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Are you doing your first rapid antigen test?  7 tips for an accurate result

Brisbane (Australia), Nov 22: (The Conversation) You can now buy rapid antigen tests in supermarkets and pharmacies to test yourself for COVID-19 at home in about 15 minutes.
You will get your results much sooner than standard PCR tests, which most of us will be familiar with.
Here’s how to get the most out of these rapid antigen tests and increase your chance of a meaningful result.

Remember, what is a rapid antigen test?

A rapid antigen test detects proteins from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in a sample. You can take the sample yourself at home with a nasal swab or saliva.
The test that most of us are familiar with, the polymerase chain reaction or PCR test, is different. It detects genetic material of the virus. PCR samples are collected by trained health professionals and processed in the lab by trained technicians.
Rapid antigen testing can be done anywhere by any reasonably competent person. You can get a result in about 15 minutes, depending on the test, versus hours to days for a PCR result.
However, rapid antigen tests are not as reliable as PCR tests. You’re more likely to have false negatives (the test indicates you don’t have COVID-19 if you do), or false positives (the test indicates you have it if you don’t).
However, the accuracy of rapid antigen tests improves if you perform them when you have symptoms or within seven days of potential exposure.

Why use one?

Rapid antigen testing is useful if you want to quickly check if you have COVID-19. For example, you have a family gathering coming up, with many vulnerable, elderly relatives, and you want to keep them safe.
You can also use a rapid antigen test if you have COVID-19 symptoms and can’t get a PCR test right away.

Which key to use?

Rapid antigen tests for sale in Australia must be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the website lists tests approved for home use.
Broadly speaking, they fall into two groups. They test: nasal secretions, from a nasal swab or saliva, from spitting into a tube or swab in the mouth.
The TGA describes any approved test as “acceptable sensitivity”, “high sensitivity” or “very high sensitivity”.
Those with “very high sensitivity” are more likely to detect an actual SARS-CoV-2 infection and use nasal swabs.

How do you perform the test?

Tests come with instructions (and a QR code that links to a video). You must follow the instructions to the letter to get an accurate result.
Depending on the type of test, you will collect a sample of nasal secretion or saliva, which you place in a chemical solution.
Then you place that chemical solution with your sample on an indicator device — kind of like a pregnancy test. This shows a positive result via a detectable color change.

7 tips to get an accurate result

These tips come from analysis instructions on the TGA website about using approved rapid antigen tests. Here’s what to consider:
1. Check the expiration date. Do not use a test that has expired.
2. Some tests need to be at room temperature for 30 minutes before use. So plan ahead.
3. If using a nasal swab, blow your nose before taking the sample. If using a saliva test, do not eat or drink 10 minutes before taking the sample
4. Avoid contamination of the sample. Whichever test you use, instructions may ask you to clean a flat surface; wash or disinfect and dry your hands; and put down the test items. Never touch the business end of the swab (the soft end that goes into your nose) as you will contaminate it.
5. Follow the instructions for collecting samples to the letter. For example, with a nasal swab, you will be asked to insert the swab 2 cm, turn the swab five times and place it in both nostrils. After you collect the sample, it goes into the chemical solution.
6. Place a specified number of drops of the solution on the indicator device. Don’t add an extra “for luck”.
7. Read the results at the exact time recommended. For example, the instructions may ask you to read the result no earlier than 15 minutes after adding the solution and no later than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the result may no longer be accurate.

What do the colored lines mean?

There are two colored lines to look for. One is a C (the control). This indicates whether the test is working properly. The other is a T (test) or Ag (antigen). And it is the combination of these that gives the result.
– If the colored C-line is not visible, the test is invalid. The test kit may have expired or you may not have performed the test correctly.
– If the colored C-line is shown and the T-line (or Ag) is not, your result is negative (you are unlikely to have COVID-19).
– If both the C and T (or Ag) lines appear, your result is positive (you most likely have COVID-19).

What now?

If you get a negative result and have no symptoms, congratulations! If you have a negative result but have symptoms, do a PCR test just to be sure. Avoid intermediate contact with others.
If you get a positive result, get a PCR test as soon as possible to confirm and self-isolate in the meantime. (The conversation)


Agent investigating marijuana stock via Amazon had to sit in a sedan chair




Agent investigating marijuana stock via Amazon had to sit in a sedan chair

BHOPAL (Madhya Pradesh): Bhind Superintendent of Police Manoj Singh, who was recently transferred to Bhopal Police Headquarters, was given a warm farewell on Saturday night. He was asked to take a seat in a sedan chair, which the police officers carried on their shoulders. His video went viral on social media. Manoj Singh, a 2009 IPS officer, has been transferred to PHQ in Bhopal as an Assistant Inspector General of Police.

Police officials in Bhind district are reported to have organized a farewell party for Singh at a restaurant on the outskirts of Bhind late Saturday night. In addition to police officers, local residents, including journalists, were also invited.

When Singh reached the location, police officers had him sit in a sedan chair. They carried the palanquin on their shoulders to the slides. Newly appointed SP Bhind Shailendra Singh attended the farewell ceremony.

Although the state government said in its order it was an administrative transfer, the Confederation of All India Traders raised questions about Singh’s transfer, claiming that online shopping giant Amazon was behind the sudden transfer as Singh was about to take strict action against the transfer of Singh. Company.

Singh was investigating the marijuana smuggling case involving the online shopping website Amazon.

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Published on: Sunday 05 December 2021, 23:15 IST


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UK weather: Arctic snow and strong storms en route as Brits prepare for big frost




UK weather: Arctic snow and strong storms en route as Brits prepare for big frost

The Met Office predicts snow, rain and wind will hit parts of the UK in the coming days as 4,700 northern and Scottish homes are left without power after storm Arwen

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UK weather: bursts of rain and strong storms expected

Wintery weather will blow up the UK for days, while thousands of Britons remain in darkness after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc on power supplies.

Snow is likely, according to the Met Office, as temperatures plunge into chilly single digits until next Wednesday and strong storms sweep across the northern and Scottish regions.

About 4,700 homes in northern England and Scotland are still without delivery – more than a week after the storm hit on Nov. 26, according to energy industry authorities.

With power still in the works, forecasters predict low temperatures between 4C (39F) and 6C (43F).

The Met Office expects “restless” weather, with snow in the Cairngorms and Northern Pennines overnight on Saturday before turning drier and less windy on Sunday.

But the temporary relief will stop Monday as a swath of rain and snow is expected in the second half of the day, along with more wind.

Tomorrow it will be dry, but from Monday it will be winter

From Tuesday, the UK will see continued wind, rain and snow – with a chance of more strong winds, although not as strong as Arwen, until Wednesday.

Simon Partridge, a meteorologist with the Met Office, said: “As for the process of reconnecting the power supplies and reaching remote areas, it’s not helpful – probably the best day tomorrow and probably the first half of Tuesday. , some decent conditions.

“Other than that, quite a bit of rain, some snow on the hills and fairly high winds – which certainly helps slow down the process of reconnecting supplies and reaching the more remote locations to cut trees and so on.

Yellow warnings have been issued for some parts of the UK

“It is certainly not ideal and in the higher places there will certainly be some snow in the coming days.”

The Met Office has also issued yellow weather warnings for rain in parts of the north east of England and a yellow snow warning for parts of south east Scotland.

The long delays have prompted energy regulator Ofgem to take enforcement action against network companies that failed to restore power to customers quickly enough after the storm.

It has also agreed with companies to lift the £700 limit on compensation that can be given to customers.

Parts of the north and Scotland were destroyed during Storm Arwen. plunged into darkness by power cuts

The change will allow those affected to claim £70 for any 12 hour period without power, after an initial £70 for the first 48 hours.

Chief executive Jonathan Brearley told the BBC Radio 4 programme: “We are very concerned about customers who have been without power for over a week.

“We want to establish the facts and make sure we understand what happened, whether the network companies have fulfilled their obligations. If not, we will take enforcement action.

People affected by the cuts can claim £70 for any 12-hour period without power

“We have clear expectations about how quickly they should get people back on the system.

“We recognize the challenging circumstances those companies are in. But what we expect from the network companies is to relentlessly connect people, but also provide support.”

He later told BBC Breakfast: “One thing we’ve already done is we’ve said to network companies, and they’ve agreed, they’ve lifted the cap on the fees they’ll give customers and they’ll make sure those customers will be compensated for everything they have been through.”

A Met Office meteorologist said the impending weather is “not ideal” for powering insulated homes again

The Ministry of Defense said 297 British Army and Royal Marine personnel are supporting civil authorities and carrying out door-to-door checks on vulnerable people in their homes and reassuring local communities.

Just days ago, Durham County Council issued a major incident alert after it was recorded that 6,500 homes were still living in darkness

Several schools in the area remain closed due to damage to buildings and lack of power, heating, electricity or working telephone lines. Chronicle Live reports.

A caravan site at Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland was one of the hardest hit areas – where several holiday homes were razed to the ground by the force of the 150km/h blast.

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SAM vs LAZ Dream11 Prediction for Sampdoria vs Lazio Serie A Live




SAM vs LAZ Dream11 Prediction for Sampdoria vs Lazio Serie A Live

SAM vs LAZ Dream11: Sampdoria’s 3-1 midweek defeat to a revitalized Fiorentina came after consecutive wins for the Genovese club. Samp is above the bottom three and relegation moves into this weekend’s round of play and looks set for a battle to the bottom so far this season. They take on a Lazio side who shared a remarkable 4-4 draw with Udinese mid-week. That game had three red cards and saw Lazio trailing 3-1 at halftime and 4-3 with less than a minute to go. Maurizio Sarri’s squad has been weak defensively but does have the ability to put together some complex attacking styles of play. Scoring by both teams seems likely.

Match details

Date: December 5, Sunday
Kick-off: 10:30 PM (IST)
Location: Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris, Genoa

Series A table:

Sampdoria is in 15th place in the current Serie A season. On the other hand, Lazio is in 9th place in the ranking.

Serie A Live

Viewers can watch live streaming of Serie A matches in India on Voot.

Recent form

Sampdoria: LWWLL

Lazio: DLLWD

Head to Head

Lazio have a good record against Sampdoria, winning 21 of 37 matches between the two teams. Sampdoria recorded eight wins against Lazio.

SAM vs LAZ Dream11 Prediction

Sampdoria News

Injury Report and Unavailability:

  • Mikkel Damsgaard, Fabio Depaoli and Ernesto Torregrossa are injured and are excluded from participating in this competition.
  • Omar Colley is currently suspended and will not be available for selection.

Expected changes and strategy:

  • Maya Yoshida is expected to start alongside Julian Chabot in defense while Francesco Caputo takes on Manolo Gabbiadini.

Sampdoria basic team (probably)

Emil Audero
Nicola Murrus
Julian Chabot
Maya Yoshida
Bartosz Bereszynskic
Valerio Verre
Albin Ekdal
Morten Thorsby
Antonio Candrevac
Francesco Caputo
Fabio Quagliarella

Lazio News

Injury Report and Unavailability:

  • Patric was sent off this week against Udinese and will be suspended against Sampdoria.
  • There are no worries about injuries for Lazio before he gets into this clash.

Expected changes and strategy:

  • Luiz Felipe will start after his mid-week suspension, while Patric was sent off on Thursday evening.

Lazio starting eleven (probably)

Pepe Reina
Elseid Hysaj
Francesco Acerbic
Luiz Felipea
Manuel Lazzaric
Danilo Cataldic
Sergej Milinkovic-Savico
Luis Alberto
Felipe Anderson
Ciro Immobile

Sampdoria vs Lazio Fantasy Football Team & Tips

Captain options

Ciro Immobile can be the best choice in this game because of his scoring ability. The Lazio striker scored 14 goals in this tournament, with a conversion rate of 46.79%. He could be the perfect captain’s choice for this match.

Goals last season 21
Goals this season 14
assists 3

Fabio Quagliarella has scored 4 goals so far this season and could be a star in this match. He has an amazing ability to score goals with a conversion rate of 35.10 percent.

Goals last season 15
Goals this season 4
assists 1

Differential choice:

Felipe Anderson can score goals and change the course of a match. He has two goals and a passing accuracy of 80.48 percent. His target conversion rate is 33.48 percent.

GK: Audero
DEF: Felipe, Hysaj, Acerbic
MIDDLE: Milinkovic-Savic, Thorsby, Anderson, Alberto, Candrevac
FOR: Immobile, Quagliarella

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Who will win today’s football match?

  • Sampdoria was blown away by Fiorentina on Tuesday night, despite an early lead in Florence.
  • Lazio was involved in an exciting eight-goal classic against Udinese on Thursday night.
  • The draw dropped Lazio to ninth place behind Fiorentina, Juventus and Bologna, while Sampdoria will look to build momentum for crucial games in the coming weeks.

Odds of Winning:

The odds of winning Lazio in this clash are 2.59 according to bet365.

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