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Amazon previews its Cyber ​​Monday deals



Amazon previews its Cyber ​​Monday deals

Amazon has announced what to expect from its Cyber ​​Monday deals. This year, the shopping event kicks off over the Thanksgiving weekend, which kicks off on Saturday and ends Monday next week. Amazon says it will lower the prices of many tech products, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Be sure to check out our

articles too.

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Tech Deals

Amazon has revealed what discounts we can expect for the different categories of devices during the upcoming shopping event. For example, you can save up to 33% on select Sony, Bose and JBL headphones. The same goes for select TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony. HP monitors, laptops and all-in-one desktop computers get discounts of up to 30%. Nintendo Switch Pro controllers get $20 off.

Cyber ​​Monday Deals on Amazon Devices

As for Amazon devices, the company has revealed some exact discounts that will take place during Cyber ​​​​Monday. The Amazon Echo Show 5 is 47% off the retail price. The Amazon Halo Band fitness tracker you will see a 45% discount. Kindle ebook readers get discounts of up to 40%, while Kindle Paperwhite Kids readers get up to 28% off their retail price. The good news for devices made for kids continues. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet is 40% off during Cyber ​​Monday. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max is discounted 36%, while the 50-inch Amazon Fire TV 4 series is 30% off.

Select Amazon Prime Video movies are discounted up to 50% to rent or buy. TV shows will also see the same Cyber ​​Monday treatment. Subscriptions to sports streaming services, such as the NBA League Pass and the NBA Team Pass, also receive a 50% discount.

For those who prefer to read rather than watch, popular eBooks will be discounted up to 80% during the shopping event. Select Kindle exclusive book titles get 50% off, while Wheel of Time boxed sets get up to 30% off.

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Delivery and Terms

Starting this Saturday, Amazon Prime members can access the best lightning deals 30 minutes early. Prime members also get free one-day delivery and free same-day delivery in 47 metropolitan areas.

As for the return policy, most items purchased during the shopping event have a longer return period. This means that you can return an item until January 31, 2022.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Now

Currently, there are already plenty of early Black Friday deals at Amazon on tech. A number of phones have received big discounts, including the OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Other offerings include the OnePlus 8T, which is currently $100 off, and the Motorola Edge, which is $300.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

$300 off (17%)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

$150 off (15%)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

$100 off (8%)


How to choose a flight with the least chance of weather delays




How to choose a flight with the least chance of weather delays

Image for article titled How to choose a flight with the least chance of weather delays

Photo: Alexey Lesik (Shutterstock)

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time to travel by plane, partly because of the number of people trying to fly and partly because of the greater chance of winter weather. Blizzards and icy airstrips can quickly derail days of air travel.

But while you can’t plan for every event or know what the weather will be like when you book your flights, you can can help minimize potential disruptions with smart planning.

Why you should choose an early flight

In general, experts recommend book an early flight, as delays and cancellations pile up over the course of a day. Since passenger flights generally don’t take off at night, airlines have some downtime to prepare for future (or existing) scheduling chaos. Catching a morning plane can reduce the chances of ending up in a domino of delays. And if your early flight is cancelled, you have more options for same-day departures than for evening departures.

However, be prepared for even the first flight in the morning to be a little behind, as deicing is often necessary after a plane has been sitting overnight and frost or snow has formed. It may still make sense to take the earliest flight, as most later aircraft taking off in winter conditions must defrost anyway, and these operations are not necessarily first come, first served.

If possible, fly direct, even if it means continuing your journey

While a direct flight isn’t always feasible when traveling between smaller cities, it may be the best way to keep disruptions to a minimum. You are only dependent on the path of one plane and there is no risk of missing connections due to delays or losing checked luggage somewhere along the way. Direct flights can certainly be late or canceled, but the overall experience is likely to involve less time and frustration than having to catch two or more planes.

If you live within a few hours of a major hub, it may even be worth driving to the larger airport to catch a direct flight, naturally balancing the total time and cost with the potential for delays.

Choose your connections carefully

If you can’t get a direct flight, don’t default to the fastest or cheapest route. Consider flying a more southerly route, where snow and ice are less likely.

This is of course not an exact science. While northern airports are more likely to be hit by winter storms, they are also better prepared to deal with the impact and keep things moving. Even a little snow can paralyze an airport that rarely sees winter weather.

In addition, the airports your flight visits before boarding also matters. Even if you’re flying through sunny Texas, your plane could come out of snowy Minnesota. Unfortunately, you can’t control that, and it takes a lot of research to find a flight path in advance.

You may consider transiting or ending up at smaller airports (or secondary airports in major cities) with lower passenger and flight numbers. It can also pay off to have a slightly longer transfer time in case your first flight is delayed or has to defrost.

Consider alternative routes if the weather is bad

Know the weather before you go and what alternative routes there are. If you expect to be affected by cancellations, you may be able to get ahead of it by rescheduling with your airline (rather than waiting for every other stranded passenger to try the same thing). Of course, know that the weather is unpredictable, airline staff are very busy during these times and there are only a limited number of flights with so many seats on the way to your destination. Preparedness and patience are the keywords.


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Clap for the lottery operator’s bid to switch software provider




Clap for the lottery operator's bid to switch software provider

National lottery operator Ithuba has been dealt a blow in its attempt to switch software providers without the approval of the regulator, the National Lotteries Commission (NLC).

ITWeb recently reported that NLC filed an urgent injunction request in the courts in October to prevent Ithuba from being replaced IGT, a global company that has been providing software services to the lottery provider since 2015.

In a statement released today, the NLC says it “welcomes and endorses the decision taken by the Gauteng Supreme Court on Friday, December 3, 2021, to ban and prevent the national lottery operator Ithuba from changing their technology partner and gaming platform for the South African national lottery without authorization from the National Lotteries Commission, the regulator of lotteries and sports pools in South Africa, and that of the Minister for Trade, Industry and Competition”.

Everything was ready for Ithuba to migrate its software platform to local software service provider Paytronix.

ITWeb understands that a €250 million deal with Paytronix was made before the injunction was launched by the NLC at 11am.

It was the NLC’s argument that by designating Paytronix as a service provider, Ithuba acted illegally and violated the lottery technology supply and support agreement.

In court documents, the regulator said it wanted to ban and ban Ithuba from installing Paytronix from December 2021 and going “live” with its Paytronix lottery system.

It also wanted the lottery operator to abide by the license agreement by reverting to the terms of its pre-existing agreement with IGT. The NCL also wanted Ithuba to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

However, Ithuba believed that IGT is holding the national lottery operator to pay ransom while crowding out local players.

Since 2015, Paytronix has been the ICT solutions provider for SA’s third national lottery operator, Ithuba.

Within the first three years of his appointment, Paytronix Systems managed the data operations of more than 1.6 billion transactions on behalf of Ithuba, with a transaction value of more than R19.5 billion.

The company designed and operates Ithuba’s mobile e-commerce platform, which allows lottery players to enjoy the online player experience.

The NLC states in its statement that it has a legal duty to maintain, protect, monitor and support the integrity of the state lottery.

This means that the transactions related to the state lottery are constantly assessed and revised, so that the interests of stakeholders are not harmed, it notes.

“In accordance with Lottery Act No. 57 of 1997, as amended, and the National Lottery Operating License, NLC receives proposals from the operator for changes such as new games, play channels and changes to game rules and prize payout structures. These proposals are assessed and recommended to the board, which advises the minister on approval.”

In November 2021, following a series of agreements with Ithuba, the NLC filed an urgent injunction against Ithuba due to the validity of changes made to the Lottery Technology Supply and Support Agreement, the authority says.

It adds that the Supreme Court ruling affirms the regulator’s authority and responsibilities in ensuring the fair and transparent operation of the national lottery as follows:

  • Prohibit and prevent Ithuba from implementing the Lottery Technology Supply and Support Agreement amendment and installing a new system from December 1, 2021.
  • Instruct Ithuba to comply with the license agreement by reverting to the terms of the pre-existing agreement with the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition.

“The NLC remains committed to ensuring that South Africa’s national lottery is a safe and trusted marketplace, by ensuring that existing systems have the necessary safeguards in place to ensure the interests of participants and the general public be protected,” it concludes.


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Is Die Hard on Amazon Prime Video for Christmas 2021?




Is Die Hard on Amazon Prime Video for Christmas 2021?

The holidays are upon us and now it’s time to get your movie options in order. Where can you stream? die hard at Christmas 2021?

Yes, die hard is a Christmas movie and you can’t convince me otherwise. It has become a tradition to put it on while I wrap the Christmas presents for the kids, and it certainly will be this year.

Although it is not a movie about Christmas, it is set at Christmas. That makes it a Christmas movie. It’s also just a great action movie, even if the graphics aren’t up to today’s standards.

Now all you need to know is where to stream the movie for Christmas 2021. What are your options? Is Amazon Prime Video one of them?

Stream Die Hard online

There is bad news. die hard does not stream on Amazon Prime Video for free with your Prime membership.

That doesn’t mean you can’t watch through an Amazon streaming service, though. The film is now available on IMDb TV. This is Amazon’s free streaming platform, which means you don’t have to spend more money on another streaming service.

You can also stream the movie through Peacock if you want to avoid the ads. The ads are the downside of IMDb TV.

Buy Die Hard on Amazon Video

If you don’t want to keep watching where to stream the movies every Christmas, you’ll want to buy them. you can get everything die hard movies on Digital through Amazon Video. Once you pay, you can keep the movies in your Amazon library as long as you have the account. This is the perfect way to have your favorite Christmas movies.

You can also get the movies on DVD and Blu-ray. If you prefer an option when the wifi isn’t working, the DVDs are perfect.

die hard is available to stream on IMDb TV before Christmas 2021.

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