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Can’t stop recommending these 3 Amazon Black Friday deals to everyone



Can't stop recommending these 3 Amazon Black Friday deals to everyone

This story is part of Gift Guide for the Holiday Season 2021, our list of ideas, by subject, by recipient and by price, to help you find the perfect gift.

A big part of my day job right now is checking out the latest and greatest deals — and making sure things are actually discounted rather than just to show up get a discount. We see the same deals regularly, and sometimes for black friday the deals are slightly better. (Sometimes they’re worse.) A lot of my friends and family ask what deals they should buy or what the best discounts are for Black Friday, and this year I’m recommending myself a few of the same Amazon Black Friday deals over and over again.

These may not be the most popular of products and may not be something everyone can use, but these are all products that I use every day and have paid more for with my own money than their current retail price at this point. I’ve done my homework to make sure these are the best prices and we don’t expect the price to drop further in the coming days so rest assured knowing you can now buy these too without the risk of a miss this week even more discount.

Here are three products that I recommended to my friends and now recommend to everyone.

Nespresso Vertuo Next with Aerocinno: $165 (save $45)



I really like a good cup of coffee or espresso in the morning, and I know I’m not alone. For a while, my wife and I went to Starbucks several times a week and spent over $10 to $12 per visit, which adds up very quickly. We used a Keurig for a while, and while it’s handy, the quality wasn’t what we wanted. After realizing that we spend about $35 on coffee every weekend, it was pretty clear that buying a Nespresso was worth it for us — and would pay for itself in about a month.

Right now the Nespresso Vertuo Next with Aerocinno frother is on sale for just $165, one of the best prices we’ve seen in the past year. The frother itself retails for around $100 in most places, and it’s bundled in here for a little more money than buying the Nespresso itself.

One of the things I like most about the Nespresso is how easy it is to use. It doesn’t matter whether you put in a coffee pod, a single shot espresso or a triple shot, the machine knows how to brew it right and drips out a perfect cup of coffee every time. The frother can be used to make hot or cold foam, which is great too.

Since we bought the Nespresso we have only gone to Starbucks a few times and saved a lot of money. The pods cost about $1 each which is less than a cup of coffee and Nespresso offers a ton of flavors I’ve tried that were great.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: $25 (save $25)


Sarah Tew/CNET

while most CNET editors prefer Roku, I really like the Fire TV interface and hardware. I’ve tried both and have alternated between the two for the past few years: every time I use Roku, I crave the Fire TV experience. When it comes down to it, both the Roku and Fire TV hardware accomplish the same task of letting you stream your favorite shows, but in my experience, I’ve found that the Roku hardware slows down over time while the Fire TV experience for me has remained solid.

As part of the early Amazon Black Friday deals, you can pick up the Fire TV Stick for just $25, which is a 50% savings. You can upgrade to the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $10 more. The main difference between the two is that the 4K Max is said to be 40% more powerful and supports Wi-Fi 6. The Fire TV Stick 4K isn’t slow, though, and will be fast enough to load apps and stream your hardware.

What I like most about the Fire TV Stick 4K is that you can plug it into any TV and turn it into a smart TV without any other upgrades. The remote offers voice control and has built-in shortcuts for some of the best streaming apps. You can use the Fire TV remote to not only turn the Fire TV Stick on and off, but also control your TV and the volume level of your TV set. If you want to cut the cord or get tired of your current streaming hardware, try an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K today.

Neato Robotics D6 Robot Vacuum: $302 (Save $144)


Chris Monroe/CNET

Whether you have a pet or not, vacuuming is probably a job you dislike and may never do often enough. When we moved to a bigger house, we vacuumed our hardwood floors every day because of all the animal hair, and I quickly became annoyed at how much time I spent on it when there are robots that could do it for me. I’ve tried several brands of robot vacuums over the years, and none have worked for me as well (or as consistently) as Neato.

For Black Friday, you can grab the Neato D6, one of the midtier options, for just over $300 – nearly $150 less than it regularly sells for. I paid much more in 2019 than for my current one, and I don’t regret it for a moment.

One thing you’ll notice pretty quickly about the Neato robot vacuums compared to others is the shape, which resembles a capital D. This is intentional: It helps the vacuum get into corners better (and it works). What I love about Neato vacuums is how accurate the map feature is and how easy it is to adjust no-go zones. We can draw lines where we don’t want the vacuum to go, and I’ve set it up to run on a schedule so I never have to think about it. The amount of time and effort it saves me is well worth the initial cost.


Air quality in Delhi improving to ‘moderate’ levels; Night temperatures to fall further this week | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel




Air quality in Delhi improving to 'moderate' levels;  Night temperatures to fall further this week |  The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel
Pigeons sitting on a tree during a smoggy day in Delhi on Saturday.  (Rajesh Mehta/TOI, BCCL, Delhi)

file photo

(Rajesh Mehta/TOI, BCCL, Delhi)

Wednesday 8 Dec: After a long time, Delhi has reported a significant shift in the General Air Quality Index (AQI), which has improved from ‘poor’ to ‘moderate’.

During the morning hours of Wednesday, the capital posted a total AQI of 180, and is expected to remain more or less the same for the rest of the day. AQIs between 201 and 300 are categorized as ‘poor’, while those in the range of 101 to 200 are considered ‘moderate’.

The early hours were foggy with minimum temperatures dropping to 10°C. Daytime mercury levels are expected to reach a maximum of 25°C.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the other major cities in India viz. Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad all registered their respective AQIs in the moderate category.

Meanwhile, several places in Delhi reported an occasional improvement in air quality by creeping towards the temperate range on Wednesday. These include North Campus DU, IGI Airport, Rohini, Lodhi Road and ITO.

On the other hand, Punjabi Bagh, Pusa, Shadipur, Mundka, Wazripur, Ashok Vihar, Mandir Marg, Dwarka Sector 8, Jahangirpuri, Chandni Chowk, RK Puram, Sirifort, Bawana and Sonia Vihar registered AQI in the ‘poor’ range .

AQI forecast for the rest of the week

According to the System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), moderate winds will keep the landlocked capital well-ventilated for the rest of the week, December 8-11.

VK Soni, head of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) Environment and Research Center, told the Times of India: “After the city got rain on Monday morning, the wind speed was good. Due to the sun, the mixing layer height is relatively higher, causing mixing of pollutants in the atmosphere. Better ventilation has caused the spread of pollutants.”

Despite favorable conditions, some deterioration in air quality is still expected with the AQI likely to rise to a ‘poor’ 235 on Thursday.

In addition, according to the IMD, a gradual drop in minimum temperatures of 2-4°C is also possible in most parts of northwestern India, including Delhi, over the next 4-5 days.

Air quality remains in the poor category from December 9-13 and then deteriorates marginally on December 14-15.

(With input from IANS)


Download for weather, science and COVID-19 updates on the go The Weather Channel app (in Android and iOS store). It is free!

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Vegan restaurant trend shouldn’t put global cuisine on the back burner




Vegan restaurant trend shouldn't put global cuisine on the back burner

The restaurant industry as a whole has never received as much attention as it did during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a rare day when the news cycle didn’t include a story about restaurant closures, job losses, food shortages, a shift to takeout, and the debate over which restaurants should receive financial support, why and how.

But if there was a trend in restaurants during the pandemic, it would be the move towards vegan restaurants, incorporating even the most meat-centric cuisines into their menus.

Veganism – eating no animal products or foods that rely on animal by-products, such as wine filtered with oyster shells – has made its way into the Capital Region restaurant scene, with a huge influx of plant-based restaurants thriving under this business model. In Troy, Burrito Burrito turns the Tex-Mex main course into a meat-free option and Meadowlark offers vegan exclusive catering, while The Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany has served as proof that a vegan restaurant can thrive. The result is a new cache of vegan restaurants in Albany – Bar Vegan, Wizard Burger, Healthy on Lark, Subculture – playing for the meatless people. Others (Troy Beer Garden, Herbie’s Burger) have included vegan items in their menus to cater to all taste buds and food preferences.

Eaters and food writers herald the transition to plant-based cooking as new and innovative, but in reality veganism is as old as food itself, even here in the Capital Region. That point is overlooked if we focus solely on the wave of new restaurants offering vegan options.

“For thousands of years, Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern foods were not vegan as a fad. It’s something we’ve always done,” said Aneesa Waheed, executive chef and owner of Tara Kitchen Moroccan restaurants in Schenectady, Troy, Guilderland and Wildwood, NJ. In her restaurants, her menu consists mainly of vegetable-oriented dishes that avoid animal products. the native ingredients used in Moroccan cuisine. Although fish, chicken and lamb are available in certain preparations, the menu is largely vegan and vegetarian, much like traditional North African cuisine.

This pattern is repeated locally elsewhere. While Lark Street and North Pearl Street in Albany have become hubs for vegan dining, long-standing restaurants just steps away serve vegan fare as main menu items. At Mamoun’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue, most dishes are made vegan, although they are not promoted as vegan. Nearby, at Umana Yana, veganism is in a collection of recipes centered on the south of the world, not as a principle, but as a tribute to the traditions surrounding those recipes.

“This is a matter of representation in veganism. Inclusion is very important,” said Andrea Shaye, operations manager for Capital Region Vegan Network. The organization offers a restaurant guide to establishments not normally included in the conversations about veganism, but Shaye said including those restaurants is vital in providing context on the long, robust history of vegan food and culture. The network also organizes the annual VEG OUT festival.

“There is so much power in the history of veganism, especially in religions like Buddhism and Jainism, that is not always seen in the media. It needs to be sorted out,” Shaye said.

Politics, economics, environment and religion dictated a culture’s eating habits. For most of history, meat and animal by-products were a rare commodity. While cheese and dried fish emerged as a means of preserving food, what we today call “farm food” stems from the limited or nonexistent use of animal products in cooking. Environmental conditions also limited the availability of meat, while some religions (such as Buddhism and Hinduism) prohibit or discourage the consumption of animal products. The recipes that emerged from these cultural constraints are the foundation of vegan cuisine.

“The vegan food culture, in a practical sense, goes back to human time. The practice of not eating meat, culturally around the world, is based on poverty. Unless you were extraordinarily rich, you would never have eaten meat. It just wasn’t feasible,” says Kristen Hartke, a vegan-focused food writer and recipe developer from New York City.

We still see these recipes on local menus: falafel. Greens and beans. Stewed lentils. Beans and rice. Steamed Paksoi. Nearly every ethnicity represented in restaurants in the Capital Region offers, in part, vegan dining options.

The marketing power of veganism has caused these restaurants to be overlooked as part of the larger vegan scene. As many as six percent of American eaters report being vegan or following a mostly plant-based diet, and the global plant-based industry in 2019 is valued at $4.5 billion, according to Plant Based Food Association reports. That number continues to grow, fueled by lab-developed products designed to mimic the usefulness and texture of animal foods.

“What’s interesting is that we’re seeing this paradigm shift. A lot of money is being put into technology-based food. Like other forms of technology, it’s only accessible to those with wealth and access,” Hartke says, adding that many forms of modern veganism defy the roots of vegan culture.

Vegan dishes, like any other meat or dairy based product, have as much history and fame in our local food culture as any other cuisine. The new vegan restaurants, which are mostly white-owned, overlook the deep history of non-white ownership of veganism, both as a cultural resource and a business venture. Talking about the rise of veganism as if it were a sudden fashion trend, without establishing the context of global veganism in our restaurant scene, could be considered cultural oppression.

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REET revised 2021 result released on, direct link to check here




REET revised 2021 result released on, direct link to check here

Nita Samantaray

Updated 07 Dec. 2021 | 13:58 IST

REET Revised Result 2021 is now available on the official website of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Candidates can download their results using references like role number, name etc.

REET revised result 2021

REET revised result 2021 | Photo Credit: Representative Image


  • Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has released REET Revised Result 2021.
  • Candidates can download it from
  • The board has also released results for the candidates who qualify for Level 1 BEd and BSTC/DLEd.

Rajasthan Teacher Aptitude Exam, REET Revised Result 2021, has been released by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer. The board has announced the results of both level 1 and level 2 exams. Candidates who sat in the REET 2021 exam can check the revised result on the official website,

There is no change in the level 1 result according to the notification. However, there is a minor correction in the REET Level 2 paper. The correct answer of J series question number 74 of English language turns out to be B and C instead of A and C. The direct link to check the revised 2021 REET result is shared below for reference.

REET Revised Result 2021 has been released after correcting the answer to this question from other series K, L and M. The site is experiencing a lot of traffic. The steps to download results are also shared below for reference.

REET Revised Result 2021: How To Check Here?

  1. Visit the official website of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer, at:
  2. Visit the ‘REET Result 2021 for Level 1 and 2’ section available on the homepage.
  3. You can also click the direct link here – REET Revised Result 2021 (Level 1) & (Level 2).
  4. Enter username, password and other credentials to login.
  5. Download the result and also make a printout for future reference.

Related I REET Final Answer Key 2021 Released on to Download

The board has also released the results of the eligible candidates for Level 1 BEd, and BSTC/DLEd has been released. Candidates are advised to use the direct link below to get more updates about REET Revised Result 2021.

To get latest news and live updates, Latest education news, updates from the Minister of Education, CBSE News and other governance results

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