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Hanna Season 3: Amazon Prime Video Show Has a Familiar Ending



Hanna Season 3 Amazon Prime Video

The farewell season of the Prime Video TV adaptation plots against a secret system in a new wild, stylish European goose hunt.

“Hanna” never really needed a big conspiracy. Searching for answers at the top of a global spy food chain may have been a spark that ignited the flames of both versions of the story, the 2011 film and the Prime Video series, which concludes with Season 3 this week. . What sets Amazon’s TV version apart is its ability to go along with what happens to anyone who gets entangled in a thorny thicket of high-level killers.

Even at the beginning of the show, when Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) was deep in the training that consumed her entire childhood, the goal was more than survival. Season 2 of “Hanna” was the show’s biggest magic trick, giving Hanna the high school experience she never had at the remote facility The Meadows, even if her classmates were all elite killers in the making, like her.

Season 3 aims for a similar kind of subversion as Hanna and fellow villain Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) try to protect the targets from a secret list of potential subversives. With the Utrax program still up and running (despite the dent the two managed at the end of Season 2), the collective power harnessed and nurtured in The Meadows can still end many lives and many more. destroy more.

In that rush to rescue Gen Z dissidents (one is a Thunberg type, others are scattered across academic and intellectual targets), “Hanna” gets a boost. The show has always worked best when it expands its world outwards rather than trying to understand who is replying to whom. If power abhors a vacuum, the more compelling question facing the show is what happens to young cops who get caught up in that perilous struggle for control.

Hanna Season 3 Marissa Carmichael


Christopher Raphael / Amazon Prime Video

So with six episodes running down the runway to the end of the series, it’s a bit of a drain when “Hanna” sets his sights on what amounts to the show’s Final Boss, a gruff signal caller named The Chairman (Ray Liotta), who might be the man who started the whole off-the-books killer project. The search for answers behind the president’s motives threatens to divert attention from Hanna and Marissa’s world-hopping, deadly fake campaign. The more it becomes clear that the main goal of the season is dealing with the top of the Utrax org chart, the more it feels like “Hanna” is returning to where it started.

Even going back to familiar territory, “Hanna” shines when it shows how good the title character is at her craft. Basically, Hanna walks up to a complete stranger and strikes up a conversation to gather information, pick up the logistics layout of a location seconds after arriving, or see the details that will make the difference between her escape or her capture. . That complements the ultimate sense of onscreen confidence of both Creed-Miles and Enos, each finding a surprising amount of expressiveness in roles that rely on emotional restraint. (The faintest hint of a smile from Marissa at a pivotal moment later in the season is arguably Enos’s best moment in the series.)

The duo Hanna/Marissa, a couple who were far removed from their relationship at the start of the series, have become the foundation of the show. It’s an undeniable thrill to watch both of them outsmart and outsmart hordes of tactical teams and agents, sent with kill orders. Using their intuition, memory, combat skills and some simple innovations, they are the special “Hanna” effect that leaves the biggest impression.

“Hanna” doesn’t quite abandon the former students of The Meadows, the small troop of young women who, like Hanna, were designed to become a compliant elite force of extrajudicial killers. As Sandy (Áine Rose Daly) and Jules (Gianna Kiehl) prepare their own pitches in the field, there’s at least a look at how they deal with the psychological burden they’ve had to bear alongside Hanna. Yet they almost get lost in the shuffle of impostors and red herring as they hunt for the chairman.

Hanna Season 3 Ray Liotta


Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video

Liotta carries with it a certain command and authority, but his role is bereft of the enigmatic charm that helped make Dermot Mulroney’s Carmichael a major concern in Season 2. With the Utrax program facing a mammoth setback, Carmichael is caught between loyalties, which makes him an interesting person to bring back as the show’s endgame converges. The chairman’s goal, on the other hand, is to deliver strict orders and be sinister in conversations. Despite the season’s best efforts to give some emotional resonance to his involvement in the overall story of the show, he’s mostly a means to an end.

However, David Farr, who wrote the original movie and is the creator/lead writer of the series, has some tricks up his sleeve. He and the writing team are adept at creating situations where two people are having a seemingly honest conversation, but the viewer knows they’re both lying. After three seasons, “Hanna” effectively trains you to think like these agents, even if the show is a step or two ahead.

And the show remains a visual treat. Three directors this season – Sacha Polak, Weronika Tofilska and Anca Miruna Lăzărescu – have a keen eye for staging these confrontations. Attention to physicality and movement emphasizes the true toll that all this work takes on Hanna, Marissa and everyone else trying to stay alive. It wouldn’t be a “Hanna” broadcast season without a few encounters and deadlocks in interiors drenched in striking red. From the source material to the Amazon’s reinvention, that primary concern with mood (aided by another season of hypnotic work by composers Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow and Yann McCullough) has helped make it a feast for the senses.

So “Hanna” isn’t so much a runaway train hurtling toward the finish line as a sports car sliding toward a bittersweet ending. It’s a combination of messiness and grace that has suited the show over its three seasons, resulting in one last bow that picks out enough and lets the rest fade into uncertainty. For a show about a young killer raised to leave nothing to chance, this might be the perfect place to leave it.

Grade B

“Hanna” Season 3 is now available to stream on Prime Video.

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Orlando Pirates vs LPRC Oilers: LIVE SCORES




Orlando Pirates vs LPRC Oilers: LIVE SCORES

Orlando Pirates are in action tonight in their CAF Confederation Cup final play-off round first game against LRPC Oilers.


The meeting is scheduled for kick-off at the Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Liberia for 18:00.


The Buccaneers secured their spot in the final round of play-offs after beating Congolese side Diables Noirs 1-0.

LRPC Oilers vs Orlando Pirates: LIVE SCORES

Starting position

Orlando Pirates

Mpontshane, Nyauza, Mngonyama, Mabaso, Mako, Motshwari, Makaringe, Hotto, Mabasa, Mntambo, Dzvukamanja

Subs: Sandilands, Shandu, Maela, Sam, Monare, Makgaka, Mhango

Shape guide

“Both sides have had a mix of results in recent weeks, but based on their most recent appearances, Orlando Pirates should go into the game with some confidence.” – The official Pirates site report.

“In their last assignment, the Soweto Giants were dominant on the road, beating Stellenbosch FC 3-0 to claim their biggest margin of the season. The result also ended a two-game winless run that saw the Buccaneers endure a loss and a draw, both away from home. The Oilers, on the other hand, have had a harder time since they kicked off their domestic league campaign with a convincing 3-0 win over newly promoted Sandi FC.


“Since then they have played three games without winning, drawn twice and lost once. The Liberians are in the Confed Cup after falling from the Champions League, courtesy of a 4-0 aggregate defeat to Raja Casablanca. Orlando Pirates reached the Playoff Round after beating Diables Noirs of Congo in their draw in the second qualifying round.

READ NOW: Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates & Co Are Banned From Participating In CAF Club Competitions!

Orlando Pirates vs LRPC Oilers: kick-off time

The action at the Kanyon Doe Sports Complex starts at 18:00. The match will NOT be broadcast live in South Africa. It also remains to be seen whether a live stream will be provided by the Buccaneers’ social media team.

This website will give you live coverage this afternoon of the Orlando Pirates showdown against LRPC Oilers. You can follow Liberia’s live scores here.


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Restaurant X opens in Port Washington




Restaurant X opens in Port Washington

The letter X can stand for many things. For Port Washington’s Restaurant X, which quietly opened its doors in late October, it symbolizes an entire philosophy aimed at bending the rules of what it means to both eat and run a restaurant.

“We have a small menu that’s always changing, and there’s not a lot of rigidity, hence the ‘X’,” said Gabriel Moroianu, a partner. “It’s unobtrusive – anything goes.”

For the first few weeks of Restaurant X’s existence, there wasn’t even a sign over the door—just a row of misted-up windows on Main Street, beyond which diners would find a plush, gray-on-gray dining room. Each banquet comes with a sealed gray envelope, and inside it a multi-course tasting menu that changes every two weeks. Charged with that constant reinvention is Chef Tomo Kabayashi, Chef de cuisine Cesar Aguilar and a rotating roster of visiting chefs (Chef Xs) which will start in January.

“We saw Chef Tomo as our culinary anchor for this project,” says Moroianu. “Chefs Tomo and Cesar have carte blanche with creativity, to put their best foot forward and use their brains to create something unique.”

Originally from the Japanese prefecture of Yamaguchi, Kobayashi is a familiar face on the local gastronomic circuit, including a stint as head chef of Toku Modern Asian in Manhasset.

Kobayashi and Aguilar have known each other for years, and it was in Toku where most of the partners met; next to Moroianu they are Buck Canon, Calvin Lau and Juan De La Cruz. (Robert S. Heicklen, a real estate agent, is also a partner). Together, they used their collective experience to reverse engineer restaurant life and create an adventurous, ever-changing place where stress and toxicity are minimized.

“We’ve worked in chaos for so many years, so we wanted to create calm,” says Canon, a former chef who doubles as a bartender, serving custom-made mixed drinks behind the dramatic, illuminated marble bar.

Each two-week era is themed, and diners are encouraged to keep their menus closed so they’ll be surprised by every twist on the nine-course tasting, which costs $160 per person, or $215 with wine pairing. There is a parallel vegetarian menu for $120 per person, $175 with wine pairing.

Restaurant X’s opening menu was French-Asian themed. The small plates feature Berkshire pork “char siu porchetta” in a plum-mustard-ginger glaze; a fillet of madai (Japanese sea bream) dramatically served in clear parchment (en papillote) cut open by a server and topped with tomato shiso fondue; and a charred wagyu beef cheek with a clear yuzu koshou gravy. The vegetarian menu featured dishes such as roasted maitake mushrooms with potato galette, shiso butter and truffle puree.

Pastry chef Joemi Reyes, once the pastry chef of Jericho’s One North, makes layered, silent show-stopping desserts such as coconut panna cotta with azuki bean gelée and spiced mango candy, accented with dianthus blossoms.

Moroianu, a sommelier, creates the wine pairings for each menu. “Pairing wine with each course brings out nuance,” he said.

A shorter four-course tasting menu is available at the bar, for $80, and already seems to be attracting a following; many of the chef’s tasting dishes are available as small a la carte plates, from $10 to $24.

In December, Restaurant X will debut a wild-game themed menu; in January, they welcome their first guest chef: Christian Delouvrier, the once-Michelin-starred chef of the late, great Lespinasse in New York City.

Restaurant X is open Tuesday through Friday for lunch and dinner and Saturday and Sunday for brunch and dinner at 170 Main St., Port Washington, 516-918-9446.


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Supreme Court issues notice on OMR sheet manipulation plea, discrepancy in final results




NEET-UG 2021 : Supreme Court Issues Notice On Plea Alleging Rigging Of OMR Sheets, Discrepancy In Final Results

The Supreme Court on Monday issued a notice in a written petition favored by 6 NEET-UG candidates alleging that their OMR sheets were tampered with after the publication of the response keys by the National Testing Agency.

The petitioners allege widespread discrepancies in NTA’s scoring process and dispute their grades and ranks achieved in the test conducted by the National Testing Agency on September 12, 2021.

The case was brought to court Judges DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna.

It has been argued that there was a huge discrepancy between the figures calculated by the petitioners based on the answer keys published by the NTA and the final figures set by the NTA on 1 November 2021. One of the submitters claims that his score based on the answer key was 584, but the final result was 164. According to another submitter, his score based on the answer key was 675, but the final result was 52 points. Another submitter’s final score was zero, although his guess was 545 points according to the answer key.

“It appears that there has been massive manipulation in the screening of the OMR sheet shortly after the publication of the answer keys and the consequent uploading of the OMR sheet for self-assessment and before the actual declaration of the result and scorecard on the NTA website, which has led to a blatant discrepancy in the figures obtained by the petitioners”, is in the petition.

Referring to the comparative tabulation of numbers, the petitioners have argued that it is “clearly apparent” that there is a huge margin of error in their scores.

It has further been claimed that something is completely wrong on the part of the NTA and that it should be addressed by opening an investigation against the authority.

The petitioners have referred in their petition to the news for the leak of the questionnaire and criminal conspiracy to sabotage the fair examination process for which several FIRs were registered in various places in India.

The sum and content of the initial research in these FIRs had demonstrated the rampant use of unscrupulous means and unfair practices to manipulate the results in favor of the wealthy and unmerited candidates, the petitioners said.

In light of this background, the petition stated that,

“There are malpractice and corrupt practices occurring at a level that the innocent, deserving and deserving applicants cannot imagine, which has resulted in arbitrariness and rejection of deserving candidates and as such violates their rights under Article 14 of the Constitution of India.”

The case will then be heard on December 13, 2021.

Senior lawyer Manoj Swarup with Rajan Kumar Singh (AOR) and Rakesh kumar Singh Advocate appeared before the applicants

The petition is submitted through Lawyer on Record Ranjan Kumar Singh.

Case : WP(C) 1286/2020


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