Instagram Reels vs TikTok: Which one is better?


The Indian government has banned Tiktok and the US government is also looking to ban TikTok. TikTok users are searching for a potent video creating app and to fill this desire Instagram has launched its Reels features. With Instagram Reels feature allows you to create and watch short videos just like TikTok. TikTok users are glad to have a substitute in the form of Instagram reels and to conclude which is better between Instagram Reels vs TikTok we are here to assist you.

Instagram Reels feature is currently under testing and soon the feature will be available for everyone. Official release date is still under rocks but smartphone users can try it after updating the Instagram app.

Let’s check out what is Instagram Reels and ho you can create short lip sync videos with this latest Instagram feature.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels functions like TikTok and users can create 15 seconds short videos with popular music tracks. Instagram is looking forward to making Instagram Reels a platform like TikTok where users can participate in different challenges and trends.

After creating short lip sync videos with Instagram Reels you can post them in your newsfeed and if you don’t want to exhibit those videos anywhere then you can do so. You can add filters, add music, and share them like TikTok and also record with your original voice. With Instagram Reels, one can delete previously recorded videos and re-record them. Also, you can attach the effects that are used by other users.

How to create Instagram Reels?

The most important part of Instagram Reels vs TikTok is how to create Instagram Reels. The Reels highlight can be gotten to a similar way Boomerangs or Instagram Lives — through alternatives at the base of your screen in Instagram’s camera include. By tapping or holding down the hover at the base of the screen, clients will have the option to begin recording their 15-second recordings with choices like speed, impacts, AR channels, and a clock accessible to them. Reels enable you to utilize your own unique sound too and afterward share that sound with different users for their own Reels.

How to share Instagram Reels?

You can share Instagram Reels via your story or direct message to other Instagram users. It all depends on you whether you want to share your videos with your followers only want to make them public. If you have a Public account then you can share your videos via “Explore”.

Currently, you can’t notice what’s tending like TikTok but still, you can say it the perfect alternative to the TikTok.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok – Which is better

Right now it is pretty tough to say whether Instagram Reels is better than TikTok or not. Because it is just the start of this new feature of Instagram that claims to replace TikTok.

TikTok was widely popular in small cities and towns and Instagram is used by fashion bloggers, influences, and other professionals. So it is pretty tough for Instagram to reach the rural population. We can hope for the best and Facebook-owned Instagram may get success to be the real alternative to TikTok across the world.



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