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Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, with Instagram second, ahead of Black Friday



Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, NatWest has revealed.  Pictured: A stock photo of Facebook on a phone and laptop

Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, Natwest reveals with Instagram, eBay and Gumtree making the top four for Black Friday

  • Social networking sites are most popular with fraudsters and scammers
  • NatWest study comes as shoppers flock online for Black Friday sales
  • Bank collected data on reported scams between September 1 and November 22
  • More than 1,000 scams were reported on Facebook Marketplace alone

Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, NatWest has revealed, with Instagram, eBay and Gumtree making up the top four for Black Friday.

Research by the bank has shown that social networking sites are the most targeted by scammers.

Facebook’s buying and selling site was the most reported for scams in the UK, according to data collected between September 1 and November 22, followed by Instagram.

The report comes as shoppers are expected to flock online for Black Friday, one of the busiest online shopping times of the year, to take advantage of discounts and sales before Christmas.

eBay is also popular with scammers, ranking third, with ad and community website Gumtree in fourth, NatWest said.

Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, NatWest has revealed.  Pictured: A stock photo of Facebook on a phone and laptop

Facebook Marketplace is the most used site by scammers, NatWest has revealed. Pictured: A stock photo of Facebook on a phone and laptop

NatWest research has found that social networking sites are the most targeted by scammers ahead of Black Friday

NatWest research has found that social networking sites are the most targeted by scammers ahead of Black Friday

The investigation found that common scams on the social networking sites include promotional items at heavily discounted prices.

The popular scam involves the seller asking the buyer to pay via bank transfer before the product arrives.

Jason Costain, head of Fraud Prevention at NatWest, said, “Don’t let fake influencers or salespeople steal your Christmas by sending them payment for gifts you’ll never receive.

“It’s fraudsters’ favorite time of year, so make sure you’re wary of buying goods you’ve seen on sites like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.”

Between September 1 and November 2, more than 1,000 scams were reported on Facebook Marketplace, and an additional 391 filed complaints about Instagram.

A total of 170 were also reported on eBay and 153 on Gumtree, the data showed.

It follows warnings from experts who say that fraudsters are becoming “more sophisticated” in their efforts to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

Research has shown that more than 1,000 scams were reported on Facebook Marketplace between September 1 and November 2.  Pictured: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Research has shown that more than 1,000 scams were reported on Facebook Marketplace between September 1 and November 2. Pictured: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Nearly a quarter of people aged 18 to 34 in the UK are saddened to have fallen for an online shopping scam in 2019, with some losing thousands of pounds.

It is believed that scammers use multiple ways to convince people to part with their money, including fake emails and fake social media posts linking to websites that steal their credit card information.

Scams also include emails promising “must-have Black Friday deals” and cheap TVs, laptops and designer items.

It follows from research by Which? warning that thousands of cheap electronics sold online on Black Friday could expose us to cybercriminals.

It found more than 1,800 smart tech products for sale that use apps with “inadequate security protections,” potentially exposing users to hackers or “breaching their data privacy.”

The offending products — including smart doorbells, wireless cameras, alarms and tablets — are mostly cheap imitations of reputable brands.

Advice and tips to avoid scammers this Christmas

Research conducted by NatWest has provided tips and advice to help buyers avoid scams in the run up to Christmas:

Watch out for unexpected emails: Fake emails and texts are doing the rounds – be suspicious of emails, texts or phone calls that appear to be from a real organization or company. Fraudsters use these as a way to steal your personal information. When in doubt, do not click on links or download any files.

Be extra vigilant when receiving emails asking you to update your payment information: Many of us have received an email from Amazon UK announcing that they no longer accept UK Visa credit cards as a method of payment. While this announcement is genuine, you should be vigilant for emails asking you to update your payment information. NatWest advises making changes by accessing your Amazon account directly and being careful about clicking links in an email. Phone calls from Amazon asking for personal or financial information, or to update payment information may be a scam and you should hang up. Impersonating trusted organizations by fraudsters is a growing crime.

Don’t be fooled by buying online: Everyone loves a bargain, but be vigilant when buying from social media and online marketplaces. Always do your research on the seller and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is and could be a scam. Please check the contact details on the website, if no address or phone number is listed, it is an indication that the site may not be genuine.

Use secure websites: Make sure the web address in your browser starts with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ at the end indicates a secure connection. Look for spelling mistakes or strange characters in the web address – this can sometimes indicate a fake site. However, keep in mind that a secure page does not mean that the retailer is reputable.

Always use a safe way to pay: Pay with your debit or credit card – it’s a safer way to pay and gives you more protection. If a seller tells you that they can’t accept card payment and asks you to send them money directly, it could be a scam. Fraudsters often make up stories to get you to transfer your money to a bank account instead of paying it any other way – be suspicious if someone asks you to do this.

Don’t give anyone your full details: Scammers are persuasive. If someone claiming to be from the bank, the police or any other organization you trust contacts you and asks for information such as login details, access codes, card reader codes, remote access to your device or telling you to transfer money from your account, don If you don’t, it’s probably a scam.




Money Heist professor says ‘Namaste India’ while thanking fans. View | Trending




Money Heist professor says 'Namaste India' while thanking fans.  View |  Trending

Netflix India took to YouTube to share the video featuring Professor and other characters from the Money Heist series.

After a long and arduous journey that won the hearts of people around the world, the Netflix series Money Heist finally came to an end on Friday. The show’s conclusion also prompted many to share various posts on various social media platforms. Among them, there is also a video shared by Netflix India on their official YouTube channel. The clip shows some of the actors from the series thanking their fans in India. However, what has won the hearts of the people is Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of professor and says, ‘Namaste India.’

“Gracias India! The cast of Money Heist are blown away and are here to thank their Indian fans,” reads the caption posted along with the video.

Have a look at the video:

The video was shared a day ago. Since the video was posted, it has racked up over 1.5 million views and the number is only increasing. While responding to their own post, Netflix India further added: “When Professor said “Namaste”, our hearts skipped a beat.”

“Professor steals our hearts with his intelligence and Berlin with his elegance. I love you both. This series will remain in our hearts forever,” wrote one YouTube user. “Also Professor Namaste from INDIA,” commented another. “The professor’s Namaste actually sounds like us Indians would say it. I can’t believe the series has come to an end,” said a third.

What’s your take on the video?

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Fitbit’s Charge 5 tracker is back on sale for an all-time high of $130 at Amazon




Jon Fingas

All products recommended by Engadget have been selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

If you missed a Fitbit during the Black Friday sale, don’t worry – there are now some great deals to help you stay in shape during the holiday season. The Charge 5 has returned to a record-low price from $130 at Amazon, or $50 under the usual sticker. That could make it a solid bargain if you’re looking for a high-quality fitness-focused activity tracker from a well-known name. The Inspire 2 is also out up to $60 (normally $100) if you’re happy with the essentials.

Buy Charge 5 from Amazon – $130
Buy Inspire 2 at Amazon – $60

The Charge 5 ticks many of the boxes if you’re determined to stay in shape. The extensive fitness and health tracking features help, especially if you get the advanced data from Fitbit Premium. For example, you can optimize your training performance and gain insight into your sleep quality. In addition to your heart rate and blood oxygen level, you can also track your stress and you get extras such as GPS, Fitbit Pay and a multi-day battery life.

There are limitations. Fitbit doesn’t share activity data with Apple Health or Google Fit, and you can’t control music from the tracker’s screen. There’s also the issue of competition: you can find some adequate alternatives from companies like Amazfit, Xiaomi and Amazon themselves that cost less (at least up front) if you can do it without some frills. Fitbit’s experience in the field matters, though, and the retail price makes the Charge 5 significantly more tempting.

To follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

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Deteriorating weather could freeze fans ahead of West Final, Environment Canada warns




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Article content

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Winnipeg, which could affect fans attending Sunday’s CFL West Final between the Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders, with rapidly deteriorating conditions expected from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Article content

A low pressure area currently developing in Montana is expected to move southeast through the Dakotas and Minnesota Saturday night and Sunday night, Environment Canada said Saturday.

In southern Manitoba, snow is expected to fall 2-4 inches Sunday and Sunday night, with total snowfall along the US border reaching 4-8 inches, triggering a blizzard warning for much of the Pembina Valley. An Arctic cold front will move south through the southern half of the province on Sunday afternoon. With this front, winds will shift from east to north around noon and increase to 40 gusts to 60 gusts at 3 p.m. and to 50 gusts to 70 gusts at 6 p.m.

Combined with the recent and falling snow, visibility is expected to decrease briefly in the late afternoon and throughout Sunday night in drifting snow to less than 800m. Afternoon temperatures are expected to drop by about 10 degrees from near -5 Celsius to nearly -15 Celsius in the late afternoon to early evening.

Collisions will make travel more difficult as blowing snow reduces visibility. Drivers are advised to be prepared to adapt their driving style to changing road conditions.

Please refer to public forecasts and warnings on the WeatherCAN app or for updates. For highway and travel conditions, see

[email protected]

Twitter: @SunGlenDawkins

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