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Calgary weather for Thursday, November 25



Calgary weather for Thursday, November 25

Calgary –

There are a number of weather warnings for BC and Alberta; in BC there are rain warnings calling for up to 150 millimeters along Vancouver Island…a lot of it has fallen already, but that’s still on the way. Inland it is more of the same.

In the mountain parks, the Icefields Parkway has a winter storm warning. In the places between Jasper and Lake Louise, up to 30 cm of snow is possible, but that moisture mainly lingers in the higher areas. The foothills through Crowsnest Pass, Cardston, K-Country, Nordegg and the Peace River Valley are under wind warnings, with three-digit gusts possible.

Calgary can get wind gusts in the high 40s of this event. Early this morning gusts of mid-30s brought gusts to 7 C, and we’ll likely top that for our high today. Tomorrow the trend will continue, and then we will dive into something of a “one day trough” – Saturday is cooler. Then a new burst of heat builds up under a high-pressure ridge on Sunday.

It’s been quite a month for us. We’ll get the full stats page as it gets closer, but with seasonal average high and low temperatures for November in Calgary at 3 and -8 C, we’re currently at 8.0 and -5.3 C. We’re closing the month with temperatures well above these values. The other element at play is precipitation; the seasonal normal is only 17mm for November – and some of that is mostly rain – this month we will likely stay at our current 3.3mm. Most of it was snow (3.2 cm, and we know it didn’t stick for long).

Our cool to warm repeat cycle is also a repeat for those BC conditions. The flooding of rainfall and its effects in BC are: noted here.

Why is this happening?

A number of scientists point to the Pacific Decadal Oscilliation:

We usually discuss El Nino and La Nina; those are telecommunication (both part of the Southern Oscillation); they are massive shifts in weather patterns that can dictate the weather elsewhere. So the tweet above offers some correlation to the mass events on the West Coast.


Multiple waves it is…



  • Partly cloudy, chinook-derived westerly wind (40-50 km/h)
  • High during the day: 11 C
  • Evening: some clouds, layer 1


  • Mostly sunny, southwest wind
  • Daytime high: 10 C
  • Evening: some clouds, low -3


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 3 C
  • Evening: cloudy periods, low 1 C


  • Sunny
  • Daytime high: 10 C
  • Evening: cloudy periods, low 0


  • mostly sunny
  • High during the day: 7 C
  • Evening: cloudy periods, low 0 C

A little mistake in the Matrix means no weather photos today! We’ll be back with that on Monday.

You can submit your photos here, email me here, or tweet them about!


JetBlue-Backed Weather Startup Goes Public Through SPAC Deal




A JetBlue Airbus A220 aircraft outside of a hangar. Source: JetBlue.

Skift Take

Silicon Valley sometimes mocks travel companies for not being as agile as tech startups. So it’s refreshing to learn that JetBlue Airways has been a valuable mentor to, a tech startup now valued at over $700 million.

Sean O’Neill, a weather information company, said Tuesday it plans to go public through a merger with Pine Technology, a blank check company. The target for the pro forma enterprise value of the combined company would be approximately $729 million. provides real-time weather forecasts relevant to business operations. The 120 corporate customers include AeroMexico, Azul, Delta and United, plus several other non-travel companies.

While not a travel startup, stands out because it is backed by JetBlue Technology Enterprises, the investment arm of the American airline JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue Technology Ventures joined others, including Koch Strategic Platforms, National Grid Partners and SoftBank Group’s SB Energy, by participating in a $75 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) to support the transaction.

In 2017, JetBlue became the startup’s first commercial customer for its services.

“Since that time, [the startup] has consistently delivered valuable results for JetBlue by minimizing operational disruption at the airport,” said Amy Burr, president of JetBlue Technology Ventures.

The startup’s investor pitch deck, embedded below, includes an aviation-related example. An unnamed airline suffered a snow storm in April 2019 that required it to defrost planes but was unable to do so as winds hit more than 50 miles per hour. The carrier used’s micro-forecasts to find periods when winds decreased, allowing for de-icing. By acting on the forecasts, the airline was able to avoid delays and save about $2 million.

More about JetBlue Tech Ventures

Updated March 4, 2021

The proposed transaction — part of a series of travel-related SPAC deals — is expected to close in the first half of 2020, at which point will then await regulatory approval to trade on the Nasdaq exchange in New York under the TMW symbol.

This is the pitch deck for investors:

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Aramark chooses stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants




Aramark to pick stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants
Aramark chooses stake in US multi-concept operator Starr Restaurants
The partnership between the two companies is expected to fuel culinary innovation. Credit: Nenad Maric/Pixabay.

Aramark, a Philadelphia food services, facilities and uniforms provider, has agreed to purchase a minority stake in local company Starr Restaurant Organization (Starr Restaurants).

The move is part of a strategic alliance between the two companies.

The partnership with Starr Restaurants, a multi-concept operator, is expected to support culinary innovation and enhance the hospitality experience for Aramark customers.

It is also expected to create joint business development opportunities for both companies.

Marc Bruno, Chief Operating Officer of Aramark US Food and Facilities said, “Aramark and Starr Restaurants are both rooted in a passion for service and in providing memorable experiences for our customers and customers.

“Through this strategic partnership, we look forward to strengthening Aramark’s culinary authority by infusing our kitchens and concepts with the creativity and innovation that Starr Restaurants is known for.”

In addition, the partnership will enable Aramark to operate certain Starr Restaurants concepts and brands through an exclusive licensing agreement.

This arrangement is expected to help Starr Restaurants increase exposure through Aramark’s customer network, which includes business dining, sports and entertainment and higher education.

The deal with Starr Restaurants is part of Aramark’s growth strategy to develop strategic relationships and improve the customer experience.

It will also create space for knowledge sharing between culinary teams and senior leadership.

Starr Restaurant Organization founder and CEO Stephen Starr said, “This partnership is a unique opportunity for both Starr Restaurants and Aramark. It’s a great opportunity to bring my two career passions together with an industry leader like Aramark.

“The company’s impressive and consistent growth and its deep commitment to providing quality hospitality experiences make it the perfect foodservice partner for Starr Restaurants.”

In another recent development, delivery kitchen operator Reef Technology bought 2ndKitchen, a virtual kitchen for hotels and other hospitality businesses.

Under the agreement, the existing businesses of the two companies will be consolidated under the Reef brand and operate under Reef’s Hospitality unit.

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Rob Burgess van Taup sailed home from Australia after MIQ lottery failed




Rob Burgess van Taup sailed home from Australia after MIQ lottery failed

Rob Burgess (right) came back to NZ on a boat after three months of failed attempts to get into MIQ while in Australia. Pictured at home in Taupō with children Charlotte and Liam.

A man from Taup, fed up with the “soul-destroying” MIQ lottery, found another way to return to New Zealand.

Rob Burgess was part of a group that came home on a 56-foot power catamaran on


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