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Absolute Barbecues opens its first ‘Wish Grill’ restaurant in Kompally



Absolute Barbecues opens its first 'Wish Grill' restaurant in Kompally

Hyderabad: Leading barbecue restaurant chain, Absolute Barbecues (ABs), opened its 48e restaurant (and 7e in Telangana) on the 4e floor, SLN Plaza, Kompally, on Wednesdays. AB’s has decided to re-follow its mantra of customer focus and invited its greatest admirers as main guests for the inauguration. All invited fans participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony with Debabrata Mishra, Corporate Chef, Absolute Barbecues and Ritam Mukherjee, Regional Head – South Operations, Absolute Barbecues.

AB’s started in 2013 and has 9 restaurants in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, 7 of which are in Hyderabad, of which Kompally has the 7e An. In Hyderabad, AB’s restaurants are located in Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Gachbowli, Inorbit Mall, Miyapur, Secunderabad and now Kompally.

“Our aim has always been to reach our customers. Kompally was on our radar from day one as we received serious trade inquiries from this region. We are pleased to have finally arrived and I am confident that the exemplary food and service will further increase the goodwill in the city,” said Mukherjee.

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The restaurant chain also has plans this festive season to host a carnival to celebrate Christmas and New Year, from December 22 to January 2, 2022, with food plus entertainment, with lots of interesting recipes and involvement on the floor – with fun, music and dancing. During the Carnival, there will be many exotic roasts, grills, desserts, cake stations to suit the flavors of the Christmas season.

“Our Biryani range is the best of buffet we have as these biryanis are made with authentic taste and prepared by people of the families who have mastered Biryani in Hyderabad for generations. Our USP is ‘Wish Grill’ which choice has from exotic meats, seafood and vegetables AB’s is known for more than just food as we provide a unique experience by letting the guest add the flavors he likes, the spices he desires are adapted to the taste of the customer,” says Mishra.

The restaurant also has a full open kitchen, where guests can watch the food being prepared in front of them, be it main courses or appetizers. Hygiene has recently been a top priority and an open kitchen gives them confidence, Mishra believes.

Absolute Barbecues is known for the unique ‘Wish Grill’ concept that offers its customers a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experience. The unique concept of ‘Wish Grill’ caught the attention of the customers with the new style of fun barbecuing, thereby promoting the concept of DIY kitchen.

Absolute Barbecues in Kompally has a capacity of 130 guests who can be booked for any occasion and party. ABs have a unique way of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and it has always helped them keep the momentum of the place high and vibrant.

Now you can enjoy BBQ delicacies for just Rs 649. AB’s Kompally can be reached by phone on +91 73373 83763 or via .

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BBC Weather: ‘Time to layer up’ as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week | Weather | News




BBC Weather: 'Time to layer up' as snow wall and wintry showers sweep into UK this week |  Weather |  News

The BBC Weather meteorologist said conditions will be “largely dry: in the west before overnight showers. He told BBC Breakfast viewers that today will be a “slow low pressure day” with spells of rain. He warned Scotland and northern England will instead be hit by snow.BBC breakfast host Nina Warhurst responded to Mr Fawkes’ forecast, telling the British now “time to build up”.

Mr Fawkes said: “There were some cold winds yesterday. The wind has died down a bit. But we have a lot of clouds and rain showers, especially in the eastern areas.

“It’s a day when the weather clears up today, so we’ll see some of the low pressure episodes are the same ones that caused those strong winds and the rain yesterday. It’s a very slow moving area of ​​low pressure and it’s still raining, especially in parts of England.

“The rain tire is in East Wales but that will melt away in the next hour or so.

He added that there could be “isolated showers” in Wales, Northern Ireland and the south west of England. But they will be short-lived.

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The BBC forecaster added: “Weather will become mostly dry in the western areas although there could be just a few isolated showers here and there, one and two for Northern Ireland, one or two for Wales and also the south west from England.

“But those clouds and rain will tend to thin and disintegrate and some sunshine should develop even in the eastern areas of England.

“And it won’t feel as fresh as yesterday as the winds aren’t as strong. Temperatures around six and nine or ten degrees in the southwest will be milder for a while.

“Tonight a clear sky will cause the temperature to drop very quickly.

“Then we got a weather coming in from the west that will spread bursts of rain in many western areas later in the night.

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“Then, when we arrive on Tuesday, we will have a rapidly deepening low pressure area that is expected to move in.

“This will bring some fierce winds over the Republic of Ireland.

“It will also get very windy in parts of Northern Ireland, western parts of Scotland and western parts of England and Wales with no rain showers coming and it will still be cold enough for some snowfall over the high grounds in Scotland and Northern Ireland.” England too.

“We could see some problems with the weather on Tuesday. Other than that, on Wednesday it is still a bit windy with no breaks from rain.

“It’s going to be a little drier and brighter as we move into Thursday.”

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BER vs NC Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup German Basketball League Alba Berlin vs Niners Chemnitz




BER vs NC Live Score

If you are looking for a huge level of entertainment through the brilliant sports competition. This is the German basketball league which has played many matches in recent days. Now the league is ready to amaze all the fans with the latest game.

BER vs NC Live Score

It will take place between BER and NC. Here are the various details such as match prediction, likely lineup and live score. So let’s start the article to know all the information very well.

BER vs NC Live Score

Match: BER vs NC
Competition: German Basketball League
Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021
Time: 10.30pm
Location: Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

In the recent games, we noticed that the team BER vs NC are two teams that have made fans crazy. The team BER has played several matches and they have won many matches in the team. They may continue to perform at the same level in the coming matches.

On the other hand, when we talk about the NC team, we want to tell you that the team has won many matches. Statistics show that they have won 2 matches in the past matches. ALBA Berlin takes on Niners Chemnitz in the German Basketball League. Alba Berlin has won 5 and lost 3 matches so far and is 3rd on the points list. Now here is the setup of the game with the name of the player who will be playing in this game.

Alba Berlin Possible Play 8:

1.Maodo Lo, 2.Jaleen Smith, 3.Tamir Blatt, 4.Louis Olinde, 5.Marcus Eriksson, 6.Luke Sikma, 7.Oscar Da Silva, 8.Christ Koumadje

Niners Chemnitz Possible Play 8:

1.Virgil Matthews, 2.Nelson Weidemann, 3.Darion Atkins, 4.Mindaugas Susinskas, 5.Isiaha Mike, 6.Jan Wimberg, 7.Jonas Judge, 8.Ivan Karacic

Because we can assume you want to know the name of the upcoming winners team. You may see that the team BER will win the coming game with the brilliant score level. They will serve an extraordinary gameplay. If you want to watch the stream then you can enjoy the live stream on the regular platform.

On the other hand, you can get the live score update on this page. To know the updates, you can bookmark the page in your browser. Stay tuned for more information and share your feedback for this post.

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Starbucks Animal-Free Milk Review, Bitcoin Restaurants, Alt-Meat Sales Drop




Starbucks Animal-Free Milk Review, Bitcoin Restaurants, Alt-Meat Sales Drop

It may be almost vacation time, but the food tech news just keeps on coming. Delaying plant-based meats, Starbucks animal-free milk trials, Bitcoin restaurants. Read all about it.

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Will Jack Dorsey’s Block Herald the Bitcoin Restaurant Era?

Here’s what we know: On Monday, Jack Dorsey announced his immediate retirement from his top position at Twitter. On Wednesday, its payment company Square said it would change its name to Block and double down on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and building a decentralized payment system, among other things. I didn’t watch today’s news, but I suspect he has announced that he is setting up a robot society or has plans for a teleportation system.

What does it all mean (except the robots and teleportation)? First off, Jack Dorsey has had a busy week. But it also means that the same man who helped usher in real-time social media and democratize digital payments for small businesses is now the one who makes it easier for the average Joe to buy everyday things with cryptocurrency.

Because now it’s not easy. Crypto is not nearly like this liquid just like other conventional payment methods such as cash or credit. Of course you can trade crypto without any problem – anyone with a Coinbase or Robinhood account knows that – but good luck paying for a bottle of mouthwash or buying a Big Mac with that wad of Dogecoin burning a hole in your crypto wallet.

So what can Dorsey do about it? Simple: With Square Block, he has all the different parts to create a crypto payment value chain that will take it from what is primarily a highly volatile investment vehicle today to a street-spendable retail currency of tomorrow.

Click here to read the full post on Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin betting.

The Spoon & CES Bring Food Tech to the World’s Largest Tech Show

Did you know that food tech will be themed for the first time at the world’s biggest tech show in January and that The Spoon is the exclusive partner of CES to make this possible?

There’s still time to get your hands on a stall! If you would like to sponsor the event, let us know. See you in Vegas!

Starbucks is testing animal-free milk. I decided to try it out to see if it tastes and foams like regular milk

In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks is animal-free milk in the Seattle market. No, we’re not talking about Oatly or any other plant-based milk, but a milk with cow’s milk-identical proteins made in a lab.

The alt milk is from Perfect Day, a company that uses precision fermentation to create its own -lactoglobulin animal-identical milk protein. The company’s protein, which received GRAS approval from the FDA last year, is sold primarily to consumers in the form of ice cream (and soon cream cheese), but not in the form of a milk product. However, this move could mean someone is on the way.

The company created a special 2% “barista blend” version of its alt milk especially for the Starbucks trial. Starbucks is currently testing the milk at two locations in the Seattle market, Bellevue (a city east of Seattle) and Renton (south of Seattle).

Since I live in Seattle, I decided to go to Bellevue to see how accurately fermented milk tasted in a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Click here to see how Perfect Day’s animal-free milk frothed and tasted.

Zippin checks in to JFK with autonomous checkout technology

In a hurry but still hoping to grab a snack before hopping on your flight? If you’re at JFK in New York City, you might be in luck, at least if you pass Gate B 42. Because that’s where the airport just partnered with Zippin, a maker of AI-powered checkoutless POS technology, and SSP America, an airport food service operator, to launch Camden Food Express, a new grab-and-go convenience concept.

According to the release sent to The Spoon, it works like this: Customers enter the store through a turnstile tapping their credit card as they enter and begin shopping by picking items off the shelves. As they do so, Zippin’s AI system automatically identifies the items and builds the customer’s virtual shopping cart with the associated monetary value. When the customer leaves the store, the total amount spent is automatically charged to the card the customer used to check in at the store entrance.

For Zippin, the partnership with JFK and SSP is a great compliment to a company with a portfolio of implementations including hotels, stadiums and supermarkets. Zippin’s move to airports follows other checkout-less technology platforms like Amazon’s Just Walk Out, which debuted at the Dallas airport earlier this year.

Click here to read the full story on Zippin’s commitment to JFK.

What the hell is causing the vegetable meat slowdown?

There are no two ways to do this: plant-based meats have gone through a decline in sales.

According to to recent data from market watcher SPINS, sales in the overall plant-based meat market declined 1.8% year over year for the four-week period ended October 3. This follows an even bigger drop in the category earlier in 2021, starting around April, when the vegetable category fell more than 15% year over year.

The decline in overall plant-based meat sales is in line with what some industry whistleblowers are seeing. According to According to Michael McCain, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, its plant-based meat sales declined in every channel the company sells in the third quarter of this year. McCain was baffled by the reason, saying the company is re-evaluating their “investment thesis.”

Maple Leaf was not alone. Beyond, where company CEO Ethan Brown came out and said: the plant-based meat company had seen its sales fall 13.9% year over year, forecasting a potentially bumpy road ahead.

So what’s going on here? High-growth emerging markets should be rising, not more down and down.

Although there is no way to know for sure without more data. it’s worth investigating possible causes for the decline in plant-based meats.

You can read here why the sale of plant-based meat is suddenly so slow.

The media was fascinated by a TikTok video of a robot at Denny’s. This is what it means.

Maybe it was a slow news week. Perhaps it was the sight of pancakes piggybacking on a robot at America’s late-night diner. Whatever the reason, it seemed like each news organization wrote the same story about a TikTok video of server robot showing up to hand out breakfast at a Denny’s.

They all had a variation of the same headline: “Viral Video of Robot at Denny’s Sparks Debate.” From there, the authors sifted through comments from TikTok viewers, some cheering the idea of ​​faster service and lower tips, others angry about a robot stealing a job.

While the sudden interest in a social media post about a server robot may say as much about the modern media landscape as it does about the use of robotics in restaurants, the reality is that Denny’s deployment of robots is quite a big deal. After all, as America’s most famous 24-hour diner, Denny’s holds a special place in our collective consciousness, a place where almost anyone can get an inexpensive meal and apply for—and oftentimes—get a job.

And it’s these two things that Denny’s represents – a place with affordable food and an employer of ordinary Americans – that seemed at odds with each other, both when we looked at both the reactions to the video on TikTok and the framing by the media.

Click here to read the full story about Denny’s server robot.

Hazel Technologies Announces New California Hub to Expand Production Preservation Technology

Beginning in the mid-twentieth century, the advent of new technologies for fertilizer production allowed the world to grow crops on a new scale. While that so-called Green Revolution helped producers feed more people than ever before, it also created a focus on crop production rather than system efficiency. And that imbalanced focus has led to a global agricultural system that wastes about a third of the food it produces, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

During a stint as a chemistry student at the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University, Dr. Aidan Mouat wondered what might happen if we used chemistry to create a new revolution — one that focused on the food supply chain. . That idea led to the launch in 2015 of Hazel Technologies, a Chicago-based company that produces high-tech packaging and storage solutions for products to extend shelf life.

Read the full story on Hazel’s new hub, head over to The Spoon.

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