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Is McDonald’s Closed on Thanksgiving? Explored for hours!



Is McDonald's Closed on Thanksgiving?  Explored for hours!

McDonald’s has always managed to please its customers with its burgers and nuggets, so it’s no surprise that many people want to experience the same taste on Thanksgiving as well. But is the fast food joint closed?

Thanksgiving is celebrated every year to share gratitude and celebrate the harvest. In the midst of this, some people enjoy visiting their friends, while the others pack their bags and go back to their families.

Whatever the choice, one thing most people have in common is their love for McDonald’s.

Is McDonald’s Closed on Thanksgiving?

No, McDonald’s is not closed on Thanksgiving. Customers can visit their local outlet and enjoy their favorite burgers. Unfortunately, opening hours may be different and it is difficult to say what time McDonald’s will be closed.

Since most outlets are independent, the timing for each will vary. However, customers can use the McDonald’s app or check the timing of their local outlet online to make sure they aren’t arriving at a locked location.

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Nevertheless, it looks like most outlets in the US will be open for customers to come in and enjoy.

Why the outlet is perfect for those on a budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving meal. From Spoon University, you can enjoy a perfect meal at McDonald’s for just $10.

From some cheeseburgers to fries and hashbrowns, McDonald’s offers many options for customers to look at. To add to this, one can also get cookies from the ‘All Day Breakfast’ option or opt for an Apply pie to finish off the meal.

What are other outlets open on Thanksgiving?

Other outlets open on Thanksgiving include:

  • burger king
  • Starbucks
  • Dominoes
  • daddy johns
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • hardee’s

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leave Facebook? This is how you take your photos, messages, notes and events with you




leave Facebook?  This is how you take your photos, messages, notes and events with you

Facebook makes it easier to move your photos, posts, and more to other platforms.

Sarah Tew/CNET

are you ready to delete facebook? Or do you just want to make sure that your years of photos, videos, messages, notes and events are safely stored somewhere else so you can access them? Good news: Facebook lets you switch all your valuable information from the site to other platforms, and it’s not hard to do.

Facebook already allows you to download all your data (including ad targeting information that the site collects about you) in a ZIP file, and to move photos and videos specifically to Google Photos, Dropbox, Backblaze, and Koofr. Starting in August, you can also transfer your posts, notes, photos, and events directly from the site to Google Docs, Blogger,, Photobucket, and Google Calendar. Facebook said it will add more types of data you can transfer and more destinations in the future.

The expansion of Facebook’s Transfer Your Information tool comes as Facebook and tech companies like Amazon and Google have faced accusations from regulators and lawmakers that they are using monopoly power to illegally suppress their competitors. CNET’s Queenie Wong Reports. Lawsuits filed against Facebook last year noted that people are having a hard time moving their information to other platforms, a problem that keeps them on the social network.

Here’s how to use the Facebook Transfer Your Data tool to send your photos, videos, messages, notes, and events to other platforms. These instructions are largely the same whether you open Facebook in a browser or in the mobile app.

How to transfer your Facebook photos, videos, messages, notes and events

Use Facebook’s updated transfer tool to move your photos, videos, posts, and notes to platforms like Google Docs and


1. On Facebook on desktop, click the down arrow in the top right corner. Click Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information.

2. Click Transfer a copy of your dataand re-enter your Facebook password.

3. From the drop-down menu, choose which platform you want to transfer your information to. Click Next step.

4. Choose what to transfer: photos, videos, messages, or notes, depending on the platform you’ve selected. You have the option to move all or those of a selected period or album. Click Next step.

5. Click Connect and start transfer. Log in to the service you selected to move your information to and select Confirm transfer. (Facebook notes that after the transfer, that service’s terms and policies will govern their use of your information.)

Now you have a copy of those precious Facebook posts that let you do whatever you want.

For more, check out how to delete your facebook account completely, and a few tips to ease the transition from Facebook.

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How To Delete Facebook Permanently


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MSI Optix MAG272CQR monitor £140 off at Amazon for Cyber ​​Monday 2021




MSI Optix MAG272CQR monitor £140 off at Amazon for Cyber ​​Monday 2021

Black Friday may be — technically — over, but PC hardware sellers are still keeping a lot of prices low for Cyber ​​Monday. Some hefty deals are also lurking, such as this huge savings on the MSI Optix MAG272CQR gaming monitor.


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Northern Ireland weather forecast for the next week




Northern Ireland weather forecast for the next week

After the stormy weekend, there can be no doubt that winter is coming.

Storm Arwen swept across the UK with devastating effects, including the death of a primary school principal after a tree fell on his car in County Antrim.

While Northern Ireland has managed to escape much of the snow that has covered other parts of the UK, many are hoping for a calmer week this week.

But luckily there are higher temperatures and a calmer week ahead.

The Met Office says:

Today, Monday 29 November, will be a cloudy and dull day with occasional light rain and drizzle, the best of any drier spell through Fermanagh. Milder than lately and sometimes refreshing winds. Maximum temperature 10C.

Tonight it will be cloudy with clear spells of rain and drizzle. Much of this will be light and patchy with some drier periods. A mild and frost-free night. Windy. Minimum temperature 7C.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 November, it will be cloudy with occasional rain showers, heavy and persistent. In the evening drier and clearer with occasional showers. Windy. Maximum temperature 10C.

Beginning of December towards the end of the week it will be clear and windy with showers on Wednesday becoming wintery.

Mostly clear and fresh on Thursday, but later rain and sleet. Friday clear with showers.


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