than-normal snowfall.

National precipitation forecast for winter 2021-22 in Canada

Below is a more detailed breakdown of your provincial forecast, as well as a preview of early spring.


A stormy pattern is expected to continue in southern BC throughout the winter season, resulting in above-normal precipitation totals. This will bring an abundance of snow to the alpine regions, and at times we can expect significant snowfall in lower elevations including Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Victoria and the Okanogan Valley.

In addition, colder-than-normal temperatures are expected to dominate the season mainly in January and February, possibly lasting well into March. This should form the basis for an extended ski season.



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Param Bir Singh appears before panel that alleges corruption against Anil Deshmukh. investigates




Param Bir Singh appears before panel that alleges corruption against Anil Deshmukh.  investigates

Param Bir Singh had alleged that Anil Deshmukh had asked police officers to collect ₹100 crore per month from bars and restaurants in the city.

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh appeared Monday before the commission investigating corruption charges against former Maharashtra Home Secretary Anil Deshmukh.

After the appearance of Mr. Singh, the KU Chandiwal Commission of Justice canceled the bail order issued against him and asked him to deposit £15,000 into the Chief Minister’s emergency fund.

The one-man commission was formed in March this year to investigate Mr Singh’s allegations against the then Home Secretary and NCP leader Deshmukh.

The panel had previously fined Singh several times for failing to appear before the panel and also issued a court order against him.

Mr Singh, who was transferred from the post of Mumbai Police Commissioner in March in the wake of the Antilia bombing, had alleged that Deshmukh had asked police officers to collect ₹100 crore a month from bars and restaurants in the city.

Mr Singh, who had been submerged here by a court in an extortion case, appeared in public last Thursday after six months, appearing before the Mumbai Crime Department to take his statement.

The Supreme Court has granted him temporary protection from arrest.

Singh appeared before the Thane police on Friday in connection with an extortion case brought against him and several other police officials over the complaint of a local contractor.

The IPS officer is facing at least five extortion cases in Maharashtra.


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Facebook no longer allows advertisers to target political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation – TechCrunch




Facebook no longer allows advertisers to target political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation – TechCrunch

Facebook announced today that it will no longer allow advertisers to target users based on potentially “sensitive” topics such as health, sexual orientation, or religious and political beliefs. “Lung Cancer Awareness,” “LGBT Culture” and “Jewish Holidays” are just some of the interest categories that will no longer be targeted early next year.

“The decision to remove these granular targeting options was not an easy one, and we know that this change could negatively impact some businesses and organizations,” the company wrote in a blog post, saying that input from civil rights experts, policy makers and other stakeholders contributed to its decision. Advertising revenue is Facebook’s main source of revenue, so any major change in advertising policy could have significant impacts.

Facebook can target users based on information in their profile, such as their age, location or gender. But the platform has never made it possible to target people based on the sexual orientation listed in their profile, a company representative told TechCrunch. The ads that are removed are more likely to refer to ads shown based on your profile’s interest categories.

Facebook assigns these interest categories to your profile based on your activity. Based on how you interact with Facebook content, you can be assigned categories that Facebook would call “sensitive,” such as “American Jewish culture,” “LGBT rights,” or “Barack Obama.” As of January 19, advertisers will no longer be able to target their ads based on interests like this one. Other interest groups such as ‘rock climbing’ and ‘knitting’, which are not sensitive, can still be targeted – there are tens of thousands of these categories, sensitive or not.

Users can see their profile’s interest groups by navigating on the desktop to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Ads > Ads Settings > Categories Used to Reach You > Interest Categories. If you do not wish to receive advertisements based on a particular interest, you can opt out.

This change in advertising policy comes as Meta — the recently renamed parent company of the Facebook platform — is gaining more attention after a series of Senate hearings regarding documents leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen. As more documents are leaked to the press, Meta has gone on the defensive, claiming that some journalists’ reporting… misrepresented his actions.

But Facebook’s advertising policies have been a concern for years. In the run-up to the 2020 US presidential election, Facebook imposed restrictions on the types of political ads it could create. In 2018, Facebook carried out a similar takedown of more than 5,000 ad targeting options after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) filed a complaint. complaint charged Facebook for helping landlords and home sellers violate the Fair Housing Act. Before that, in 2016, Facebook turned off “ethnic affinity” targeting for ads related to housing, employment, and credit after a ProPublica report suggested that these capabilities could be used for discriminatory advertising. When it comes to housing and employment, it is illegal to target ads based on certain demographics. Another report from ProPublica urged Facebook to remove ad targeting based on anti-Semitic interest categories.

“We want to better align with people’s evolving expectations of how advertisers can reach them on our platform and provide feedback from civil rights experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders about the importance of preventing advertisers from abusing the targeting options we offer. make available,” the company wrote in a statement blog post. “The decision to remove these granular targeting options was not an easy one and we know that this change could negatively impact some businesses and organizations.”

While Facebook said it made these decisions based on concerns about how data could be misused by malicious parties, there are instances where this data could be used in a potentially positive way, raising concerns for some stakeholders. For example, if someone was interested in “diabetes awareness,” they could get in touch with nonprofit organizations working to treat the condition.

Nevertheless, Facebook offers companies a number of tools to access a specific target group. For example, if users are signed up for ad tracking on an iPhone, Facebook advertisers can use that information for ad targeting. Companies can also use Custom Audience Engagement, similar audience and other techniques for reaching users, as the company outlines in its blog post.

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