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How many McDonald’s restaurants are there in your state? – 24/7 Wallstr.



How many McDonald's restaurants are there in your state?  – 24/7 Wallstr.

Special Report

Despite being associated with high calorie intake, as well as high fat and sodium intake, fast food has long been a beloved part of the American diet. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 37% of U.S. adults consume food from fast restaurants on any given day. (These Are 30 Popular Fast Foods That Are Real Calorie Bombs.)

Other CDC findings show that adults ages 20 to 39 consume the most fast food. Men are more likely than women to eat fast food for lunch, while women are more likely to consume fast food as a snack. And, probably shattering a common misconception, the percentage of adults eating fast food actually rises as household income rises.

American fast food choices abound, served in brightly colored restaurants by the King, Queen, Colonel and others. But perhaps no fast food restaurant is more globally recognized and instantly recognized as the one with the clown mascot: McDonald’s. (These are the best burgers you can get in a fast food restaurant.)

According to the 2020 annual report, there were 39,198 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, including 13,682 in the United States. Only 657 stores are operated by the company, making McDonald’s the largest franchise network in the world by revenue. The company may have planted its golden arches in 119 countries, but the US is by far the most important market, accounting for 41% of all sales last year.

The company is ubiquitous across the country, but consumer demand for Big Macs and Egg McMuffins is higher in some states than others. While there are approximately 4.2 McDonald’s locations per 100,000 people nationwide, the concentration in states ranges from 2.9 McDonald’s restaurants per 100,000 people in New Jersey and Rhode Island to 5.8 per 100,000 in West Virginia.

To identify the number of McDonald’s in each of the 50 states, Tempo has 24/7 data from the “America’s Fast Food Capitals” feature of NiceRx, a patient assistance/drug access company program. NiceRx used US Census Bureau figures for population and total number of fast food and full service restaurants. The totals for the 10 most popular chains were collected via NiceRx considers “fast food” to be limited service restaurants as defined by the US Census Bureau.

Click here to see the number of McDonald’s in all 50 states


Should You Add McDonald’s Corp (MCD) Stocks to Your Portfolio on Wednesday?




Should You Add McDonald's Corp (MCD) Stock to Your Portfolio Wednesday?

A rating of 92 places McDonald’s Corp (MCD) near the top of the Consumer Cyclical sector according to: Investor Observer. McDonald’s Corp’s score of 92 means it ranks above 92% of the industry’s stock. In addition, its overall score of 72 ranks it higher than 72% of all stocks.

Overall Score - 72
MCD has an overall score of 72. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the rankings on MCD!

What do these ratings mean?

Finding the best stocks can be tricky. It is not easy to compare companies from different sectors. Even companies in the cyclical consumer sector can sometimes be difficult to compare. Investor Observer‘s tools enable a top-down approach that allows you to pick a metric, find the top sector and industry, and then find the best stocks in that sector. Our proprietary scoring system captures technical factors, fundamental analysis and the opinions of analysts on Wall Street. This makes InvestorsObserver’s overall rating a great way to start, regardless of your investing style. Percentile-ranked scores are also easy to understand. A score of 100 is the top and a 0 is the bottom. No need to try to remember what is “good” for a lot of complicated ratios, just pay attention to which numbers are the highest.

What will happen to McDonald’s Corp stock today?

Shares of McDonald’s Corp (MCD) traded at $260.52 on Wednesday, December 8 at 1:33 PM, up $0.61, or 0.23% from its previous closing price of $259.91. Volume today is light. So far, 1,401,123 shares have been traded compared to an average volume of 2,782,222 shares. The stock has traded between $259.19 and $262.81 so far today. Click here for the full stock report for the stock of McDonald’s Corp.

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The Wheel of Time book up




The Wheel of Time book up

As we expected, the first The wheel of time book has risen on Amazon’s best-selling list. Here’s a full look at the list from November 28 to December 4.

When the Amazon series The wheel of time premiered, we expected the books to make it onto Amazon’s best-selling list. The first book came in before the series premiered, but it was on the low end. Now that the series is in full swing, Robert Jordan’s first book tops the list.

The eye of the world by Robert Jordan took three places this week to get into the Top 3. He’s not quite at the top of the list, but he is in second place.

Outlander Book 9 up, Mercy down

There was a lot of movement on the Amazon bestselling book list. One of the most notable movers is Go tell the bees I’m gone by Diana Gabaldon. Unsurprisingly, the book moved up six places to take over the top spot on the list. The book also took first place on the list of most read books of the week.

The whole Top 3 has actually changed. The Throne of glass collection by Sarah J. Maas finished in third place. All eight books put together make an excellent Christmas present, so it’s no surprise it’s so high on the list now.

It did mean Dune by Frank Herbert was knocked out of the Top 3 for the first time in ages. It lost three places and dropped to fourth place.

However, that was not the biggest loss. The dark hours by Michael Connelly and Apples never fall of Liane Moriarty lost nine places each. However, Grace by David Baldacci lost the most places. It dropped to 19th place after losing 17 spots.

Amazon bestselling books: November 28 to December 4

  1. Go tell the bees I’m gone by Diana Gabaldon (+6)
  2. The eye of the world by Robert Jordan (+3)
  3. Throne of glass bundle of Sarah J. Maas (new acquisition)
  4. Dune by Frank Herbert (-3)
  5. The list of the judge by John Grisham (-2)
  6. Great shot by Jeff Kinney (+2)
  7. The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles (-3)
  8. fear no evil by James Patterson (new addition)
  9. Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson (new acquisition)
  10. State of terror by Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (–)
  11. becoming by Nora Roberts (new acquisition)
  12. Project Greetings by Andy Weir (-2)
  13. The wish by Nicholas Sparks (return)
  14. It ends with us by Colleen Hoover (-1)
  15. The dark hours by Michael Connelly (-9)
  16. Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands by Taylor Jenkins Reid (-4)
  17. The Christmas Pig by JK Rowling (return)
  18. Apples never fall by Liane Moriarty (-9)
  19. Grace by David Baldacci (-17)
  20. The last thing he told me by Laura Dave (-6)

Which Amazon Books Are You Reading Right Now? What’s on the list to buy this week? Share your top picks in the comments below.

Get your Amazon books with two days of free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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JetBlue-Backed Weather Startup Goes Public Through SPAC Deal




A JetBlue Airbus A220 aircraft outside of a hangar. Source: JetBlue.

Skift Take

Silicon Valley sometimes mocks travel companies for not being as agile as tech startups. So it’s refreshing to learn that JetBlue Airways has been a valuable mentor to, a tech startup now valued at over $700 million.

Sean O’Neill, a weather information company, said Tuesday it plans to go public through a merger with Pine Technology, a blank check company. The target for the pro forma enterprise value of the combined company would be approximately $729 million. provides real-time weather forecasts relevant to business operations. The 120 corporate customers include AeroMexico, Azul, Delta and United, plus several other non-travel companies.

While not a travel startup, stands out because it is backed by JetBlue Technology Enterprises, the investment arm of the American airline JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue Technology Ventures joined others, including Koch Strategic Platforms, National Grid Partners and SoftBank Group’s SB Energy, by participating in a $75 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) to support the transaction.

In 2017, JetBlue became the startup’s first commercial customer for its services.

“Since that time, [the startup] has consistently delivered valuable results for JetBlue by minimizing operational disruption at the airport,” said Amy Burr, president of JetBlue Technology Ventures.

The startup’s investor pitch deck, embedded below, includes an aviation-related example. An unnamed airline suffered a snow storm in April 2019 that required it to defrost planes but was unable to do so as winds hit more than 50 miles per hour. The carrier used’s micro-forecasts to find periods when winds decreased, allowing for de-icing. By acting on the forecasts, the airline was able to avoid delays and save about $2 million.

More about JetBlue Tech Ventures

Updated March 4, 2021

The proposed transaction — part of a series of travel-related SPAC deals — is expected to close in the first half of 2020, at which point will then await regulatory approval to trade on the Nasdaq exchange in New York under the TMW symbol.

This is the pitch deck for investors:

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