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Environmentalists urge cessation of gold rush along Amazon tributary | Brazil



Environmentalists are calling for urgent action to end a gold rush in the waters along one of the Amazon’s largest tributaries, where hundreds of illegal gold-mining dredges have converged in search of the precious metal.

The huge fleet – so big one local website compared it to a floating neighborhood – reportedly started forming on the Madeira River earlier this month after rumors arose that a large gold deposit had been found nearby.

“They earn a gram of gold an hour down there,” said a prospector claims in an audio recording obtained by the Estado de São Paulo newspaper.

Danicley Aguiar, an Amazonian Greenpeace activist who flew over the mining fleet on Tuesday, said he was stunned by the scale of the illegal operation that took place just 120 kilometers east of the city of Manaus.

“We’ve seen things like this in other places before, but not on this scale,” Aguiar said of the hundreds of rafts he saw floating on the Madeira riverbed near the towns of Autazes and Nova Olinda do Norte.

“It’s like a condominium of mining dredges…that pretty much occupy the entire river.”

Aguiar added: “I have been working in the Amazon for 25 years. I was born here and have seen many terrible things: so much destruction, so much deforestation, so many illegal mines. But seeing a scene like that makes you feel like the Amazon has been pushed into this free-for-all spiral. There are no rules. It’s like living in Mad Max.”

There was outrage as images of the gold rush in the rivers spread on social media.

“Just look at the brutality of these criminals. The extent of impunity”, tweeted Sônia Bridi, a celebrated Brazilian journalist known for her coverage of the Amazon.

André Borges, another journalist whose story helped expose the mining fleet?, tweeted: “We are witnessing a revolt of prospectors in 2021 with all the aggressiveness of the days of discovery.”

Brazil’s illegal multi-million dollar mining industry has intensified since the 2018 election of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right nationalist who supports the wildcat garimpeiros who scour the rivers and rainforests of the Amazon in search of gold.

No less than 20,000 garimpeiros are believed to operate in the so-called Yanomami Indigenous Reserve in Roraima, one of the nine states that make up the Brazilian Amazon.

Deforestation has also skyrocketed under Bolsonaro, who has scaled back environmental protections and has been accused of encouraging environmental criminals. Amazon destruction rose to its highest level in 15 years between 2020 and 2021, when an area more than half of Wales was lost.

Last week, the Bolsonaro . government was accused of deliberately withholding new government data exposing the magnitude of the deforestation crisis to avoid international humiliation at the COP climate summit, which Brazil’s president refused to attend.

Aguiar, a Greenpeace spokesperson for the Amazon, said Bolsonaro’s pro-development rhetoric was partly responsible for the gold rush that unfolded on the Madeira River. He also pointed the finger at regional politicians in the Amazon who also supported plans to let miners exploit gold deposits in riverbeds.

In a recent interview, the former head of Brazil’s environmental agency Ibama, Suely Araújo, said she saw only one way to save her country’s environment: to elect another president.

“It’s hard to believe that this government is going to take care of the environment because they’re destroying everything,” said Araújo, a policy specialist for the environmental group Observatório do Clima.


See ads on Facebook comparing Covid vaccine to Holocaust




See ads on Facebook comparing Covid vaccine to Holocaust

Facebook has sold ads promoting anti-vaccine messages, comparing the US government’s response to Covid-19 with Nazi Germany, casting doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election and even encouraging political violence.

The ads were run by merchandise companies that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook in recent years.

On Monday, Fox News personality Lara Logan caused outrage by dr. Compare Anthony Fauci to an infamous Nazi doctor known as the “Angel of Death” – around the same time ads ran on Facebook promoting a sweater with the words, “I’m originally from America, but I currently live in 1941, Germany.”

Another advertisement compared vaccine rollouts to the Holocaust – falsely and ridiculously implying that they are part of an effort to massacre people on a massive scale.

The ad was run by a Facebook page called ‘Ride the Red Wave’. Earlier this year the page ran ads for a t-shirt with the words, “Make hanging traitors great again.”

Facebook has made more than $280,000 from “Ride the Red Wave” ads since May, according to data reviewed by CNN. The page has fewer than 10,000 followers, but by paying Facebook, the people running the page could potentially reach millions of Americans.

“Next Level Goods,” another page, run by a different company, has spent more than $500,000 on Facebook ads since 2019. The company regularly uses Facebook to promote vaccine t-shirts.

One ad purchase in late August, it promoted a t-shirt that read “Proudly Unpoisoned” next to an image of a syringe. The company paid Facebook about $2,500 to reach up to 450,000 Facebook users with the anti-vaccine ad. According to Facebook data, the ads were most viewed by Facebook users in Texas, Florida and California.

A spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, said the ads comparing the US’s Covid-19 response to Nazi Germany compared vaccines to the Holocaust, and the ad suggesting the vaccine was poison went against the grain. Facebook’s policy on vaccine misinformation.

However, since these infringing ads ran on its platform, Facebook’s detection systems seemed to miss them.

CNN also asked about the ad that read “Make Hanging Traitors Great Again,” but Facebook didn’t say that ad broke its policy.

Facebook has publicly touted the seemingly positive role it plays in encouraging Americans to get vaccinated. Guy Rosen, vice president of company integrity, wrote a blog post in July rebuked President Joe Biden for claiming platforms like Facebook are killing people. Biden withdrew later from the claim.

Laura Edelson, a researcher at NYU who tracks ads on Facebook, told CNN that Facebook doesn’t manually review all of the ads it sells — one of the reasons why ads that violate the rules are shown on the platform.

Facebook, she said, also appears to have a lighter moderation approach to ads from seemingly commercial pages, such as those that sell t-shirts, compared to pages associated with political campaigns.

“You’ll find a lot more of the really strong rhetoric on a t-shirt, a lot more than you’ll see in a direct persuasion ad,” she told CNN.

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Amazon Offers Huge Rs 25,000 Price Cut on iPhone 12 Pro




Amazon Offers Huge Rs 25,000 Price Cut on iPhone 12 Pro

Good news for those who are looking for Apple iPhone 12 phone in India with good discounts. You can get a huge discount of up to Rs 25,000 on the iPhone 12 Pro model if you buy it from the online e-commerce site Amazon India.

iPhone 12 Pro deals

The e-commerce tech giant is offering huge discounts and deals on Apple iPhone 12 Pro models. Amazon has listed the Pacific Blue variant of the iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) variant at a discounted price of Rs 94,900.00. While the original launch price is Rs 1,19,900. That means customers will get a huge discount of Rs 25,000 on the purchase of this iPhone.

You can further refine the deal by opting for the exchange offer, which offers up to Rs 15,000 off the iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) variant.

In addition, the other storage variants of the iPhone 12 Pro are also available at Amazon with significant discounts. The price of the 256GB and 512GB variants of the iPhone has dropped to Rs 99,900 and Rs 1,07,900. Which means you can get a discount of Rs 30,000 and Rs 42,000 respectively when purchasing both phones from the e-commerce giant.

If you want to buy AirPods Pro now is a good time as you can get the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and AirPods Pro bundle on Amazon for Rs 1,15,395. It gives off nearly 28,910 on this combo. The original price of Apple iPhone 12 Pro and AirPods Pro bundle listed on Amazon is Rs 1.44.800.00.

iPhone 13 price on Amazon

The iPhone 13 is not discounted on Amazon. The price of the Apple iPhone 13 series starts at Rs 69,900 and goes up to Rs 1,29,900 for the top model Pro Max. The 128 GB model of the iPhone 13 mini is available for Rs 69,900 while the 256 GB model costs Rs 79,900. and the 512GB variant will cost Rs 99,900. Apple iPhone 13 and 13 min come in pink, blue, midnight, starlight and (PRODUCT) RED colors.

The iPhone 13 costs Rs 79,900 for 128 GB storage and Rs 89,900 for the 256 GB model. The 512GB option, on the other hand, costs Rs 1,09,900. The iPhone 13 Pro series is available at a starting price of Rs 1,19,900 for the base 128 GB option, while the 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB storage versions come with a price tag of Rs 1,29,900, Rs 1,49,900 and Rs. 1,69,900 respectively. The iPhone 13 Pro comes in Graphite, Gold, Silver and all-new Sierra Blue colors.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a starting price of Rs 1,29,900 for 128 GB storage, Rs 1,39,900 for 256 GB, Rs 1,59,900 for the 512 GB. The premium 1TB version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max costs Rs 1,79,900. The smartphone is available in graphite, gold, silver and sierra blue colours.

Also read: Apple announces free repair service to fix sound problem on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro devices

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Severe weather warning for UK as Storm Barra arrives Tuesday | Extreme weather




The Met office has issued severe weather warnings for most of the UK ahead of the arrival of Storm Barra on Tuesday, as thousands of homes are without power for more than a week after Storm Arwen.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland have yellow wind warnings on Tuesday and a yellow snow warning in southern and western Scotland.

Storm Barra, a deep low pressure area flooding from the Atlantic and the second storm of the season, is expected to bring the strongest winds and impact to the Republic of Ireland.

Two to two inches of snow is expected to fall across England and Scotland, but meteorologists said it could reach 10cm, especially in parts of the southern highlands and highlands.

In the UK gusts of 45-50 mph are expected, with winds of 60-70 mph in unprotected coastal locations, which could affect engineers’ ability to restore power to homes.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) said there were 3,190 homes waiting to be reconnected at 2 p.m. on Sunday, up from 4,025 homes on Sunday morning.

The majority of affected homes are in the north east of England, the ENA added.

During a visit to a Northern Powergrid call center in Penshaw near Sunderland, the energy secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, warned energy companies that the government will review their operations following continued power outages caused by storm Arwen nine days ago.

“I think we can make the system a lot more resilient. We will conduct an evaluation, we will see if the distribution companies have sufficient infrastructure, we can even take enforcement action if necessary,” he said.

After visiting crews in Weardale, County Durham, the energy secretary said engineers have been working in freezing temperatures to restore power: “There are very challenging conditions.

“There is a lot of ice, sleet, snow and it is very difficult for the engineers to get the vital infrastructure ready.

“Some communication wasn’t brilliant. It’s very difficult in a center or hub like this to know what’s happening on the ground, but I think it’s getting better.

“I think the engineers are doing a great job, we’ve also got the military out and they’re all working together very effectively, but there’s still a few hundred people who are still without power and I think that’s really unacceptable.”

Kwarteng said he disagreed that the response to Storm Arwen’s power cuts would have been faster if they had occurred in the south east of England: “The physical infrastructure, layout and landscape is very different. One of the specific reasons we haven’t been able to get people back on the power supply is the weather conditions and they are very challenging [with] people in sparsely populated, very rural areas, and that’s a challenge,” he said.

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