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Not everyone has the liberty to go to the movie halls regularly to enjoy the movies they wanted to watch. Certainly, with the changing times and increasing focus on career and other factors, they don’t get time to, either. In fact, they prefer to sit back after a long day and enjoy their favorite shows from the comfort of their home. 

Admittedly, with advancements in technology, having a better movie-watching experience has shifted to your hands… quite literally. Now, you can stream movies and shows directly on your phone and enjoy them easily. However, many of these streaming conglomerates charge a lot of money in return, which many people find difficult to afford.  

In such cases, they prefer to take up the services of websites that provide the same content online, for free. This practice is booming nowadays, and many people find these factors very useful and effective, thereby opting for it. Thus, if you want the best entertainment freely also, you can do so using these websites.  

If you are wondering which website to go for, one platform that you can definitely count on is MovieMad. 

What is MovieMad? 


Certainly, if you are looking to download your favorite flicks and TV shows of different languages, you should try MovieMad. Not only does it provide you with lots of options to choose from, but also the quality is above par! You can enjoy a lot using this site and there are many reasons for such.

You can also stream many other types of videos other than the common picks from this website. To put it simply, you can watch things like anime and web series’s here as well. Aside from that, you will get many regional movies here too, if that is something that you find exciting. To make your experience better, the site also offers these movies with subtitles and certain dubbed versions.

However, most of the content available here is pirated from other websites, which makes this illegal. In order to safeguard from that, there are many proxy sites that are available as well, that you can use. While this issue is real, MovieMad does not carry a lot of bug issues that are common with most piracy sites.

Furthermore, the movies that you will find here are of different formats and sizes, that you can choose from. It also has a very simple look, which you will find very easy to handle and look through. Indeed, with all the great features and helpful factors that make up this site, you would have a wholesome experience.

Website Features 

MovieMad is one of the best streaming platforms out there, and there are many reasons for this. Of course, in order to understand them, you should firstly concentrate on the features that this site showcases. Here are some of the foremost ones that wouldstand out to you. 

  • One of the main features is the look of the website, which allows for stability and easy navigation. It is suitable for everyone to use. 
  • You can download your favorite movies from this site without any expenses.
  • The process of downloading these programs is not complicated at all, and easy to follow. 
  • This platform is suitable for many devices, irrespective of size and type of network. 
  • Indeed, when you start downloading the movie that you want, the process would complete speedily and without issues.  


No matter how many great features one website contains, if it’s not easy to understand, no one would use it. On a positive side, MovieMad has this down well, thanks to the different categories that it provides. Therefore, using them, you can easily find the ones you are looking for, and it’s located in the lower section.  

If you are unsure about what movies to watch but have a general idea of the mood you desire, these categories are helpful. Here are some of the main classifications you will see on this site.

1. Web Series (above 18)- Web Series’ are extremely fun, and you would feel so after watching these popular hits! Some of them are Kimat Mangal Sutra Ki, Love is Blind, Cyber Death, etc. 

2. Hollywood English Movies- Enjoy Hollywood at this best with movies likeGretel and Hansel, Ip Man 4 The Finale, Charlie’s Angels, Waves, etc. 

3. Bollywood Old Movies- Revel in the magic of yesteryears with films including Jodhaa Akbar, Satte Pe Satta, Sholay, Hera Pheri, etc.

4. Bengali Movies- Fall in love with the simplicity of Bengal with movies like Satyanweshi Byomkesh, Noor Jahan, Rosogolla, and more. 

5. Gujarati Movies- Gujarati movies are quite interesting, and you would enjoy films like Fera Feri Hera Feri, Girlfriend, Shu Thayu, etc., immensely.

6. Punjabi Movies– Celebrate the essence of Punjab with movies like Rabb Da Radio, Sufna, Gangstar Vs State, Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan, etc.

7. Hollywood Hindi Dual Audio Movies English- Enjoy the best of International mega talents in Hindi, in movies like The Bourne Identity, Noah, Birds of Prey, etc. 

8. Bollywood Movies- Enjoy the fun and entertainment of Bollywood with blockbusters like Manmarziyan, Bhaagte Raho, Manikarnika, and many more. 

9. South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies- South Indian films have a charm of their own, which increases in partnership with Hindi interpretation. These excellent programs include Kahaani Mein Twist, Aayirathil Iruvar, Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan, Arjun Reddy, Ismart Shankar, Majili, etc. 

10. WWE Shows– Wake your passion for heavy-weight competitions with shows like WWE Monday Night Raw, from different dates. 

11. Indian TV Shows- Enjoy entertainment at its best with Indian television hits like Kanpur Wale Khuranas, The Kapil Sharma Show, etc.

Best Legal Alternatives

With the various issues that come along with using piracy websites, it is better to have a reliable alternative. Truly, there are many legal services that are available for you to stream your favorite entertainment. Indeed, many of them are not free, but they make up for it with exciting features and more content.

While many people don’t want to use their money to invest in these, there are some affordable packs too. If you are looking for some legal alternatives to MovieMad, here are some you can consider for sure.

1. Amazon Prime 

Missing your old favorite TV shows but don’t find the time to sit at home and watch them? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore about what to rely on, thanks to Amazon Prime. Indeed, it is one of the best streaming services available currently which caters to the tastes of millions.

From old-time classics to newly released programs, you would have no dearth of exciting options anymore. Also, the interface of this platform is extremely user-friendly, and you can easily use it as per your comfort. However, this site requires payment yearly or monthly, and new users get their first month for free.

2. Hotstar 

If you are a fan of television, Hotstar is just that but available in the palms of your hands. Indeed, there are so many exciting features in this popular application, which only adds to your overall experience. Not only can you watch many of the best shows for free, but also you can enjoy different channels too! 

Of course, you will get more exciting content if you apply for a subscription, but the cost is very reasonable. However, you will still have lots to enjoy regardless, and you can save some for offline viewing. If you are a fan regional programs, you will find many of their best content at this place as well. Truly, you would have something to look forward to every time you open this app, and its an incredible feeling!  

3. Netflix

Are you in the mood to enjoy great quality content, but don’t know what to use? Without a doubt, Netflix is an excellent solution for this situation and you would surely enjoy it immensely. From long-running serials with exciting story-lines to compelling feature films, you would find a lot here.

Although this service requires payment to work, it offers many options made for people to enjoy altogether. In fact, many of these options have the feature of streaming on more than one screen! Whatever you want to watch, you won’t have to fight over the remote; everyone can enjoy their own preferences. 

Moreover, this service is available in many countries and is a huge network aimed at global entertainment and delight. You can also enjoy exciting original content here, that has everyone buzzing. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows at all if you get this.

4. YouTube

In the matter of video streaming services, the one platform that is synonymous with it is Youtube. After all, this free service allows you to watch all your favorite videos at the highest quality! Moreover, the site offers you other videos of a similar type so that you can continue enjoying the experience. 

Not only that, but you can also watch movies at this site, and many of them are completely free. Even though the users upload videos on their own, the site does not support illegal uploads. In the case of unauthorized activities, the platform has very strong and effective anti-piracy rules and ensures your safe browsing.

Of course, there are many exciting movies too that you have to pay for, and these payment packages have options. Furthermore, you can enjoy many original series’ as well, specially made for this platform. Indeed, no matter what you enjoy, you would find something that is of interest here. 

Additionally, you can use this service from any of your devices, and you can access it from low-network regions. The site caters to the needs of viewers throughout the world and is a favorite for many. However, you cannot watch TV shows at this service, but you won’t feel its loss at all. With so many exciting features, you won’t get bored for a single second while using this site!

5. Zee5

One of the leading contenders in this streaming business that you can rely on is Zee5. Indeed,  it is a highly profitable and trustworthy platform when it comes to viewing your favorite shows and movies. Whether you want to watch Bollywood content or regional ones, you’ll find a lot at this site.

Furthermore, you can also access a lot of old movies here too, and enjoy reliving your past memories. While some of these movies are free, you need to subscribe to a paid package to avail of the more popular ones. Overall, it is an excellent alternative to try, especially if you are craving your favorite movies on the go. 

6. Voot

If you are looking for a good and trustworthy alternative to MovieMad, you can go ahead and try Voot. Indeed, it is one of the best available sites for streaming Indian movies and that too, free of cost! Not to mention, you can use this service in different devices too; all you need is an account here.

Whether you are in the mood for Hindi films or something regional, this platform has it all for you. Furthermore, you can enjoy many TV shows here as well. Certainly, you would have a lot of fun if you use this platform to satisfy your movie cravings.

7. Airtel Xsrtream 

Airtel is one of the best and most influential companies in the world, and it took a step into streaming services too. Indeed, its venture, Airtel Xstream, is an alternative that you can consider, and not have to worry about piracy laws. However, that is not the only reason for using it; the application is definitely something worth enjoying. 

With the availability of some of the best Indian and international programs here, it is very popular with many. The site offers a lot of uncomplicated features too, for both browser and mobile viewing. Also, you can enjoy live streaming of certain programs here too. However, you need to pay for this service, and for some Airtel users, it comes bundled with their phone packs.

8. Retrovision

If you are in the mood for watching some old movies and classics, you cannot go wrong with Retrovision. Indeed, it is one of the premier video streaming platforms, and rightfully so. Not to mention, you can watch many of these programs for absolutely free!

Furthermore, the design of this platform is made with the customers in mind and is very simple and effective. The shows and films that are present at this website are put into genres for easier access. Certainly, whatever device you choose to watch these on, you would have a great experience nonetheless.

9. MoviesFoundOnline

One of the best options for streaming free movie content in a legal way is via the website, MoviesFoundOnline. To put it simply, it acts as a library of the best movies and allows access to those interested in viewing them. Not to mention, the quality of these movies is extremely good, which adds to their appeal.

If you are looking for a good and trustworthy forum, you cannot go wrong with this one. Truly, it has really strong anti-copyright infringement laws, which allows for a safe and legal streaming experience. 

10. Vimeo

Certainly, one of the best streaming services that you can find on the internet today is Vimeo. From long feature movies to short videos, there is a lot that you can enjoy on this site for sure. Furthermore, this service is available around the world and is a trustworthy competitor in this market.

A great thing about this site that many others don’t adopt is the number of short films and independent documentaries it features. Certainly, there is a market for it, and this site caters to these wishes. Overall, the various useful features and the multitude of entertainment content present adds to its legacy and attraction.

Best Illegal Alternatives

While pirated websites do provide free streaming features, it also causes harm to its users. Not to mention, it is not valid in the eyes of law, and thus can get taken down at any time. Therefore, if Movie Mad is your primary option, you can find yourself at a loss on what to use instead. 

If you are worried about going through this, here are some similar options that you can keep in your mind. 

1. Bollyshare

When it comes to streaming the best of the best in Bollywood movies, the aptly titled Bollyshare is everyone’s favorite. Of course, with the amount of exciting content that it offers, there is no doubt as to why. Whether you are a fan of older cinema or want to catch up on the newer releases, there is a lot to find here.

Not to mention, it is not the only thing available, and you can find some other languages too. What’s more is that the design of the site is simple and attractive, making viewers comfortable with it. The site is free as well, which is another brownie point in its favor in the minds of customers.

2. Khatrimaza


People find pirated sites scary to navigate but Khatrimaza is surely one of the best in the market. Certainly, with the easy-to-use interface and downloading means, its popularity is obvious. Not to mention, all the content that you get is completely free to download.

Of course, the contents that you see here are absolutely wonderful and stretched over various genres and years. Not only do you get the best of Indian cinema from different regions, but also you can find Hollywood movies here too. Overall, you would have a fun time exploring this site and falling in love with movies again!

3. Movierulz


Are you in the mood for something different and exciting to watch, or in other words, South Indian movies? In this site, you would surely get all the best of them, absolutely free of cost! Thus, you can leave all your worries behind and focus on your movie watching experience only. 

And, for those who don’t understand the language but want to enjoy these regional blockbusters, no fear! This site provides these movies in their dubbed versions too, and you can enjoy them without issues. Indeed, you can watch other types of exciting content too at this site, and all of them in high definition.

4. Downloadhub


One of the best names in the field of video streaming is the reliable and user-friendly website, Downloadhub. Not only does this site provide a lot of Indian and some international content too, but also of great quality. Furthermore, the files that you can download from here are light in size and suitable for many devices. 

Not to mention, the site itself is very easy to operate, thanks to all the different categories that are present. Whether you want to watch a Bollywood movie or a Pakistani movie, you can search for them easily. Also, you can find many TV shows at this place as well, which only adds to its allure. 

5. Filmyzilla


Your enjoyment is the main goal for every streaming website as that is what they work for. And in this matter, Filmyzilla is one of the main contributors and they create their features with this in mind. Indeed, if you are looking for a satisfying location to download your favorites from, this is the right platform. 

Not only does it provide the newest movies of various kinds, but they also do so in great quality as well. These movies are available in dual audio, and you can download the files as per your preference. Additionally, you do not need to pay for these movies, and you’ll get your favorites in any format. Whether you want to watch on a big screen at home or on-the-go, the site is available in both forms.

6. Worldfree4u

In the race for the best video downloading websites, Worldfree4u is a powerhouse, and rightfully so! Not only does it produce a lot of programs that you can download, but also you can do so freely. Without a doubt, the options that are available are great as well, which is a great positive.

If you are looking for a site that has stability and a great design element, this site is perfect for you. As a matter of fact, the movies that you find at this platform are of a small size too. Therefore, many people in low-network regions can download these movies as well, which increases their popularity!

You will get the best of the massive Indian film industry at this platform and can download them using VPNs. Furthermore, if the given link is not working, you can try the other links given there as substitutes. Certainly, with all these great features, you would have a wonderful experience with this site.

7. E123Movies


Great movies make our days and moods feel better, and with the help of E123Movies, you’ll find many! Not only movies though, but you will find a lot of the current TV shows here as well. And what’s more- the quality of these contents is highly defined and amazing to watch as well.

The programs that you get at this site are absolutely free for you and you will enjoy them a lot. Truly, if there’s something that you haven’t watched yet, but really want to; chances are its available here. Of course, the site does provide a lot of stuff from other streaming services for downloading, which is plagiarism. 

8. TamilGun


Most known for its South Indian affinity, Tamil Gun is one of the best alternatives for MovieMad. After all, it is a highly trustworthy platform to download your favorite regional movies, despite being a pirated site itself. However, if you are looking for popular Hindi and English films too, you will find many of them here.

The site does not require money to operate, which is one of the reasons why people turn to it. Not only that, but you would also get the dubbed versions of the movies that you want, which many people desire. Indeed, if you want HD content of your favorite entertainment features, you should definitely visit this site..! 

9. DVDPlay


In the race for the best illegal streaming platforms, DVDPLay is surely one of the front-runners. And if you are looking for something different than MovieMad, this is a good option to keep in consideration. Of course, the easy-to-operate interface of this site further makes it an attractive option for movie-lovers.

However, you would not only get many Indian programs here, but a lot of international ones too. The site takes shows and movies from other services as well and provides them to you without a subscription. Therefore, you should definitely consider it when you are looking for alternatives for downloading movies.


There is no doubt that MovieMad has a lot of great features and thus, is very popular with people. Of course, the possibility of getting your favorite programs (movie or otherwise) for absolutely free is an exciting prospect. But it can cause you harm in the future, which is something you should consider. 

It is true that you don’t have to worry about viruses when you download from this site. However, it still does provide video content from other creators without acquiring the required permissions or licensing. Thus, it is a case of piracy fraud, which is a criminal activity in the Indian government.

Certainly, if you get caught downloading from this site, you may face legal actions. Therefore, it is better to steer clear of it. Also, there are many legal options available too for you to enjoy your favorite shows. For the sake of your personal safety, you should reconsider using them instead.


Q1) Can you use MovieMad safely?

In the matter of your system, this website won’t cause any huge harm. However, it is not legal to use in India, which can definitely cause a lot of problems in your life.

Q2) Why is MovieMad considered illegal?

This platform publishes content from other streaming services and broadcasting companies, for free. This fall under piracy, which is an illegal matter. 

Q3) How to avoid interruptions while using MovieMad?

In order to download videos from this site freely and undetected, you can use VPNs to hide your IP address. Instead, it would replace it with a different address that is untraceable back to you. 


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